hot drinks

21 Apr 2022
--- Guinness has begun the global rollout of its new hybrid beverage, Cold Brew Coffee Beer amid a boom in take home sales of Ready-to-Drink iced coffees. With approximately 2 mg of caffeine per can – the same as a decaf... Read More
07 Apr 2022
--- UK rules requiring takeaways, restaurants and cafés to display calorie information for non-prepackaged food and soft drinks are now in force. Calorie counts will now be displayed on menus, online menus, third-party... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- Global online searches for “health benefits of drinking coffee” increased by 650% over the last 12 months, according to the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) analysis. The majority of the... Read More
10 Mar 2022
--- Nestlé USA is planning a US$675 million investment to build a new beverage facility in Arizona, US, to boost its market position in the creamer and flavored milk categories.
01 Mar 2022
--- Capsoil FoodTech, part of Prodalim Group, has developed a method for incorporating bioavailable and water-soluble oil-based nutritional additives into coffee pods. Coffee makers can now offer consumers their favorite drink... Read More
23 Feb 2022
--- NatureWorks and IMA are fast-tracking commercialization of compostable coffee pods for distribution to coffee brands and roasters. The partners have instigated a first trial phase for the K-Cup compatible pods. “With... Read More
11 Feb 2022
--- In a recent spate of companies committing to eradicate deforestation from its supply chains, Rotterdam-based Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has joined the ranks of industry giants who pledge to improve global food systems.
09 Feb 2022
--- Upcycled ingredient manufacturer Alvinesa Natural Ingredients has acquired Cades Penedes, a Catalonian processor of grape-derived sustainable ingredients. The move will increase Alvinesa's production capacity by up to... Read More
01 Feb 2022
--- Tea, coffee and botanical solutions supplier Finlays has sealed a deal with flavor house Firmenich, which gives Firmenich full sales rights to two core parts of Finlays’ cold-brew coffee and tea extract portfolios in... Read More
27 Jan 2022
--- Coffee, cashews and avocados are essential crops for consumers and small-scale tropical farmers worldwide – but they are facing critical risks as the planet warms up. Future production will be nowhere near current... Read More
24 Dec 2021
--- UK tea, coffee and botanical extracts supplier Finlays is selling its Sri Lankan tea estates to Browns Investments. The deal will include the Hapugastenne Plantations (HPL) and Udapussellawa Plantations (UPL).
17 Dec 2021
--- Research from Kerry has revealed that chocolate is the top festive beverage flavor this winter, with consumers seeking indulgent, dessert-inspired tastes that appeal to their sense of nostalgia. Meanwhile, with consumers... Read More
08 Dec 2021
--- The price of coffee beans has doubled over the last year partly due to record freight costs and extreme weather events in Brazil, olam food ingredients (ofi) is highlighting. The supplier has released its outlook detailing... Read More
01 Dec 2021
--- The Calabretta-owned flavor business Comax has been acquired by Florida Food Products (FFP), with the family maintaining an ownership stake. The companies reached an agreement in which FFP will assume majority ownership.
25 Nov 2021
--- Protein content and quality are fast becoming major drivers of consumers’ purchasing choices, according to the latest global research conducted by taste and nutrition specialist Kerry. And the company forecasts a... Read More
18 Nov 2021
--- Costa Coffee and M&S Food have entered a new collaboration to create a dining and on-the-go experience for UK customers – Costa Coffee Now Serving M&S Food. Launching next year, customers will be able to choose... Read More
15 Nov 2021
--- A new Kerry-commissioned report has found that while the traditional festive flavors such as pumpkin spice, caramel and chocolate remain popular, there is a steady demand for infusing them with health benefits and... Read More
27 Oct 2021
--- Coffee’s sensory qualities, such as taste and aroma, are being impacted by shifts in climate change. This is according to researchers at Tufts and Montana State University in the US who found that yield is not the only... Read More
22 Oct 2021
--- The latest installation of a coffee extraction plant at UK supplier Finlays’ facility in northern England is projected to invigorate the cold brew coffee industry with upscaled production to hospitality sectors by 2022.
20 Oct 2021
--- Layn Natural Ingredients is expanding its functional tea extracts line to meet growing consumer demand for healthy clean label ingredients. The company finds this arena promising as it says the global tea extracts industry... Read More