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13 May 2024
--- Nestlé’s largest coffee brand, Nescafé, has published its second Nescafé Plan 2030 Progress Report, which details the increased adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, contributing to... Read More
07 May 2024
--- Nestlé’s Nescafé is tapping into the cold coffee trend with the launch of its premium Espresso Concentrate Coffee. Tailored to capture the out-of-home cold coffee experience, the liquid coffee concentrate... Read More
07 May 2024
--- Following the recent close of the penultimate negotiation round for a UN global plastics treaty (INC-4) in Canada, Unilever CEO Hein Schumacher says national rules will not suffice to unite the world’s current... Read More
03 May 2024
--- The benchmark for world food commodity prices edged higher in April, as rising meat prices and slight increase for vegetable oils and cereals more than offset decreases for sugar and dairy products. General Mills expanded... Read More
30 Apr 2024
--- Nestlé’s income accelerator program is helping cocoa farmers improve cocoa productivity by around 30%, as well as increase their net income, according to a new report published by KIT Institute.
30 Apr 2024
--- The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has revealed that UK food inflation is beginning to normalize and is likely to continue slowing if global food prices and domestic producer costs remain stable. However, geopolitical... Read More
26 Apr 2024
--- The UK has announced October 2027 as the new launch date for its Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), putting an end to months of speculation. The scheme will encompass PET bottles, steel and aluminum cans but exclude glass bottles.... Read More
25 Apr 2024
--- Nestlé expected a slow start to 2024, and its three-month sales performance for 2024 matches those expectations. The food giant has revealed total reported sales decreased by 5.9% versus Q1 2023, falling to CHF 22.1... Read More
24 Apr 2024
--- Unilever has revealed plans to scale back some of its sustainability targets, including more responsible packaging, backing for SMEs and support for the living wage, in a move that has drawn criticism from NGOs. The FMCG... Read More
18 Apr 2024
--- FoodChain ID has unveiled a regulatory library module called “Sustainable Packaging Services” as a digital tool to enable food manufacturers to keep up with changing global regulations on sustainable packaging.... Read More
16 Apr 2024
--- Nestlé experts are exploring how advanced data science and AI can be leveraged to help select and breed more climate-resilient plants amid climate change threatening coffee cultivation.
12 Apr 2024
--- This week in industry news, Givaudan announced its Plant Attitude Challenge, where the company invites start-ups to decrease costs of an alternative protein recipe. Gastronology 3D Food Works started the industrial... Read More
09 Apr 2024
--- Food inflation in the world’s wealthiest nations has fallen to levels from before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and declined for 15 consecutive months, reaching 5.3% in February versus 6.3% in January,... Read More
03 Apr 2024
--- There is an increasing demand for coloring food ingredients that offer clean label options across F&B applications. This is often accompanied by higher expectations for stability and color yield. Suppliers are seeing an... Read More
01 Apr 2024
--- Key developments in March included a plethora of changes across the food regulatory landscape and food tech innovation. Notably, the EU AI Act was greenlighted by the European Parliament, the US state of Washington outlawed... Read More
29 Mar 2024
--- This week in industry news, Azelis announced a new distribution agreement with Soy Austria, a manufacturer of natural, sustainable and soy-based ingredients. Unilever announced a project to significantly reduce carbon... Read More
29 Mar 2024
--- The EU vote on the Nature Restoration Law has been shelved after several member states withdrew support for the landmark regulation. European Commissioner for the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevičius, warns “the current... Read More
22 Mar 2024
--- Nestlé has announced the launch of two projects in collaboration with its suppliers, Cargill and ETG | Beyond Beans, to move toward environmental sustainability. These initiatives, set to span over five years, are... Read More
18 Mar 2024
--- Nestlé has rejected shareholder criticism that it offers too many “unhealthy and not enough healthy products.” The F&B giant rebuffs allegations from a shareholder coalition led by NGO ShareAction that... Read More
18 Mar 2024
--- Cargill is pioneering wind-assisted propulsion (WAP) technology on ocean vessels to cut fossil fuels and support decarbonization efforts with renewable energy. The global food corporation recently completed a six-month test... Read More