Soft Drinks

Ingredion’s new gum-based texturizers: Single hydrocolloids tap into sugar reduction and sensory trends

14 Feb 2019 --- Ingredion is strengthening its portfolio with the addition of single hydrocolloids which include gum acacia, cellulose gum and tara gum. The texturizers bring a greater breadth of ingredient functionality, including texture stability, emulsification and protein protection, according to the company. With Ingredion’s expertise in recipe formulation, the addition of gums seeks to aid manufacturers to market faster without compromising on mouthfeel.

Adventures in flavor: Coca-Cola launches two new orange vanilla-infused flavors in the US

11 Feb 2019 --- Coca-Cola is launching two new trademark flavors, Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. The new flavors will be released in the US on 25 February and are the first trademark flavor innovations the company has released in over ten years. The launch follows the introduction of new Diet Coke Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Guava and is proof that Coca-Cola is listening to what consumers want, says the company. The new flavors will be available in 12-oz. cans and 20-oz. PET bottles.

Pepsi to launch first-ever nitrogen-infused cola beverage

28 Jan 2019 --- Pepsi is launching a new nitrogen-infused soft drink called Nitro Pepsi, set to be available to consumers in two flavors, signature cola and vanilla. According to the company, Nitro Pepsi is creamier and smoother than regular Pepsi with a “velvety, cascading foam.” The new drink is the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola beverage, says Pepsi.

Bösch Boden Spies launches reduced sugar cranberry juice concentrate amid demand for low-sugar, functional beverages

24 Jan 2019 --- The beverage market is changing; more and more consumers are looking for healthy thirst quenchers that are low in sugar and high on added functional value. In response to these market trends, Hamburg-based ingredients specialist Bösch Boden Spies has added a new product to its range: Ocean Spray’s 50° Brix cranberry concentrate, which the company pegs as having numerous formulation advantages.  

2019 beverage trends: Bitter flavors, cold brew teas and probiotics are on the menu, says Treatt

09 Jan 2019 --- Sustainability, veganism and health are three macro trends that continue to dominate innovation in food and drink today. Treatt has uncovered how these macro trends will influence flavors and processes in the beverage category. The company has touted the trends that it believes are here to stay for 2019 and beyond, including cold brew teas and probiotic beverages, as consumers seek to support mental, physical and environmental health.

Food Matters Live: Treatt targets enhanced sweetness perception using odor and flavor components

22 Nov 2018 --- The reduction of sugar in beverages remains high on the agenda for brands and suppliers across the globe with increased pressure from health lobbyists driving manufacturers to reduce sugar content across the board. While sugar taxes that were implemented earlier this year continue to gain momentum in the UK, consumer appetite for highly sweetened products has continued to diminish and interest in low-calorie or naturally sweetened beverages has begun to take center stage. At Food Matters Live, held in London this week, Treatt presented sugar-reduced concepts in beverages, using odor and flavor components.

Givaudan: Untapped market exists for less sweet yet satisfying NPD

15 Nov 2018 --- Givaudan has launched a new approach to sugar reduction that delivers “fully satisfying, reduced-sugar products without added sweeteners.” The approach seeks to combine the use of a new proprietary sensory language, novel ingredients and an understanding of sweetness and satisfaction to deliver up to 50 percent reduction in sugar, while maintaining consumer preference. The sugar reduction challenge is about closing the gap and restoring the overall experience offered by “full sugar.” The move comes amid a more holistic approach from the leading supplier, as it increasingly looks beyond the concept of “flavor” alone towards a broader approach to overall “taste.”

Better Juice reduces sugars and maintains flavor with new enzymatic technology

22 Oct 2018 --- Better Juice has developed innovative technology which converts sugars to fibers thereby reducing the load of simple sugars in orange juice. The patent-pending enzymatic technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert monosaccharides and disaccharides (fructose, glucose, and sucrose) into prebiotic and other non-digestible fibers and sugars while keeping the juicy flavor of the beverage.

Welcome to the future? Coca-Cola China integrates retail, recycling and AI technology in vending machine 

03 Oct 2018 --- The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new vending machine concept in China where consumers can purchase beverages, as well as return and recycle used bottles and cans, marking the first concept equipment to combine beverage sales and packaging recycling by Coca-Cola China. The vending machine also uses AI technology such as facial recognition and sound interaction to provide an interactive experience to the consumers.

PepsiCo targets 50 percent rPET in plastic bottles across EU by 2030

05 Sep 2018 --- PepsiCo has announced ambitions to achieve 50 percent recycled plastic (rPET) in its bottles by 2030 across the European Union (EU), with an interim target of 45 percent by 2025. The move will see the multinational food, snack and beverage giant more than triple the amount of recycled plastic it uses, equating to over 50,000 tons of rPET.

