alcoholic beverages

07 Apr 2021
--- Scientists are reporting a new way to extract the protein and fiber from brewer’s spent grain and use it to create new types of protein sources. Homebrewing enthusiasts and major manufacturers experience the same... Read More
05 Apr 2021
--- Italian ingredients supplier Agrumaria Reggina is set to inaugurate its first R&D center in Northern Italy, in the Lombardy Region. The “Taste Innovation Center” will focus primarily on developing new... Read More
29 Mar 2021
--- In time for spring, beverage innovators are shining a light on uplifting flavor profiles including the tropical tonalities of watermelon and guanabana. Italian provenance flavors are also in the spotlight, with new... Read More
22 Mar 2021
--- Hard seltzers – pegged as the “success story of the US beer market” by Rabobank – are seeing an influx of consumer appeal. The Dutch bank’s latest report on this beverage segment highlights... Read More
18 Mar 2021
--- Corona beer is repurposing surplus barley straw from beer-making supply chains into new packaging material in a circular process targeting waste elimination. Based on three years of research, the new process uses 90 percent... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- PepsiCo is shaking up the cocktail mixer category with the launch of Neon Zebra, a line of non-alcoholic mixers that offers a shortcut to cocktails in seconds. A modern alternative to cocktail recipes or large format... Read More
08 Feb 2021
--- Beer giant Kirin Holdings Company has pulled out of a partnership in Myanmar following a political coup in the country, which has seen the military overthrow the elected government. Kirin Holdings Company has a joint-venture... Read More
03 Feb 2021
--- Renaissance BioScience, a global bioengineering company, has developed a breeding platform for creating novel, non-GMO yeast hybrids for lager beer production. The new technology is positioned to dramatically broaden the... Read More
27 Jan 2021
--- Quicksilver Scientific’s patent-pending nanoemulsion delivery technology will ensure effective CBD delivery in Veryvell – a new US line of non-alcoholic, hemp-derived CBD beverages. The drinks, positioned as a... Read More
02 Dec 2020
--- In its second yeast launch of the year, Lallemand Brewing has unveiled LalBrew Verdant IPA, touted as “a unique strain” with performance and sensory abilities that can create hoppy styles of IPA beers. The... Read More
23 Nov 2020
--- Blue California has launched a new range of natural flavors with its Destination Flavors Collection 2021 for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, appealing to home-bound, health-conscious consumers.Inspired by favorite... Read More
03 Nov 2020
--- The functional beverage space presents significant scope for growth and premiumization of existing products. In light of this, Kerry is highlighting opportunities for collaboration and development in the beverage sector in a... Read More
30 Oct 2020
--- DSM’s Maxadjunct ß L adjunct brewing enzyme is the latest addition to the global company’s brewing portfolio. This enzyme innovation, derived from selected bacillus strains, allows brewers to increase the... Read More
26 Oct 2020
--- Guinness is introducing Guinness 0.0, the Guinness with everything except alcohol, following a four-year development process. Launching in the UK today, Guinness 0.0 will be available in off-licenses and supermarkets before... Read More
21 Sep 2020
--- The beverage space is brimming with new international flavor combinations, wellness-elevating functionalities and “sensorial surprises.” Suppliers share insights with FoodIngredientsFirst on burgeoning... Read More
17 Sep 2020
--- Alcohol and food pairings are no longer just for haute cuisine diners, with Red Lobster and Taco Bell customers now being offered a cocktail or wine, respectively, to pair with their food.
09 Sep 2020
--- PepsiCo is trialling products encoded with invisible digital watermarks for more effective recycling. The technology is pegged as the “holy grail” that will make mechanical sorting more efficient.
09 Sep 2020
--- Canadian non-alcoholic beer brand Partake Brewery has raised US$4 million in its first funding round to accelerate growth specifically in the US market.
04 Sep 2020
--- Lallemand Brewing has launched WildBrew Philly Sour, the company’s first non-Saccharomyces species, which gives a sophisticated sourness to beer without the need to use bacteria. Notably, a large number of consumers... Read More
01 Sep 2020
--- Heineken Netherlands’ is ramping up its sustainability efforts to become fully circular by 2030 with a move that’s seen all Heineken beer for the Dutch market being brewed using 100 percent green energy since... Read More