sugar & sweeteners

26 May 2022
--- In the latest global trade protectionist move, India has preemptively set a limit on its sugar exports at 10 million tons per year. Even though the government admits that “prices of sugar are under control” and... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Global wellness ingredient technology expert Sweegen has won a patent lawsuit involving stevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) against PureCircle by Ingredion.
20 May 2022
--- Sweegen is ramping up its efforts to reduce sugar across F&B applications while simultaneously tapping into the benefits of using antioxidants and bitter blocking technology.
06 May 2022
--- In response to robust consumer demand for label-friendly ingredients, Cargill has expanded its processing capabilities of its sweetener plant in Cikande, Indonesia, to “more than double” the company’s... Read More
05 May 2022
--- The sugar reduction trend is maintaining its hold on industry, with latest statistics from Flavorchem’s IFIC 2021 Food and Health Survey revealing that 72% of respondents are trying to limit or avoid sugar in their... Read More
04 May 2022
--- As the war in Ukraine rages on, major Western companies are coming under increasing scrutiny for continuing business dealings with Russia despite the raising of sanctions and divestments by governments and industry... Read More
04 May 2022
--- US distributor of food and fine ingredients, Batory Foods has acquired Sweetener Solutions, a specialist in custom sweetener formulation, precision blending and specialty portion packaging. Financial details of the deal have... Read More
03 May 2022
--- Fazer is upcycling oat hulls generated at its mills to create xylitol, a sugar replacer with 40% fewer calories (2,4 kcal/g) starting its commercial production.In the last three years, the Finnish company has invested... Read More
20 Apr 2022
--- Nactarome, a company specialized in the natural colors, extracts, flavors and ingredients sector, has opened its first regional base in Bangkok, Thailand, this month. The opening unveils the new European-based company... Read More
19 Apr 2022
--- The next Dietary Guidelines for Americans for 2025-2030 are underway with a new emphasis on ultra-processed foods and food-based strategies to help prevent or manage overweight and obesity. This guidance, released every five... Read More
13 Apr 2022
--- The sugar reduction trend has evolved as consumers demand more out of multifunctional and balanced recipes. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to industry experts from Alland & Robert, Cargill, Kerry and Sensus, who detail how... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Food ingredient prices are predicted to continue rising globally throughout 2022, with many experts warning of knock-on consequences of famine, political turmoil, social unrest and economic recession. The Russian invasion of... Read More
06 Apr 2022
--- Fueled by a health-forward shift in Latin American consumption habits, Sweegen has expanded its stevia footprint in Latin America with Colombia’s approval of its suite of sweeteners. The solutions are made by... Read More
25 Mar 2022
--- F&B biotech company Conagen has scaled its production of two new high-intensity sweeteners, thaumatin I and thaumatin II. The development expands commercial partner Sweegen’s portfolio of zero-sugar natural... Read More
21 Mar 2022
--- Often considered to be swathed in mystery, flavor creation entails a host of complex steps, from the initial brief to final end-product tests. However, Symrise is shedding light on its processes, with director functional... Read More
01 Mar 2022
--- Members of the sugar industry are decrying The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s recommendation to keep added and free sugars as low as possible, calling it “misleading” for consumers’ sense of... Read More
28 Feb 2022
--- Bitter and astringent flavors in low-sugar cocoa confections can be manipulated by roasting cacao beans for longer and at higher temperatures, a Penn State study has found. The research finding is good news for confectionery... Read More
08 Feb 2022
--- Stabilizer specialist Hydrosol has rolled out an array of healthier F&B for children leveraging its sister companies’ expertise within the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. The formulations range from sugar- and fat-reduced... Read More
04 Feb 2022
--- PureCircle (Ingredion) has voiced its support for the Codex Alimentarius (Codex) adopting the processes of bioconversion and fermentation used in stevia-based Rebaudioside M (Reb) production into its guidelines. This... Read More
02 Feb 2022
--- Sweegen has rolled out its newest advancement in sweetening solutions, the high-intensity sweetener brazzein, branded Ultratia. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Shari Mahon, senior vice president and head of global... Read More