desserts & ice cream

25 Nov 2021
--- This Thanksgiving sees US consumers embrace category-bending NPD at all price points, from festive fast food offerings all the way through to gold-coated turkey. FoodIngredientsFirst also takes a closer look at the science... Read More
19 Nov 2021
--- Givaudan is catering to the market analysis needs of customers in the Nordic region with the opening of the Givaudan Nordic Experience Centre in Malmö, Sweden. The Swiss flavor house says the new facility “unlocks... Read More
10 Nov 2021
--- In its financial overview of fiscal year 2020/21 (ended August 31), Barry Callebaut Group has surpassed its pre-COVID-19 levels of 2018/19. With a 6.5% volume growth, the chocolate and cocoa giant business has evidently... Read More
04 Nov 2021
--- Barry Callebaut has unveiled a 100% dairy-free and plant-based chocolate solution for the sweet snacking category, Dairy-Free Compounds. This new product innovation joins Barry Callebaut’s North American Plantcraft... Read More
03 Nov 2021
--- After years of being hailed “queen of flavors,” vanilla is still going strong as a classic and versatile ingredient in categories spanning confectionery, bakery, beverages, desserts, ice cream and more. The... Read More
19 Oct 2021
--- Indulgence is continually top of mind for consumers who look toward confectionery and sweet bakery products for comfort. With the “guilt-free” indication trending in branding for some time now, solutions that... Read More
18 Oct 2021
--- The olfactory receptor that contributes decisively to this sensory impression was recently uncovered by researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich (LSB), in... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- IFF has introduced its latest solution for the dairy alternatives market. Vegedan WP 1800 is a customized, protein-free solution developed to cater to the growing consumer demand for plant-based whipping creams. The new... Read More
28 Sep 2021
--- Unilever’s ice cream factory in TaiCang, China, has joined the Lighthouse Network, the World Economic Forum’s community of manufacturing sites. Lighthouse sites adopt and deploy Fourth Industrial Revolution... Read More
30 Aug 2021
--- Consumers today demand more taste from their food, and in the ice cream category, there is a growing trend for new and exciting flavors, both sweet and savory varieties. Denmark-based Lactosan A/S speaks to... Read More
18 Aug 2021
--- Barry Callebaut’s newly introduced Indulgence Playbook is a testament to the premiumization of confectionery over the last year, which saw unique and blissful taste experiences pushed to the forefront of product... Read More
17 Aug 2021
--- On the back of rising demand for dairy alternatives, key players in the oat space are scaling production to keep pace with the forecasted growth. Among notable developments, Finnish ingredients supplier Raisio is... Read More
13 Aug 2021
--- With the exception of sugar reduction in soft drinks, the UK’s top ten food companies have made limited changes to the healthiness of their products in response to Public Health England’s (PHE) voluntary... Read More
20 Jul 2021
--- Israel’s prime minister has warned Unilever of “severe consequences” after its subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s has decided to stop selling ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Having... Read More
13 Jul 2021
--- Cargill is investing US$45 million to add soluble fibers to its European portfolio of starches, sweeteners and texturizers as demand for reduced-sugar products grows. Based on micro-reactor technology developed in... Read More
12 Jul 2021
--- Plant-based, non-dairy and reduced-sugar reformulation is reshaping the ice cream segment, with trending flavors and ingredient mashups shaking up NPD. FoodIngredientsFirst examines the most popular flavors and stand-out... Read More
14 Jun 2021
--- Scientists have developed a novel way to use plastic waste as a food industry resource by converting post-consumer PET into vanillin via a series of chemical reactions. The team from the University of Edinburgh, UK,... Read More
10 Jun 2021
--- NZMP is tapping into the booming demand for immune-supporting food and beverages with its soluble dairy bioactive lactoferrin. The iron-binding glycoprotein naturally found in milk contains antiviral, antibacterial,... Read More
20 May 2021
--- FrieslandCampina has unveiled its latest vegan concept for its whipping agents portfolio, Kievit Vana-Monte V98. The versatile whipping agent is a new solution for bakers, dessert and ice cream manufacturers, and responds to... Read More
12 May 2021
--- Parker Products, a company founded in 1926 by the creator of the “Drumstick” ice cream novelty, has highlighted three main trends shaping the dessert, ice cream and sweet categories. The company develops... Read More