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28 Sep 2023
--- Danone is funding projects across the Americas that promote nutrition and sustainable food systems. The five winners – each receiving US$50,000 – include a sustainable farming project in Puerto Rico, a tech... Read More
25 Sep 2023
--- Poland-based food and beverage company Agus, specializing in dairy and snack foods on-the-go, is set to present its Hello Day vegan and eco-conscious brand at the Anuga Cologne trade show in Germany next month (7 to 11... Read More
15 Sep 2023
--- Animal protection lobbyists are calling on the European Commission (EC) to finally deliver on its promise to revise its animal welfare legislation before the end of the year in line with the latest science and societal... Read More
28 Aug 2023
--- Two extensive studies presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have demonstrated the high propensity of ultra-processed foods (UPF) to cause cardiovascular disease... Read More
28 Aug 2023
--- This year’s Pack Expo trade show in Las Vegas, US, is gearing up to launch the “largest show since its inception” next month (September 11-13) with over 2,000 global exhibitors set to showcase the... Read More
18 Aug 2023
--- In this week’s news, UK-based biotech business Clean Food Group has announced a further £2.3 million in funding to accelerate the commercialization of its sustainable oils and fats technology. Burger King scraps... Read More
14 Aug 2023
--- Varda, an agri-tech start-up founded by the precision agriculture solutions specialist Yara, has revealed the results of its recent survey on consumer attitudes toward food supply chains, underscoring that only 29% are... Read More
10 Aug 2023
--- A new study by Nomad Foods, the owner of frozen food brands such as Birds Eye, Findus and Iglo, has found that increasing the storage temperature of frozen food by 3 degrees Celsius (°C) could cut down freezer energy use... Read More
08 Aug 2023
--- Campbell Soup Company is set to acquire Rao’s and Michael Angelo’s owner Sovos Brands for US$23 per share in cash. The deal is valued at US$2.7 billion, including debt and is expected to close by the end of this... Read More
07 Aug 2023
--- The sales of ingredients and meal kits at Tesco have shown a continuous upward trend since last year, the supermarket has revealed. This can be attributed to the customer’s preference for cooking at home over takeaways... Read More
27 Jul 2023
--- Nestlé has reported strong organic growth of 8.7% in the first half of 2023, growing faster than in 2022, which saw the highest sales growth of the company in 14 years (8.5%).
25 Jul 2023
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a petition requesting that it reconsider its decision not to ban the use of eight ortho-phthalates in food contact packaging materials. The agency also rejected calls for... Read More
19 Jul 2023
--- Researchers have developed a method to estimate the amount of chemicals that can leach from food packaging and processing equipment into food. New innovative models could help regulators and the industry assess food contact... Read More
17 Jul 2023
--- Nestlé has invested in regenerative agricultural practices of US wheat farms (tomato) in the Digiorno supply chain to produce healthier, more sustainable ingredients for their pizzas.
12 Jul 2023
--- The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has released a position statement on ultra-processed foods (UPF) and evaluated its current classification systems, sustainability practices and production methods. The... Read More
06 Jul 2023
--- Mars Incorporated has signed an agreement to acquire Kevin’s Natural Foods, a high-growth, nutritious meal company which will operate as a standalone business within its Food & Nutrition segment.
30 Jun 2023
--- Purchasing data of 8,400 German households show that almost half behaved unsustainably due to high consumption of meat or sweet snacks. At the same time, consumers stated they intentionally reduced their meat consumption and... Read More
26 Jun 2023
--- US-based manufacturing giant 3M has agreed to a payout of up to US$10.3 billion to provide public funding for water supplies contaminated with PFAS. The conglomerate agreed to the settlement following numerous lawsuits but... Read More
23 Jun 2023
--- Upcoming EU legislation aims to further incentivize a circular economy for packaging, but leading suppliers are unconvinced by its increased focus on reusables, which studies have determined are less net eco-friendly than... Read More
19 Jun 2023
--- The UK government has once again postponed the two-for-one ban on junk food until 2025 in England. The key component of the anti-obesity strategy was initially planned for this October but has been deferred by two years... Read More