hot drinks

15 Jun 2021
--- Nespresso has begun the construction of its expansion of the company’s production center in Romont, Switzerland. The first new production lines are expected to be fully operational by June 2022. The CHF160 million... Read More
27 May 2021
--- Barry Callebaut’s cocoa brand Van Houten has launched a powdered chocolate beverage made from Ruby chocolate. Touted as a “cutting-edge development,” the drink powder will be offered to the hospitality... Read More
12 May 2021
--- There is no doubt the plant-based space is booming with many opportunities to develop innovative dairy-free alternatives. From oat-based milk to vegan cheese and plant-based chocolate, the alt-dairy arena is packed with... Read More
22 Apr 2021
--- Nespresso’s limited edition La Cumplida Refinada coffee is Nestlé’s first coffee to “unlock” a differentiated profile through post-harvest fermentation, a natural process that takes place at... Read More
20 Apr 2021
--- In a new breakthrough, Nestlé plant scientists have developed a generation of low carbon coffee varieties, through classical non-GMO breeding that harnesses the plant’s natural biodiversity. Compared to standard... Read More
08 Apr 2021
--- Swiss food giant Nestlé is launching plant-based versions of some of its most-loved brands in Asia as consumers include more dairy alternatives in their diet. That now has a new plant-based version of Milo, the... Read More
24 Mar 2021
--- Ingredients supplier Henley Bridge has secured sole UK exclusivity to supply a number of high-profile brands in the hot drinks category.The Sussex-based company pegs it as its “first big move” into premium hot... Read More
23 Mar 2021
--- Nestlé is rolling out its touchless coffee machines to offer an extra level of safety as virus-wary office workers return to workplaces. The contactless coffee machines can be controlled via smartphones to allay... Read More
23 Mar 2021
--- Norwegian coffee producer Joh. Johannson Kaffe has built “the first ultra-low CO2-footprint coffee processing plant” with technology from Bühler. The new plant in Vestby, Norway, emits 85 percent less CO2... Read More
17 Mar 2021
--- What is pegged as the “first blockchain coffee coming from Honduras” has been released by Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. The “farm-to-cup” traceable beverage offers consumers a scannable QR code on... Read More
04 Mar 2021
--- Kerry expects the functional beverage market to gain traction and see a surge of NPD targeting consumers who are approaching health holistically due to the COVID-19 threat. This is based on new Kerry research, which found... Read More
03 Mar 2021
--- Demetria, the first AI-powered software as a service (SaaS) start-up for the coffee supply chain, has closed a US$3 million seed funding round. With the world’s first data cloud to identify and track coffee quality... Read More
21 Jan 2021
--- Nescafé has pledged to increase its sustainability efforts, building on the significant progress over the past decade. Improving efficiency and agricultural practices on farms and enabling farmers to be paid a premium... Read More
14 Jan 2021
--- Researchers from the American Chemical Society are exploring new ways to access exactly what is in coffee. The bean composition of coffee can be difficult to determine after roasting, and roasters typically blend two types... Read More
23 Dec 2020
--- Consumers have long grown wary of genetically modified or otherwise deemed “unnatural” foods, driving the clean label trend. But amid the world’s COVID-19 and environmental crises, a growing acceptance of... Read More
17 Dec 2020
--- Kerry has released its “Art of Taste” report providing a complete view of 2020 trends in the festive beverage market across foodservice brands in the UK and Europe. Flavor highlights include gingerbread,... Read More
03 Dec 2020
--- Layn Natural Ingredient (Layn) is expanding its botanical extracts portfolio through a majority acquisition of Chengdu Wagott Bio-tech (Wagott), China’s largest exporter of green tea extract and a producer of tea and... Read More
24 Nov 2020
--- Previously spotlighted as a functional egg replacement in baked goods, Wacker’s Cavamax W6 alpha-cyclodextrin has now been found to improve the foaming properties of barista toppings. The starch ingredient targets... Read More
23 Oct 2020
--- Functional, refreshing beverages like high-protein iced tea have significant market potential, according to Arla Foods Ingredients. The Denmark-based dairy ingredient supplier reports that the market for functional and... Read More
19 Oct 2020
--- The tea and coffee sectors are brewing with innovation – even more so since consumers are on the lookout for immunity-boosting ingredients with health being top of mind, alongside indulgence, as we settle into the... Read More