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25 Jan 2023
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued draft guidance for the baby food industry regarding lead in processed foods intended for infants, babies and children under the age of two. The guidance is meant to... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- As war rages on in Ukraine, the FAO is ramping up funding to support the country’s food production and boost supply chains, including vital grain supplies. Farmland is also being cleared of dangerous mines and assessed... Read More
20 Jan 2023
--- The University of Reading is encouraging British consumers and food producers to switch to bread containing faba beans, citing the option as a healthier, more sustainable alternative to imported soya beans, which are... Read More
19 Jan 2023
--- Plant cell tech firm Ayana Bio is pledging US$3 million to accelerate cacao bioactive production using cellular cultivation, part of a strategy to boost efforts in curbing the many challenges plaguing the cacao industry,... Read More
19 Jan 2023
--- Researchers in the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have received a US$2.4 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture to create bioplastics from food waste. The “first-of-its-kind”... Read More
12 Jan 2023
--- After heavy rainfall struck California following an extended drought, there was widespread concern for the state’s almond farms, which provide almost 80% of the world’s almond supply.FoodIngredientsFirst talks to... Read More
05 Jan 2023
--- The European Commission has granted Novel Food status to FermentIQ MLL and PTP, two of mycelia protein producer MycoTechnology’s main ingredient products. They are produced using a patented mycelial fermentation... Read More
05 Jan 2023
--- Tire wear from cars may “end up on our plate” and have the potential to toxify some plants we consume, warn environmental geoscientists from the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Sciences (CMESS)... Read More
04 Jan 2023
--- A partnership between the EU and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will provide US$15.5 million to ensure and support Ukrainian food systems impacted by the ongoing war.The funding will... Read More
23 Dec 2022
--- In the contentious and turbulent world of sustainability efforts, the conventional palm oil industry is under pressure to adapt to an increasingly hostile political and literal environment. As a leading cause of... Read More
21 Dec 2022
--- In the wake of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, many consumers are beginning to feel the impact of war on the food chain. European shoppers are adapting their buying habits as they struggle with increasing prices and... Read More
20 Dec 2022
--- Holding a centuries-old tradition of agricultural innovation, eastern Galilee, Israel, is busy looking ahead at modern solutions to the problems faced by the food and beverage industry. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to... Read More
19 Dec 2022
--- Enzymes manufacturer Novozymes has agreed to buy Chr. Hansen to expand in the nutrition industry. The merger resulted in a US$12.3 billion deal, writing history as the largest Danish merger on record and will close by the... Read More
15 Dec 2022
--- BASF and StePac are partnering to develop environmentally sustainable packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. BASF is supplying StePac with its Ultramid Ccycled, a chemically recycled polyamide six, while StePac... Read More
14 Dec 2022
--- A new study to be published today in Environmental Health Perspectives, explores the relationship between pollination and healthy diets. Based in Boston, US, the researchers argue that inadequate pollination levels have... Read More
14 Dec 2022
--- Faced with a myriad of intertwined trends, preferences and macro influences, food brands will need to be flexible, forward-thinking, agile and fast-moving to continue to advance in the alternative protein sector. Industry... Read More
06 Dec 2022
--- As the food industry attempts to solve the modern problems of sustainable food production, leaders, manufacturers and scientists are turning toward an equally modern solution: AI. Within this field, Israel is proving to have... Read More
30 Nov 2022
--- Nutri-tech start-up Novella has leveraged proprietary technology to grow nutritious botanical ingredients while leaving the whole plant out of the equation. This comes amid a rising demand for natural botanicals accompanied... Read More
25 Nov 2022
--- At the Free From Functional Foods Expo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, earlier this week, Danish-based Økolyst showcased its biodynamic products, including its bone broth, an entirely Scandinavian product using... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- Plant-based, high protein, gluten-free, locally produced products without added preservatives focusing on health were overall trends spotlighted by industry members at the Free From Functional Foods expo in Amsterdam, the... Read More