sugar & sweeteners

11 Aug 2022
--- Researchers have revealed that incorporating banana peel flour into sugar cookie batter can make them healthier. In taste tests, cookies enriched with some banana peel flour were described as “more satisfying”... Read More
10 Aug 2022
--- Consumers are reacting to food inflation by making value choices like opting for value-packed products, discounts on offerings with marked-down prices and moving away from luxury brands to cheaper in-house brands. The... Read More
08 Aug 2022
--- A new low-calorie sweetener made from mogrosides and galactooligosaccharides may offer the same effects as artificial sweeteners with none of the negative consequences such as increased appetite or weight gain while feeding... Read More
15 Jul 2022
--- Sugar reduction continues to claim its spot as one of the most significant trends in the food sector, with industry players such as Cargill and Sweegen exploring how to reduce and eliminate sugar without sacrificing taste.
08 Jul 2022
--- Biotechnology firm Conagen has revealed its plans for the commercialization of an expansive portfolio of natural sweetness enhancers for taste modification in sugar reduction solutions for F&B.
04 Jul 2022
--- Consumer demand and political pressure is pushing the food industry to make a difference in offering more nutritious choices. The younger population aged 18-24 showed an increased willingness to pay for healthy drinks when... Read More
01 Jul 2022
--- Disagreements on how to interpret “processed foods” mean there is no consensus on the nutrition and healthfulness of food, a new study has revealed.
23 Jun 2022
--- The Philippines sugar market is facing severe supply shocks from bad harvests due to the super typhoon Odette and la Niña storms, leading to an insufficient supply to meet the domestic demands. The supply crunch was... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- Sweet Victory has created a prototype of a Gymenna sylvestre-infused chewing gum designed to abate sugar cravings in children. Expanding its portfolio from an adult version of the gum, the Israeli food-tech company says the... Read More
16 Jun 2022
--- DouxMatok and Batory Foods have announced a commercial agreement with Batory Foods to distribute Incredo Sugar, the only reduced-sugar product on the market made from real cane sugar. Starting this month, Batory Foods will... Read More
08 Jun 2022
--- Nutrition experts are deliberating the findings of two studies published in Great Debates in Nutrition, one which evidences the increased risks of morbidity and disease correlated with ultra-processed foods, and another... Read More
03 Jun 2022
--- A partnership has formed in the alternative milk space as Strive Nutrition is innovating with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey. “Nutritionally speaking, whey protein is one of the highest value proteins in our food... Read More
30 May 2022
--- Joywell Foods, a developer of sweet proteins through the microbial fermentation of plant-derived sweet proteins, has raised US$25 million series B funding round, which includes the Kirin Health Innovation Fund among its... Read More
26 May 2022
--- In the latest global trade protectionist move, India has preemptively set a limit on its sugar exports at 10 million tons per year. Even though the government admits that “prices of sugar are under control” and... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Global wellness ingredient technology expert Sweegen has won a patent lawsuit involving stevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) against PureCircle by Ingredion.
20 May 2022
--- Sweegen is ramping up its efforts to reduce sugar across F&B applications while simultaneously tapping into the benefits of using antioxidants and bitter blocking technology.
06 May 2022
--- In response to robust consumer demand for label-friendly ingredients, Cargill has expanded its processing capabilities of its sweetener plant in Cikande, Indonesia, to “more than double” the company’s... Read More
05 May 2022
--- The sugar reduction trend is maintaining its hold on industry, with latest statistics from Flavorchem’s IFIC 2021 Food and Health Survey revealing that 72% of respondents are trying to limit or avoid sugar in their... Read More
04 May 2022
--- As the war in Ukraine rages on, major Western companies are coming under increasing scrutiny for continuing business dealings with Russia despite the raising of sanctions and divestments by governments and industry... Read More
04 May 2022
--- US distributor of food and fine ingredients, Batory Foods has acquired Sweetener Solutions, a specialist in custom sweetener formulation, precision blending and specialty portion packaging. Financial details of the deal have... Read More