sugar & sweeteners

07 Apr 2020
--- Sugar reduction remains a key theme in food and beverage formulation, with global consumers increasing demand for healthier alternatives and manufacturers avoiding sugar taxes. According to Elaine Yu, President at Layn USA,... Read More
30 Mar 2020
--- Barry Callebaut has issued a progress update on The Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI), launched in 2017 at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23). The ongoing commitment is spearheaded by the world’s largest cocoa... Read More
26 Feb 2020
--- Confectionery is building on premiumization in a market that is mature but continuing to grow modestly. Despite rising concerns around sugar intake, consumers continue to demand everyday and more indulgent treats and snacks.... Read More
25 Feb 2020
--- An increasing need for health and wellness food and beverages continues to drive sugar reduction. Despite pressure building for the industry to slash sugar rates in products, consumers still crave sweet flavors. As consumers... Read More
06 Feb 2020
--- The addition of fruits and vegetables to confectionery is adding an aura of health to indulgent delights. As consumers seek sweetness from naturally derived sources, ingredient suppliers are offering up solutions to... Read More
10 Dec 2019
--- Despite pressure building for the industry to slash sugar rates in their products, consumers still crave sweet flavors. Innovation in the cultures and enzymes space means these natural solutions are increasingly applied to... Read More
10 Dec 2019
--- Taura Natural Ingredients used Fi Europe 2019 as a platform to launch a new range of fruit solutions that deliver the benefits of fiber without compromising on taste or texture. Jus Fruit Fibre+ was part of a range of fruit... Read More
09 Dec 2019
--- Sugar reduction and naturality in ingredients were two pronounced trends at Fi Europe 2019, held in Paris last week, which showcased an array of zero-calorie sweeteners. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with sweetener suppliers... Read More
03 Dec 2019
--- The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has notified the Department of Commerce (Commerce) of an additional need for sugar in the US market. Consequently, the latter has increased the quantity of Mexican refined sugar... Read More
29 Nov 2019
--- Nestlé Japan is launching today its “Cacao Fruit Chocolate,” introduced in the form of a KitKat. The company says that this is the first chocolate confectionery that uses dried, powdered cacao pulp as a... Read More
28 Nov 2019
--- Monk Fruit Corp., a business specializing in the supply of monk fruit with operations in China, US, Europe and New Zealand, is marketing its all natural sweetener as having “tremendous potential in the EU.” David... Read More
12 Nov 2019
--- Sugar reduction is a popular option for the three in five US consumers who would rather cut back on sugar than consume artificial sweeteners, according to an Innova Market Insights survey. Sugar-related claims continue to... Read More
30 Oct 2019
--- Sweeteners player Layn has launched a new proprietary variety of monk fruit that the company says can naturally produce 20 percent more mogrosides. These sweet components typically found in monk fruit are used as key... Read More
29 Oct 2019
--- Stevia producers SweeGen and PureCircle are scheduled to be in an upcoming litigation, with results to be decided by the US Federal District Court. This follows PureCircle’s filing of a complaint alleging patent... Read More
15 Oct 2019
--- A new report from Innova Market Insights highlights the growing sophistication of Europe’s appetite for chocolate, with a push towards premium and indulgent products clearly reflected in NPD. In line with this demand,... Read More
14 Oct 2019
--- Boo! Halloween is just around the corner and in line with Halloween tradition, candy producing companies are busy releasing their spooky launches. However, they are not the only ghouls in the race. Food and beverage... Read More
24 Sep 2019
--- In a push to expand its sugar reduction capabilities in chocolate, Cargill has invested US$5 million in its Mouscron, Belgium facility. The investment will fund the development of a wide range of sugar replacers and the... Read More
20 Sep 2019
--- At a time when sugar reduction remains hot under the industry spotlight, Israeli manufacturer Strauss Group has unveiled a refined sweet milk chocolate bar made with 30 percent less sugar using extracts of unique raw... Read More
16 Sep 2019
--- Danish sugar processor Nordic Sugar, a member of Germany’s Nordzucker Group, has begun the harvest and processing of sugar beets, referred to as its “beet campaign,” at its Polish plant. Nordzucker expects... Read More
12 Sep 2019
--- Silent reformulation should lead the way in product calorie reduction moving forward, but better research is necessary regarding the optimal way to communicate such changes to the consumer. Ciarán Forde, Senior... Read More