sugar & sweeteners

01 Dec 2021
--- In keeping with the sugar reduction market shift from sugar sweeteners to more natural sugar replacements, food-tech start-up B.T. Sweet has unveiled Cambya, a plant-based “botanical sugar” substitute.
30 Nov 2021
--- Ingredion Incorporated, Matsutani Chemical Industry, Cosun Beet Company and Samyang Corporation have become part of a consortium to help bring allulose to the EU and UK markets and support its nutritional labeling as a... Read More
29 Nov 2021
--- Tetra Pak and Sumol+Compal have co-developed a fermentation-driven technology that reduces the sugar content in juice following ten years of R&D.
24 Nov 2021
--- Increasingly, global consumers are looking to reduce consumption of certain ingredients that they perceive to have adverse effects on their health or the planet’s health. In fact, the environmental impacts of food are... Read More
12 Nov 2021
--- A time-series study looking at Brazil’s shift to higher levels of ultra-processed foods in the last 30 years shows these foods significantly contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, deforestation and a... Read More
28 Oct 2021
--- Sweegen has introduced a series of new sweet concepts free of sugar and containing added wellness functionalities, addressing the prevalent consumer demand for these reformulation strategies. FoodIngredientsFirst attended a... Read More
19 Oct 2021
--- Indulgence is continually top of mind for consumers who look toward confectionery and sweet bakery products for comfort. With the “guilt-free” indication trending in branding for some time now, solutions that... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- Sweegen is expanding its extensive sweetener portfolio in early 2022 with the zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener brazzein. The product was developed in collaboration with its long-term partner Conagen, which has scaled... Read More
15 Sep 2021
--- DouxMatok is combining its Incredo Sugar, which enables up to 50 percent sugar reduction, with Hi-Food’s Meltec semi-solid fiber to offer an end-to-end nutritional solution for reformulating manufacturers.
10 Sep 2021
--- Ingredion and S&W Seed Company have entered into an exclusive US stevia pilot production supply agreement. Under the terms of the deal, S&W will leverage its proprietary stevia plant portfolio and production... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- Bonsucro, the non-profit organization that promotes sustainable sugarcane production, has expanded its partnership with the technology platform, SupplyShift, a new supply chain mapping tool. Sugar Mapping allows Bonsucro... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- Layn Natural Ingredients continues its expansion in botanicals with a boost to its portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified botanical extracts. The range focuses on polyphenol-rich botanical extracts that offer high functional... Read More
17 Aug 2021
--- The decline in juice sales is becoming a global phenomenon as sugar content is increasingly scrutinized in the juice space, according to Eran Blachinsky, founder and CEO of Better Juice, an Israel-based biotechnology company.
16 Aug 2021
--- BlueTree, an Israeli start-up that has developed a technology for reducing sugar in natural juices, has joined forces with international supplier of natural ingredients and compounds Prodalim. The two companies have signed... Read More
16 Aug 2021
--- air up is the world’s first drinking bottle that flavors water only by scent with the help of retronasal smelling, according to its co-founder Lena Jüngst who speaks exclusively to PackagingInsights. She explains... Read More
13 Aug 2021
--- With the exception of sugar reduction in soft drinks, the UK’s top ten food companies have made limited changes to the healthiness of their products in response to Public Health England’s (PHE) voluntary... Read More
12 Aug 2021
--- Concern over sugar intake and interest in sugar reduction is driving a sophisticated approach to sweetening foods and beverages, according to Innova Market Insights. The market researcher says there is a clear focus on three... Read More
09 Aug 2021
--- PureCircle – now operating as PureCircle by Ingredion – received a positive safety opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the use of its Reb M, Reb D and Reb AM stevia ingredients produced... Read More
05 Aug 2021
--- New labeling guidance from the European Commission has been issued for stevia-based sweeteners. Steviol glycosides (E 960) have been renamed “Steviol glycosides from stevia (E 960a).” In an in-depth interview... Read More
16 Jul 2021
--- Tereos has inked a strategic sourcing agreement with Swiss flavor house Firmenich for stevia extracts. The move will allow the company to offer its customers traceable stevia-based sweetening solutions worldwide.