soft drinks

30 Jun 2020
--- Kerry has officially released its Botanicals Collection Zero, a range of clean label, “premium” botanical extracts – containing 0 percent ethanol – designed specifically for the low- and no-alcohol... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- A new report published by the United Nations (UN) calls upon governments and other actors to undertake urgent measures to radically transform food systems, to ensure endemic food security and nutrition. This comes ahead of... Read More
23 Jun 2020
--- Tetra Pak has launched a “first-of-its-kind” low-energy processing line for juice, nectar and still drinks (JNSD) designed for raising efficiency in beverage processing. The system involves a unique combination... Read More
22 Jun 2020
--- PepsiCo is expanding its SodaStream brand into away-from-home channels with the introduction of SodaStream Professional, marketed as an eco-friendly hydration platform. Following a pilot, the mobile-enabled platform will... Read More
29 Apr 2020
--- A new strategic alliance pairing the strength of PepsiCo’s vast distribution network with Bang, one among the fastest-growing beverages in the energy drink category, has begun. PepsiCo and Vital Pharmaceuticals, the... Read More
23 Apr 2020
--- Producer of stevia ingredients PureCircle is now offering its proprietary NSF-02 stevia flavor solution directly to its customers. This PureCircle solution was previously distributed by a third party as a strategic option... Read More
08 Apr 2020
--- Today’s adventurous consumers are seeking exploration through eating experiences. In line with Innova Market Insights’ number seven trend for 2020, “Hello Hybrids,” highlights that they are highly... Read More
06 Apr 2020
--- Beverages that appeal to many of today’s consumers tick the boxes for adventure and sophistication. Adventurous consumers often seek experiences through taste, as well as those that support overall well-being.... Read More
12 Mar 2020
--- Expanding within the fast growing energy category, PepsiCo has entered into an agreement to acquire Rockstar Energy Beverages (“Rockstar”), a sugar-free and low sugar energy drink maker, for US$3.85 billion. The... Read More
11 Mar 2020
--- Countering off-notes is a prominent challenge faced by formulators working with bitter compounds, protein-enriched recipes and other special ingredients. Responding to this, Brazillian flavor house Duas Rodas has launched... Read More
27 Feb 2020
--- A team of technical experts is helping Coca-Cola North America launch “breakthrough beverages” in emerging categories – including kombuchas with less sugar, cultured ciders, keto-friendly smoothies and... Read More
24 Feb 2020
--- Consumers are seeking solutions to combat tiredness, improve digestion, support the immune system and recover from stressful days – and this requires innovative ingredients to meet these demands. That is according to... Read More
18 Feb 2020
--- Wine Water’s exclusive non-alcoholic beverages made from upcycled fruit are set to feature on the menus at high-end restaurants, hotels and bars to serve a growing British population of more prudent drinkers. As the... Read More
27 Jan 2020
--- Over the past ten to twenty years, the ripples of change in the global soft drinks market have risen to become “tidal waves of innovation, with new categories emerging constantly and genuine novelty flooding the... Read More
22 Jan 2020
--- Coca-Cola will not stop using plastic bottles completely, due to steady consumer preference. This is according to the company’s Head of Sustainability Bea Perez, who spoke during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in... Read More
15 Jan 2020
--- Ocean Spray Cranberries, the agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer families in the US, has launched Ocean Spray Brew, a first-of-its kind hybrid drink made with real fruit juice and cold brew coffee. Ocean... Read More
11 Dec 2019
--- US agricultural cooperative Ocean Spray has launched three new unsweetened juices to their PureFruit Juice portfolio along with redesigned packaging. The new products are to be distributed throughout US Walmart stores this... Read More
25 Nov 2019
--- Beverage consumers are looking to reduce their intake of artificial ingredients, sugar and calories, while also seeking functional benefits. This is according to Blair Bentham, OXIGEN Beverages’ CEO and Founder, who... Read More
20 Nov 2019
--- US lemon grower and flavor manufacturer Citromax has launched a new line of lemonade bases in three varieties: Lemon Lime Lemonade, Hibiscus Lemonade and White Peach Lemonade. In addition to being flavorful, Citromax... Read More
15 Nov 2019
--- The beverage space is booming with NPD, as consumers increasingly look for new flavors and the added benefits of functional ingredients. As the consumer palate expands, never has the beverage category been so blurred.... Read More