alcoholic beverages

06 Sep 2021
--- Independent craft brewer BrewDog has launched a joint venture (JV) in Japan with Asahi Breweries, which will see BrewDog headliners such as Punk IPA, Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice rolled out across Japan later this month. The JV... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- Layn Natural Ingredients continues its expansion in botanicals with a boost to its portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified botanical extracts. The range focuses on polyphenol-rich botanical extracts that offer high functional... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- US-based flavor and fragrance company Flavorchem is helping brands tap into the booming hard seltzer trend with a new line of clean label flavors. The launch features both singular flavors and fruity combinations that are... Read More
23 Aug 2021
--- Achieving hard seltzer formulations with great taste, mouthfeel and the ideal alcohol content entails a number of complex production challenges for manufacturers to navigate. For instance, the right fermentation and yeast... Read More
11 Aug 2021
--- Despite growing speculation over the last few months that the hard seltzer craze may have peaked, the market is still fizzing with the arrival of new product launches, including PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew-branded alcoholic... Read More
04 Aug 2021
--- The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of consumers’ habits, and the way people buy and consume foods and beverages is no exception to this overhaul. Consumer sentiment, needs and interest have been impacted by... Read More
30 Jul 2021
--- Heineken has obtained control of UBL in India, following United Breweries Limited’s (UBL) annual general meeting yesterday. This comes at the heels of Heineken’s recent acquisition of additional ordinary shares... Read More
26 Jul 2021
--- UK ministers have pledged to cut red tape for British wine importers, saving local consumers up to £130 million (US$178.8 million) a year, according to government-published estimates. The change would scrap the... Read More
08 Jul 2021
--- Researchers in Japan have cracked the code behind the iconic bubble cascade formation in a glass of Guinness beer – a feat that was “previously impossible to explain.” Understanding bubble formation based... Read More
07 Jul 2021
--- BrewDog has pulled an Instagram post for its alcoholic hard seltzer drink following intervention from the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) which has ruled that the Scottish brewery has breached advertising rules... Read More
09 Jun 2021
--- BrewDog has developed and produced a limited edition chocolate-flavored beer in collaboration with Tony’s Chocolonely. Both B Corp brands are known for their emphasis on ethical sourcing, with the so-called... Read More
04 Jun 2021
--- White Claw Hard Seltzer has unveiled its latest variety pack for the UK market, bringing four variations of its popular flavors into one box. The move comes amid a boom in demand for hard seltzers in Europe while big names... Read More
26 May 2021
--- Comax Flavors now offers caffeine maskers and bitter blockers to offset the negative taste found in functional F&B products. The move from the company comes amid a rising demand for better-tasting nootropics, as... Read More
04 May 2021
--- The growing demand for low- and no-alcohol is shaping the future of the adult drinks sector. According to IFF, drinking alcohol in moderation is becoming more mainstream as the new generation of young adults focuses on... Read More
07 Apr 2021
--- Scientists are reporting a new way to extract the protein and fiber from brewer’s spent grain and use it to create new types of protein sources. Homebrewing enthusiasts and major manufacturers experience the same... Read More
05 Apr 2021
--- Italian ingredients supplier Agrumaria Reggina is set to inaugurate its first R&D center in Northern Italy, in the Lombardy Region. The “Taste Innovation Center” will focus primarily on developing new... Read More
29 Mar 2021
--- In time for spring, beverage innovators are shining a light on uplifting flavor profiles including the tropical tonalities of watermelon and guanabana. Italian provenance flavors are also in the spotlight, with new... Read More
22 Mar 2021
--- Hard seltzers – pegged as the “success story of the US beer market” by Rabobank – are seeing an influx of consumer appeal. The Dutch bank’s latest report on this beverage segment highlights... Read More
18 Mar 2021
--- Corona beer is repurposing surplus barley straw from beer-making supply chains into new packaging material in a circular process targeting waste elimination. Based on three years of research, the new process uses 90 percent... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- PepsiCo is shaking up the cocktail mixer category with the launch of Neon Zebra, a line of non-alcoholic mixers that offers a shortcut to cocktails in seconds. A modern alternative to cocktail recipes or large format... Read More