soft drinks

15 Apr 2019
--- Beverage company Rebbl has launched three new plant-based, indulgent beverages that tout functional benefits due to their adaptogenic ingredients, such as ashwagandha. By investing in local economies and employing organic... Read More
08 Apr 2019
--- Soda Press Co. (Australia) says it is revolutionizing the kombucha scene with its release of “the world’s first certified organic kombucha concentrate that is also shelf-stable.” The concept is designed to... Read More
03 Apr 2019
--- The Döhler Group has acquired a majority stake in Spain’s Zumos Catalano Aragoneses S.A. (Zucasa). With immediate effect, Döhler will manage Zucasa’s juice production facility located in the Huesca... Read More
01 Apr 2019
--- The Coca-Cola Company has unveiled its first ever energy drink. Coca-Cola Energy will debut this week in Spain and Hungary before a potential roll-out to other markets. The new product contains caffeine from... Read More
27 Mar 2019
--- The dramatic rise in cold brewed coffee is entering a new stage with an innovative technological system further cementing the trend. lllycaffè S.p.A. has launched what it claims to be the first-ever system for coffee... Read More
26 Mar 2019
--- The adventurous consumer seeks inspiration, excitement and authenticity and when it comes to beverages, everything, from the format, texture, added benefits and flavor, matters, that is according to Chris Whiting, Category... Read More
19 Mar 2019
--- Tobacco companies transferred colors, flavors and marketing techniques – previously used to entice children as future smokers – to the sugar-sweetened beverages space, when they bought food and drink companies in... Read More
12 Mar 2019
--- Nutrition is becoming a central pillar to a healthy lifestyle for a growing number of consumers, after all, “you are what you eat.” Although pleasure and enjoyment play an essential role in eating and drinking,... Read More
27 Feb 2019
--- Coca-Cola Amatil has made the switch to 100 percent sustainably accredited sugar across its Australian non-alcoholic beverage portfolio. This is part of a global commitment by The Coca-Cola Company to source all priority... Read More
19 Feb 2019
--- US-based beverage start-up SZENT has secured an additional US$2.2 million round of financing as the brand enters its first full year in the drinks market. The company is hoping to reinvent the bottled water category, by... Read More
14 Feb 2019
--- Ingredion is strengthening its portfolio with the addition of single hydrocolloids which include gum acacia, cellulose gum and tara gum. The texturizers bring a greater breadth of ingredient functionality, including texture... Read More
11 Feb 2019
--- Coca-Cola is launching two new trademark flavors, Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. The new flavors will be released in the US on 25 February and are the first trademark flavor innovations the company... Read More
28 Jan 2019
--- Pepsi is launching a new nitrogen-infused soft drink called Nitro Pepsi, set to be available to consumers in two flavors, signature cola and vanilla. According to the company, Nitro Pepsi is creamier and smoother than... Read More
24 Jan 2019
--- The beverage market is changing; more and more consumers are looking for healthy thirst quenchers that are low in sugar and high on added functional value. In response to these market trends, Hamburg-based ingredients... Read More
09 Jan 2019
--- Sustainability, veganism and health are three macro trends that continue to dominate innovation in food and drink today. Treatt has uncovered how these macro trends will influence flavors and processes in the beverage... Read More
22 Nov 2018
--- The reduction of sugar in beverages remains high on the agenda for brands and suppliers across the globe with increased pressure from health lobbyists driving manufacturers to reduce sugar content across the board. While... Read More
15 Nov 2018
--- Givaudan has launched a new approach to sugar reduction that delivers “fully satisfying, reduced-sugar products without added sweeteners.” The approach seeks to combine the use of a new proprietary sensory... Read More
22 Oct 2018
--- Better Juice has developed innovative technology which converts sugars to fibers thereby reducing the load of simple sugars in orange juice. The patent-pending enzymatic technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert... Read More
03 Oct 2018
--- The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new vending machine concept in China where consumers can purchase beverages, as well as return and recycle used bottles and cans, marking the first concept equipment to combine beverage... Read More
05 Sep 2018
--- PepsiCo has announced ambitions to achieve 50 percent recycled plastic (rPET) in its bottles by 2030 across the European Union (EU), with an interim target of 45 percent by 2025. The move will see the multinational food,... Read More