Coca-Cola to acquire Costa for US$5.1 billion, gains major footprint in coffee

31 Aug 2018 --- The Coca-Cola Company has reached a definitive agreement to acquire UK headquartered coffee chain Costa Limited for £3.9 billion (approximately $5.1 billion). Costa was founded in London in 1971 and has grown to become a major coffee brand across the world. Operations include a leading brand, nearly 4,000 retail outlets with highly trained baristas, a coffee vending operation, for-home coffee formats and Costa’s state-of-the-art roastery.

Welch’s expands into wine industry: Niagara juice solution “will save wineries money”

20 Aug 2018 --- Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has embarked on a foray into the wine industry with the launch of a Niagara grape juice solution designed for a broad variety of different wine styles. According to the US ingredients supplier, the juice is perfect for fermentation and blending with wine made from more traditional wine grape varieties and even other fruits. 

PepsiCo strikes US$3.2bn deal to buy SodaStream

20 Aug 2018 --- PepsiCo is buying the manufacturer of home beverage carbonation systems, SodaStream, in a US$3.2bn deal, that demonstrates how the beverage and snacks group is focusing on a health-conscious strategy for growth. Just a few weeks after PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi announced that she is stepping down after 12 years in charge, the group has agreed to buy the Israel-based maker of home fizzy drinks dispensers which markets itself as a health and wellness alternative to sugary sodas.

Agrana Nile Fruits brings new beverage solutions to Middle East & African markets

10 Aug 2018 --- Agrana Nile Fruits has inaugurated a new production line for tailor-made beverage compounds, specifically targeting markets in the Middle East and North Africa. The joint project with Austria Juice, a sister company of the Agrana Group, is a successful endeavor of installing high-quality standards and the innovation drive from European markets to the region, according to the company.

South Africa to Spain: Appletiser wins over European market

31 Jul 2018 --- Appletiser, South Africa’s lightly sparkling, apple juice brand is taking off in Spain, with new market launches set to follow across Western Europe and the Americas. Coca-Cola initially sent out over 20,000 presentation kits to the Spanish market as an introduction. As hoped, customers fell for the flavor and now Appletiser is stocked by over 43,000 customers across the country.

Going beyond juices: “Our possibilities are endless,” says Austria Juice

30 Jul 2018 --- The awareness of health goes hand in hand with the demand for beverages containing fewer calories, according to Kai Oliver Antonius, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Austria Juice. 100 percent and 50 percent juices have experienced a decline in Europe and Antonius believes this is down to the fact that consumers are making choices directed towards water-based beverages while delivering a lower juice concentrate. The needs of the market can, therefore, be embedded into a new generation of juice flavors and the demand for natural ingredients enhances this.

The way of the Samurai: Ball collaborates with famous vegan chef for striking can design

30 Jul 2018 --- Ball has collaborated with Attila Hildmann Empire GmbH to produce complexly designed cans for its organic drink, Daisho. The central design element of the 25-centiliter Slim cans depicts a Samurai warrior with a pair of traditional swords called Daisho. To highlight the sophisticated design in the best possible way, the cans feature Ball’s popular HD printing technique. Produced at the Gelsenkirchen, Germany plant, the cans will be available at retail stores in Germany from July in three flavors: Litchi-Lime, Berry-Vanilla and Mango-Pineapple-Coconut.

Nestlé first half profits jump: Momentum in US and China, coffee and infant nutrition boost

26 Jul 2018 --- Swiss food giant Nestlé has reported a 19 percent jump in net profit to CHF5.8 billion (US$5.8 billion) in the first half of the year as markets in the US and China improve. Earnings per share have also increased by 21.4 percent to CHF 1.92 (US$1.94). Nestlé sales have been gathering momentum since the group switched its focus toward high growth areas including the US coffee sector following a deceleration in sales growth last year which was the slowest in more than two decades and the result of changing consumer trends.

Coca-Cola initiative at UK attractions: One plastic bottle for half price entry

26 Jul 2018 --- Consumers will be getting an extra rush on their next theme park trip – provided they bring along a used plastic bottle. Coca-Cola GB and Merlin, the UK’s largest visitor attraction operator, have partnered to roll out “reverse vending” machines at selected sites which will offer 50 percent off admission with the donation of one plastic bottle.

Britvic’s sugar-free strategy pays off as revenue rises

24 Jul 2018 --- British soft drink producer Britvic saw its third-quarter revenue increase by 3.4 percent boosted by sales of the company’s sugar-free and non-carbonated range. The company behind brands such as Robinson’s Fruit Shoot and Tango was also helped by the unusually warm weather experienced in Britain over the last couple of months. Revenue climbed as temperatures soared.