29 May 2023
--- Stora Enso reveals that the strength of food systems hinges on industry collaboration and an overhaul of the packaging industry. The company’s latest report provides a call to action for the food industry to play its... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Dutch food tech pioneer Meatable has reached an industry milestone in its history: its technology can now create cultivated pork products in just eight days. This is due to a “unique and superior differentiation... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Taste and texture remain crucial in encouraging shopper retention, and stabilizers and texturizers are important pieces to this puzzle. Addressing the challenges of price and supply fluctuations of key ingredients like... Read More
11 May 2023
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is preparing to receive the first commercial wave of EU requests for the market authorization of cell-based foods. The scientific authorities aren’t aware when they will... Read More
20 Apr 2023
--- Aleph Farms is launching its first product brand, Aleph Cuts. The Petit Steak, the world’s first cultivated steak grown from non-modified cells of a premium Angus cow is anticipated to launch in Singapore and Israel... Read More
19 Apr 2023
--- The British Alternative Proteins Association (APA) is calling on the UK government to proactively support the alternative protein industry after new research found a strong appetite among English consumers for plant-based... Read More
14 Apr 2023
--- Britain is injecting £12 million (US$15 million) into a specialized hub of innovation focused on cellular agriculture aimed at transforming food production, transitioning to an environmentally, economically and... Read More
13 Apr 2023
--- The ProVeg Incubator program, which supports start-ups working on plant-based, fermented and cultured food products, is welcoming twelve new start-ups from across the globe. The start-ups inducted into this year’s... Read More
10 Apr 2023
--- Alternative protein start-ups have been trimming their workforce amid uncertain economic conditions and global market downturns, along with their legacy counterparts from the food industry and beyond. However, the Good Food... Read More
06 Apr 2023
--- As food pioneers continue investigating the planet-conserving and health properties of new cell-based meat components, researchers at Tufts University in the US have managed to bulk-produce fat tissue that has a similar... Read More
31 Mar 2023
--- Paleo, a European food-tech company, claims it is considering legal action against Vow for passing the “mammoth meatball” as its own invention, insisting that the technology used to develop mammoth myoglobin was... Read More
30 Mar 2023
--- A cultured meatball containing the extinct mammoth's myoglobin protein demonstrates the potential power of cell-based meat and was specially developed “to make consumers think about where their food comes... Read More
29 Mar 2023
--- Italy is moving to ban the country’s food industry from producing cell-based foods in a bid to “protect culinary heritage.” The draft bill was approved by the Italian government and submitted to parliament... Read More
22 Mar 2023
--- The cultivated meat division of food technology company Eat Just, Inc, GOOD Meat, has received a “no questions” letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means it has cleared crucial safety... Read More
16 Mar 2023
--- With a pilot facility in Jersey City, US, Fork & Good plans to tap into the giant US$820 billion pork market with cell-based meat by cultivating muscle cells. The business explains that muscle cells are cheaper and... Read More
08 Mar 2023
--- The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is examining the terminology surrounding cultivated food as the industry edges closer to commercialization. The organization poses a question: “What would you call a... Read More
03 Mar 2023
--- This week has seen several developments in the cultivated meat space promising to drive scalability, considered one of the biggest roadblocks holding back mass production and commercialization of cell-based meat.
20 Feb 2023
--- Having broken ground on its new pilot facility in central London, Hoxton Farms, a start-up specializing in cultured animal fat, is making strides in changing the way in which animal fat is produced and consumed. Targeting... Read More
01 Feb 2023
--- Singapore has hit another cultivated meat milestone by approving Good Meat’s use of serum-free media to produce lab-grown chicken for human consumption. The Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) approval advances the... Read More
19 Jan 2023
--- Multus Biotechnology has announced the close of a Series A funding round which has ended with the start-up receiving US$9.5 million. Multus, which produces ingredients for affordable cellular agriculture scaleup, will use... Read More