desserts & ice cream

14 Jun 2021
--- Scientists have developed a novel way to use plastic waste as a food industry resource by converting post-consumer PET into vanillin via a series of chemical reactions. The team from the University of Edinburgh, UK,... Read More
10 Jun 2021
--- NZMP is tapping into the booming demand for immune-supporting food and beverages with its soluble dairy bioactive lactoferrin. The iron-binding glycoprotein naturally found in milk contains antiviral, antibacterial,... Read More
20 May 2021
--- FrieslandCampina has unveiled its latest vegan concept for its whipping agents portfolio, Kievit Vana-Monte V98. The versatile whipping agent is a new solution for bakers, dessert and ice cream manufacturers, and responds to... Read More
12 May 2021
--- Parker Products, a company founded in 1926 by the creator of the “Drumstick” ice cream novelty, has highlighted three main trends shaping the dessert, ice cream and sweet categories. The company develops... Read More
19 Apr 2021
--- The appeal of frozen foods for convenient and time-saving meals remains the primary driver of sales for this category throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this segment, meals-for-one and luxury-branded ready meals are... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- Cocoa beans and ingredients supplier Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) has reached its target of 100 percent child labor monitoring across its managed cocoa sustainability programs and 100 percent deforestation monitoring across... Read More
12 Apr 2021
--- Since the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers have been drawn to comfort foods. They are discovering that healthier reformulations of sweet treats are a way for them to indulge without the feelings of guilt that arise.... Read More
07 Apr 2021
--- In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are proactive in addressing health concerns. As a result, the ice cream sector is seeing a shift in demand for formulations with functional ingredients, Kerry reveals.
05 Apr 2021
--- Imbibe has launched Ingredients by Imbibe, a new platform that offers the company’s high-performing ingredients to external R&D teams. Imbibe’s ingredient portfolio includes The Senses, a suite of taste... Read More
01 Apr 2021
--- Chr. Hansen Holding and EQT have completed their deal with the global investment organization acquiring the Danish ingredient supplier’s Natural Colors division. The divestment follows the 2025 Strategy of Chr. Hansen... Read More
31 Mar 2021
--- Halo Top is expanding its line of ketogenic-friendly frozen desserts yet again with the launch of its on-the-go keto pops. Halo Top’s Keto Series was originally launched in 2020, with this latest addition signposting... Read More
08 Mar 2021
--- UK-based flavors producer Synergy Flavours is releasing an ingredient tipped as making significant fat and calorie reductions in baked goods, such as muffins, cookies and biscuits. The company says its... Read More
23 Feb 2021
--- The drive toward healthier food choices will remain robust in sweet treats throughout this year, as emphasized in Innova Market Insights’ latest report. Indulgent taste is essential to confectionery, sweet bakery, ice... Read More
12 Feb 2021
--- Consumers are snacking more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic and are increasingly looking for healthier options that feature simple, all-natural ingredients. According to Chaucer Foods, these trends are impacting the ice... Read More
04 Feb 2021
--- Unilever has released its 2020 financial results pinning overall underlying sales growth of 1.9 percent. There were gains for Food & Refreshment which edged up driven by Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Unilever’s... Read More
14 Jan 2021
--- Swedish ice cream brand Nick’s has landed US$30 million in funding to expand its production capacity, as well as its global reach with US and Germany at the core of its focus.“Our key focus is to continue our... Read More
10 Dec 2020
--- Social media increasingly has the power to make or break trends, and TikTok – the forum of choice for much of Generation Z to share short videos – is no exception. The company has released the top viral food... Read More
07 Dec 2020
--- Food Union’s Latvian brand Pols is offering two new products that combine the latest trends in ice-cream – flavor and color combinations, popular portion sizes and environmentally-friendly packaging. The brand... Read More
24 Nov 2020
--- Some of the largest food companies have joined forces to slam UK government proposals that could see online junk food ads – including products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) food – banned in Britain. Major... Read More
29 Oct 2020
--- The F&B industry is celebrating Halloween with seasonal, flavorful releases to urge consumers to enjoy the holiday, despite the looming COVID-19 threat. Major brands are reimagining flavors, giving them a... Read More