14 Sep 2023
--- The California State Assembly and Senate have passed a bill to ban the use of four harmful chemicals in processed foods and drinks. The bill – targeting red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and... Read More
25 Aug 2023
--- The food and beverage industry is grappling with waste, be it solid or liquid. Notably, food systems remain one of the key drivers of climate change and environmental degradation, according to the European Commission.... Read More
22 Aug 2023
--- Natural colors leader Oterra is set to launch its first sustainability strategy, which targets climate change and water scarcity. The company says its ESG agenda revolves around linking people and the planet through various... Read More
18 Aug 2023
--- GNT is targeting the Asia-Pacific market by showcasing its range of Exberry colors at Fi Asia Thailand 2023, in Bangkok next month (September 20-22). The company will demonstrate how its color portfolio made from edible... Read More
11 Aug 2023
--- In this week’s news, Scottish start-up Seaweed Enterprises plans to scale up operations to boost seaweed as an abundant ocean resource for nutritious food. Tyson Foods shuts more chicken plants in the US and Beyond... Read More
09 Aug 2023
--- Natural colors are becoming more popular as consumers look for products that are free from artificial and synthetic ingredients. However, natural colors also need to meet high quality, stability and sustainability standards.
23 Jun 2023
--- Upcoming EU legislation aims to further incentivize a circular economy for packaging, but leading suppliers are unconvinced by its increased focus on reusables, which studies have determined are less net eco-friendly than... Read More
15 Jun 2023
--- The UK government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a review of its Novel Foods Regulatory Framework as it targets opportunities to reform the process by which new foods are introduced to the British market.... Read More
31 May 2023
--- According to Innova Market Insights, when it comes to beverages, consumers are willing to pay more for what they value most, despite rising inflation. Additionally, consumers want brands that respond to their core values and... Read More
29 May 2023
--- Stora Enso reveals that the strength of food systems hinges on industry collaboration and an overhaul of the packaging industry. The company’s latest report provides a call to action for the food industry to play its... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Taste and texture remain crucial in encouraging shopper retention, and stabilizers and texturizers are important pieces to this puzzle. Addressing the challenges of price and supply fluctuations of key ingredients like... Read More
19 May 2023
--- Consumers are reaching for brighter and bolder chocolates as the category sees increasing segmentation and limited-edition innovation. “In the last five years, you see a lot of colors in chocolate,” observes Ad... Read More
17 May 2023
--- As consumers look toward healthy ways to indulge, producers are abandoning some ingredients and replacing them with plant and sugar-reduced options.
10 May 2023
--- International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has reported its Q1 financial results, disclosing a 6% decline in sales to US$3.02 billion. Growth in the supplier’s Food Design and Flavors division of its leading... Read More
04 May 2023
--- Exberry by GNT has developed a purely oil-based Coloring Food, enabling manufacturers to achieve vibrant orange shades in applications with low water content. Made from paprika seed oil and pulp, Exberry Shade Vivid Orange... Read More
06 Apr 2023
--- The confectionery sector will showcase future trends and innovations in chocolate, sweets and snacks during ISM and ProSweets (April 23-25). Industry players reveal that labeling and transparency on products origins,... Read More
07 Mar 2023
--- Chromologics, a Danish biotech company specializing in natural food colors, has closed an extended seed round. The company raised an additional €7.1 million (US$7.5 million), accelerating the commercialization of the... Read More
22 Feb 2023
--- Kerry has appointed Azelis and Caldic to streamline its distribution network across Europe. The partnership will extend the reach of Kerry’s portfolio, grow the customer base and deliver core technologies across the... Read More
11 Jan 2023
--- The color space has experienced a shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Color is being used to represent identity while social media drives innovation as consumers want vibrant, bright and eye-catching F&B.... Read More
16 Dec 2022
--- Univar B.V., a subsidiary of Univar Solutions Inc, has reached an exclusive agreement for Univar Solutions to distribute Kalsec’s natural taste & sensory, colors, and food protection ingredient solutions for savory... Read More