alcoholic beverages

02 Dec 2019
--- British distiller Diageo is spearheading a new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning system, “What’s Your Whiskey,” to analyze people’s flavor preferences in alcohol and match them with... Read More
21 Nov 2019
--- Fermented Sciences, maker of the organic hard kombucha brand Flying Embers, has closed a US$25 million Series B round. Founded in California, US, in 2017, the start-up markets a unique refreshment in the dynamic space of... Read More
15 Nov 2019
--- The beverage space is booming with NPD, as consumers increasingly look for new flavors and the added benefits of functional ingredients. As the consumer palate expands, never has the beverage category been so blurred.... Read More
13 Nov 2019
--- US-headquartered beer brewing companies Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) and Anheuser-Busch (A-B) have jointly announced an agreement to expand their partnership. A-B has agreed to purchase the remaining CBA shares it does not... Read More
07 Nov 2019
--- Doehler is combining plant-based nutrition, naturalness and sugar reduction with its Multisensory Experiences that “satisfy the wishes of environmentally and health-conscious consumers,” in its latest beverage... Read More
17 Oct 2019
--- US-based emerging beverage brand, The Plug, has launched its science-backed anti-hangover drink. The brand differentiates itself from market competitors in its “all-natural” proprietary formula with zero added... Read More
02 Oct 2019
--- Italian manufacturer of non-refillable and aluminum closures Guala Closures is set to launch its complete range of NěstGATE connected caps. By placing a smartphone close to a bottle equipped with the connected caps, the Near... Read More
18 Sep 2019
--- The best before date on some of Unilever’s products under the Knorr and Hellmann’s brands will now be followed by the Danish phrase for “often good after” in a bid to cut food waste. Unilever Denmark... Read More
05 Sep 2019
--- The identification of a gene responsible for drought resistance in barley could help “future-proof” the cereals industry as climate change becomes an increasingly pressing issue. A team of scientists at... Read More
29 Aug 2019
--- The world’s second-largest distiller, Pernod Ricard, along with alcohol manufacturer and marketer Castle Brands Inc. have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement. In the deal, a subsidiary of... Read More
28 Aug 2019
--- In a report centered on Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Ireland-headquartered Kerry stresses the importance of a localized approach when communicating with consumers in this region, as perceptions of... Read More
26 Aug 2019
--- Scientists have long been divided on the best way to manage industry involvement in diet and health research, according to a study from the University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Cambridge, which is exploring ways... Read More
20 Aug 2019
--- US multinational retail corporation Walmart and media platform BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” division have partnered to offer consumers “shoppable recipes.” The retailer invites shoppers to add the entire... Read More
19 Aug 2019
--- Instances of exploding bottles and cans of beer are on the rise, reports the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). The media has reported cases of severe injury due to a build-up of pressure in beer packaging,... Read More
16 Aug 2019
--- Australia is seeking an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) to drive Australian exports and economic growth, which entails the protection of 408 food and beverage items under... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- Global ingredients and premix supplier Prinova has expanded into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market with the establishment of a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. The subsidiary will serve customers in Australia and New Zealand,... Read More
08 Aug 2019
--- UK grocery chain Waitrose and Partners has launched a non-alcoholic aperitif, Æcorn, now the sister brand of the company’s branded distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip. Sales of no- and low-alcohol drinks have... Read More
07 Aug 2019
--- An artificial “tongue” that can “taste” subtle differences between drams of whiskey could help cut down on the trade in counterfeit alcohol, scientists say. In a new paper published today in the Royal... Read More
06 Aug 2019
--- Californian wine brand Böen, part of Copper Cane Wines & Provisions by Joseph Wagner, has become the first wine brand in the US to deploy full-scale, Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. This new technology,... Read More
17 Jul 2019
--- Weeks after temporarily converting a London meatshop into a meat-free butchers in celebration of World Meat Free Week, Sainsbury’s will be launching the UK’s first “no- and low-alcohol pub.” Dubbed... Read More