sugar & sweeteners

16 Jul 2021
--- Tereos has inked a strategic sourcing agreement with Swiss flavor house Firmenich for stevia extracts. The move will allow the company to offer its customers traceable stevia-based sweetening solutions worldwide.
13 Jul 2021
--- Cargill is investing US$45 million to add soluble fibers to its European portfolio of starches, sweeteners and texturizers as demand for reduced-sugar products grows. Based on micro-reactor technology developed in... Read More
01 Jul 2021
--- PepsiCo is scaling up its healthy snacks and beverage portfolio across Europe, pledging to reduce the average level of added sugars in its beverage portfolio by 25 percent by 2025 and 50 percent by 2030. Snacks will also get... Read More
29 Jun 2021
--- The Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA) has revealed its enhanced health and nutrition targets to help Europeans manage their intake of added sugars from soft drinks with a pledge to reduce sugar by a further... Read More
23 Jun 2021
--- Consumer research commissioned by Tereos has revealed that the taste of sweeteners is crucial to consumers, with ingredient labeling and naturalness following closely behind – even ahead of price.
01 Jun 2021
--- Roquette Ventures, a French investment company, has invested in Magellan Life Sciences Ltd., a UK-based biotech company that develops plant proteins through a fermentation process. This partnership aims at accelerating the... Read More
28 May 2021
--- Caldic Ingredients DACH is to become Cargill’s exclusive partner for the food industry in Switzerland as of January 1, 2022. The product portfolio includes Cargill’s starches, sweeteners and texturizers, as well... Read More
26 May 2021
--- Supplier of molasses and natural sweeteners, International Molasses, has unveiled CaneRite panela, a natural free-flowing powder sweetener is made from the juice extracted from the entire sugar cane plant.
25 May 2021
--- Transparency is at the core of an initiative from Cargill, which has conducted a comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of its EverSweet stevia sweetener. It reveals EverSweet offers significant environmental advantages... Read More
17 May 2021
--- Kellogg’s UK has pledged to cut sugar by 10 percent and salt by 20 percent in its children’s cereal range by 2022. It will also ensure all of its breakfast foods are either a source or high in fiber by the end of... Read More
03 May 2021
--- A Nigay-supported study has linked antioxidant properties to the color intensity of caramel. Using three different research methods, the study found the greater the degree of caramelization, the greater the antioxidant... Read More
21 Apr 2021
--- DouxMatok has released its first direct-to-consumer product featuring its Incredo Sugar, a sugar-based solution that enables 30 to 50 percent sugar reduction. The US launch arrives in the form of two limited-edition Incredo... Read More
15 Apr 2021
--- SweeGen’s next-generation Bestevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) stevia sweetener is in its final phase before the European Union publishes approval in a few months, according to sugar reduction specialists.
05 Apr 2021
--- Imbibe has launched Ingredients by Imbibe, a new platform that offers the company’s high-performing ingredients to external R&D teams. Imbibe’s ingredient portfolio includes The Senses, a suite of taste... Read More
05 Apr 2021
--- MeliBio, the California-based start-up making real honey without bees, has recently closed US$850,000 in a pre-seed round funding edging it closer to having its first product on the market, slated for late 2021.
25 Mar 2021
--- Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has entered into a definitive agreement to sell the business and assets of port refiner Imperial Sugar Company to U.S. Sugar, a privately held agri-business based in Clewiston, Florida, US. LDC... Read More
16 Mar 2021
--- SweeGen’s highly soluble and zero-calorie stevia solution Bestevia Rebaudioside B (Reb B) has been granted Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) approval in the US market. This distinction from the US Food and Drug... Read More
02 Mar 2021
--- F&B manufacturers continue to struggle with reformulating recipes without sugar. Meanwhile, consumer expectations for taste, mouthfeel, texture and shelf life cannot be compromised. Following the company’s launch... Read More
23 Feb 2021
--- The drive toward healthier food choices will remain robust in sweet treats throughout this year, as emphasized in Innova Market Insights’ latest report. Indulgent taste is essential to confectionery, sweet bakery, ice... Read More
22 Feb 2021
--- Alongside sugar reduction being high on the agenda for many global policymakers, there is also an increased focus on its environmental impact. According to Kerry, the production of sugar exacts a large environmental toll in... Read More