fruit & vegetables

27 Mar 2020
--- The global coronavirus outbreak is causing significant disruption in the fresh produce supply chain and concerns around the potential contamination of unpacked foodstuffs when handled. This is according to reports by StePac,... Read More
25 Mar 2020
--- The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) have announced continued progress in the implementation of the agriculture-related provisions of the US-China Phase One Economic... Read More
19 Mar 2020
--- Aptar Food + Beverage has introduced its InvisiShield platform technology, an anti-pathogenic packaging solution for sealed containers, to the fresh produce sector. The technology releases a chlorine dioxide antimicrobial... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- Israel-based Sufresca has developed edible coatings that eliminate fresh produce plastic packaging entirely and reduce food loss and waste. The tailor-made edible formulations arrive with easily implemented application... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector is ramping up measures to ensure a continuous and diverse supply of fresh produce as demand spikes during the pandemic. However, the closure of border... Read More
17 Mar 2020
--- Impossible Foods has secured approximately US$500 million in its latest funding round. The company will use the funds in part to invest in fundamental research and innovation; accelerate its manufacturing scaleup; expand its... Read More
25 Feb 2020
--- Cargill is set to roll out a range of alternative meat products, entering the market as the latest challenger to notable players such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. The global food and agriculture giant has announced... Read More
19 Feb 2020
--- In a bid to get ahead of the grilling season, Incogmeato, the plant-based line that “masquarades as meat” from MorningStar Farms, the vegetarian division of the Kellogg Company, has unveiled new ready-to-cook... Read More
13 Feb 2020
--- Growth in the organic foods sector is propelled by a rising tide of health- and eco-conscious consumption. On the show floor of the ongoing Biofach 2020 (February 12 to 15), held in Nuremberg, Germany, FoodIngredientsFirst... Read More
12 Feb 2020
--- Major bioplastics players BASF and Novamont have both launched highly sustainable solutions for fresh-food packaging in two major compostable cling film breakthroughs. Tackling both plastic pollution and food waste... Read More
12 Feb 2020
--- Danone Manifesto Ventures is investing in French tech start-up Phenix to combat food waste and promote a circular economy. The move will expand the capabilities of Phenix’s consumer mobile app and its B2B reach in the... Read More
11 Feb 2020
--- Consumers expect food companies to invest in sustainability, pursue their ethical responsibilities and ensure the communities where they operate address poverty reduction, sustainable food security and societal well being,... Read More
10 Feb 2020
--- The new purple YOOM tomato has won the gold award at the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards (FLIA) 2020 in Berlin, Germany. It stands out as an innovation with its highly attractive purple color and its powerful sweet-sour... Read More
06 Feb 2020
--- The addition of fruits and vegetables to confectionery is adding an aura of health to indulgent delights. As consumers seek sweetness from naturally derived sources, ingredient suppliers are offering up solutions to... Read More
30 Jan 2020
--- Charles & Alice in partnership with Kerry Group is unveiling its “immune-boosting,” all-natural fruit pouches featuring licensed characters from popular children’s movies. The idea is to make snack-time... Read More
29 Jan 2020
--- EU-funded project Protein2Food is showcasing the final results of a five-year project that introduces new plant-based food and beverage prototypes developed toward accelerating “Europe’s protein... Read More
28 Jan 2020
--- Sales for Brown Oyster Cluster and King Oyster mushrooms have soared by almost 240 percent, because of their meat-like texture, UK retailer Tesco has revealed. They are also two of the key vegetables behind the... Read More
23 Jan 2020
--- The plant-based revolution is spreading quickly, yet research points to a lack in both funding and training for growers and processors of alternative proteins around the world. At this week’s 50th World Economic Forum... Read More
22 Jan 2020
--- Tyson Foods is creating the Coalition for Global Protein, a multi-stakeholder initiative to advance the future of alternative protein sources. The meat industry heavyweight is convening leaders from the global protein... Read More
16 Jan 2020
--- Advancements in food tech continue to bridge the gap between imitation meats and animal-based products. Valued at US$4.5 billion, Gathered Foods, plant-based seafood producer of the Good Catch brand, recently closed a Series... Read More