alcoholic beverages

09 Apr 2019
--- Israeli start-up Ripples has created a device that prints messages and images onto beer, coffee and other foam-topped beverages using ink made from natural extracts. The Ripple Maker device is touted as an ingenious brand... Read More
26 Mar 2019
--- The craft brewery boom has proven to be good news for home values, according to researchers at The University of Toledo and the University of North Carolina, US. Using Charlotte, North Carolina, as a case study, the... Read More
21 Mar 2019
--- BOM BOM Brands, a premium cream liqueur brand from wellness-focused beverage company Sippwell Spirits, is continuing its expansion plans by entering Florida and California with a new regional office in Miami, Florida. BOM... Read More
19 Mar 2019
--- Binge drinking is out and mindful drinking is in vogue. Alcohol reduction has become a key platform in the “balancing act” trend that the food and beverage industry has been addressing for several years.... Read More
15 Mar 2019
--- Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has collaborated with Cornell University and the New York Wine & Grape Foundation to develop a proprietary technology that neutralizes the aroma and flavor of Welch’s... Read More
07 Feb 2019
--- Canadian companies Hamill Farms, Canada Malting Co., Red Shed Malting and Last Best Brewing & Distilling have teamed up with technology provider TE-FOOD to deliver a new and engaging consumer experience through the use... Read More
28 Jan 2019
--- UK-based Fuller’s has sold its entire beer business to Asahi Europe Ltd (AEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd (Asahi), for a total value of £250 million (US$329.2 million) on a debt free,... Read More
21 Dec 2018
--- Cargill is to sell its stand-alone malt business to Axéréal’s malt subsidiary, Boortmalt, for an undisclosed fee. The transaction involves the global malt business, including 15 facilities across four... Read More
26 Nov 2018
--- Wine forgery is on the rise in Europe, but it takes place on a global scale, that is according to Dr. Iris Mangelschots, President of Bruker BioSpin’s Applied, Industrial & Clinical (AIC) division. “Major... Read More
12 Nov 2018
--- UK-based drinks giant Diageo is selling a portfolio of 19 brands to privately owned US firm Sazerac for US$550 million. Diageo believes the sale will allow the business to have a “greater focus” on its premium... Read More
16 Oct 2018
--- Severe climate events could cause shortages in the global beer supply, according to new research involving the University of East Anglia (UEA). The study warns that increasingly widespread and severe drought and heat may... Read More
07 Sep 2018
--- This week, in its home of Copenhagen, the Carlsberg Group unveiled the new Snap Pack: an innovation that replaces the traditional, bulky plastic rings that accompany multi-packs of beer with a pioneering solution that... Read More
30 Aug 2018
--- The Brewers of Europe (BoE) has criticized a European Commission proposal to include all ingredients in beer, even those added after fermentation, in order to calculate excise tax on alcohol. The proposed revision to the tax... Read More
20 Aug 2018
--- Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has embarked on a foray into the wine industry with the launch of a Niagara grape juice solution designed for a broad variety of different wine styles. According to the US ingredients... Read More
10 Aug 2018
--- Heineken's new brew, Hi-Fi Hops, from California beer brand Lagunitas, is made with marijuana instead of alcohol. Hi-Fi Hops is currently only available in a select number of dispensaries in California, where marijuana... Read More
18 Jul 2018
--- Dutch craft beer brand Brouwerij Homeland Amsterdam has collaborated with Ball to create a unique, blank can design for its popular spelt beer. The cans utilize Ball’s 33-centiliter standard format, which is a popular... Read More
09 Jul 2018
--- Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) and Talkin’ Things are the first Internet of Things (IoT) packaging platform providers to combine Augmented Reality (AR) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to create a... Read More
22 Jun 2018
--- The closure of carbon dioxide production sites in Europe has led to a shortage of CO2 and concerns over the possibility of low stocks of soft drinks and beer during one of the busiest times of the year. Despite the fact that... Read More
21 Jun 2018
--- Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm), a supplier of NFC (near field communication) mobile marketing solutions, is supplying el Jimador tequila with digital marketing formats for its bottles and coasters. The tequila brand... Read More
15 Jun 2018
--- In celebration of the soccer World Cup, family-owned Belgium brewers, Brouwerij Martens, is offering its premium beer in 32 country-specific bottle designs on the French market. Various images of the participating nations... Read More