child nutrition

01 Jun 2023
--- The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is stepping up its work in the groceries sector to ensure that retail markets work well and don’t harm consumers amid soaring inflation.
31 May 2023
--- The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is examining global food insecurity and how to address one of the world’s biggest food challenges – food loss. In its latest whitepaper, Food Science and Technology... Read More
29 May 2023
--- Stora Enso reveals that the strength of food systems hinges on industry collaboration and an overhaul of the packaging industry. The company’s latest report provides a call to action for the food industry to play its... Read More
29 May 2023
--- This year’s World Digestive Health Day focuses on how gut health develops inside the womb and the changing dietary needs of the gastrointestinal tract from birth through to infancy, childhood and adulthood. The World... Read More
24 May 2023
--- UK food prices edged down in April, the first drop in food inflation since December 2022. Prices increased 19%, compared to 19.1% last month, as falls in bread, cereals, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, sugar, jam and honey helped... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Taste and texture remain crucial in encouraging shopper retention, and stabilizers and texturizers are important pieces to this puzzle. Addressing the challenges of price and supply fluctuations of key ingredients like... Read More
18 May 2023
--- Just one day before the grain deal was due to expire, a two-month extension has been negotiated, which will allow Ukraine to export millions of tons of grain through the Black Sea despite the ongoing conflict with Russia.
18 May 2023
--- Researchers found that a Lactococcus lactis strain of plasma could result in an early recovery of smell and taste dysfunction in COVID-19 patients and a reduction of the viral load. The postbiotic was researched and... Read More
16 May 2023
--- Several food organizations have signed a letter to the CEO of Nestlé UK and Ireland, pointing out that the way its new breakfast cereal inspired by the candy bar KitKat is marketed is “irresponsible.” The... Read More
15 May 2023
--- Public and private initiatives are joining forces to achieve “true harmonization” in environmental F&B labeling across Europe. In collaboration with the French government, Foundation Earth will initiate an... Read More
12 May 2023
--- The US Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is urging the federal cabinet agencies charged with publishing the Dietary Guidelines Advisory (DGA) to increase transparency between individual committee members and... Read More
09 May 2023
--- Food labels on children’s products in Canada demonstrate a negative association between marketing appeal and nutritional quality, according to a new study investigating advertising power and children’s nutrition.... Read More
08 May 2023
--- Widely used insecticides and pesticides in California, US, contain high levels of chemicals that are contaminating millions of acres of farmland, according to the Center for Biological Diversity and Public Employees for... Read More
02 May 2023
--- Ahead of the imminent completion of DSMs merger with Firmenich, the Dutch business has disclosed a difficult first quarter where the company’s sales and margins have declined. The company reports 6% lower sales than in... Read More
27 Apr 2023
--- Hundreds of scientists worldwide are pushing for global diets to account for the benefits that meat brings to the table, as they say that the narrative toward more green and vegan diets might have gone too far.... Read More
27 Apr 2023
--- FoodDrinkEurope gave a presentation on the misconceptions around ultra-processed foods (UPF) with an expert panel discussing whether processed foods always equal being more unhealthy. Touching upon the issues in Europe of... Read More
26 Apr 2023
--- ADM managed to increase its revenue and operating profits in the first quarter of the year, as its Agricultural Services and Oilseeds segment achieved “crushing results” due to record soybean crops and biofuel... Read More
20 Apr 2023
--- Nestlé investors are calling on the company to rebalance its sales toward healthier products. The group of investors, coordinated by responsible investment NGO ShareAction, expressed their support for... Read More
19 Apr 2023
--- Royal DSM is entering into negotiations to purchase Adare Biome from its parent company, Adare Pharma Solutions, for an enterprise value of €275 million (US$301.2 million). The move will expand the company’s human... Read More
17 Apr 2023
--- Cheap Ukrainian foodstuffs have destabilized Eastern European markets, moving Polish and Hungarian authorities to implement a swift ban on grain imports and oil crop seeds from the country. The restrictions will remain in... Read More