Who is Food Ingredients First?

Food Ingredients First is the port of call for food and beverage companies to keep entirely up to date with trends in the food and beverage industry. We’re the leaders when it comes to food industry news, statistics, trends and analysis, offering insights into a huge range of diverse categories.

Our readers come to us for:

Bakery Industry Trends

We keep up to date with the bakery industry and its developments, including the latest bakery market trends.

Dairy Industry Trends

As one of the biggest ingredients sectors, we cover everything to do with the dairy industry, from news about dairy product manufacturers to dairy production in general. On the flip side, we also keep our readers up to date on the growing free from trend in the dairy sector, such as dairy free products and free from dairy foods.

Food Flavoring Trends

A key theme in the food ingredients sector, we report on the food flavoring companies addressing the demand for natural flavor ingredients, while also our keeping readers up to date on new food flavorings suppliers.

Trends in the Protein Market

One of the areas currently dominating the food industry is meeting the growing demand for high protein foods. We discuss the consumer demand for foods high in protein and the companies who are offering products with natural sources of protein. We also discuss the sub categories benefiting from this trend, such as plant based protein powders, including pulses, which are marketed as being “a good source of protein.”

Sugar Content Regulation

Another key food industry theme is the regulation and reformulation of sugar content in food and drink, with the debate intensifying around foods containing high amounts of refined sugar. We discuss how regulatory bodies are responding to health concerns, and how manufacturers are assessing alternative sugar substitutes and healthy natural sugar substitutes, in particular, sweeteners.

Natural Sweeteners

We explore the ever-changing sweetener market, analyzing how natural high intensity sweeteners such as stevia are being utilized by the food industry, as well keeping up to date with the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which can be used to eradicate calories entirely.

Health & Wellness

With the demand growing for high dietary fiber foods, we look at the surge in the demand for insoluble fiber foods and foods high in soluble fiber, and how it’s pushing the fiber market deeper into the health and wellness sector. Salt reduction strategies also play a part in the health and wellness surge, leading to growing innovation in no and low sodium foods.

Hydrocolloids in Food

We provide up to date commentary on what types of hydrocolloids are being used in food processing and by the food industry in general, reporting on the major players in this innovative market. This covers stabilizers in food, including food thickeners and gelling agents.

Emulsifiers in food

With natural food emulsifiers trending, we look at how companies in the food industry are innovating in the food emulsifiers market.

Food Enzymes

Another fast developing area of the food industry, we look at how food enzymes are being innovated by the major companies in the food industry, and how they are then being utilized in finished consumer products.

About CNS Media

At CNS Media we supply information to the global food, nutrition, personal care and packaging industries through our publication, The World of Food Ingredients , and our digital platforms, www.FoodIngredientsFirst.com, www.NutritionInsight.com, www.PackagingInsights.com and www.PersonalCareInsights.com. We are the industry source for news, analysis and insights into these diverse sectors. Key topics of focus include business news, ingredient and product launches, research and development and applications. We are the experts in food design trends, nutrition advances, personal care and packaging innovations.