fruit & vegetables

17 Nov 2020
--- Industry heavyweights including AAK, FrieslandCampina, Harmless Harvest Thailand, Nestlé and Unilever have joined Barry Callebaut to sign the coconut industry’s first sustainable coconut charter.
16 Nov 2020
--- Moolec Science is piloting an emergent concept called molecular farming to bioengineer crops that produce biomolecules for food applications. The new hybrid concept combines plant-based and cell-based to develop a... Read More
10 Nov 2020
--- Bösch Boden Spies extends its product family with cacaofruit brand Cabosse Naturals. Barry Callebaut launched the cacaofruit brand at the end of last month, in tune with consumers’ increasing interest in... Read More
22 Oct 2020
--- By casting off traditional associations between cacao and indulgence, Barry Callebaut shows how cacaofruit can address health, sustainability and taste demands in an entirely novel category. The company’s latest brand,... Read More
22 Oct 2020
--- Researchers have developed a portable device that detects how much capsaicin a pepper contains with the help of a smartphone. Thailand-based researcher Warakorn Limbut and colleagues developed the device as a simple,... Read More
29 Sep 2020
--- Alternative proteins are pegged as the fastest-growing industry category, according to a roundtable of experts. FoodIngredientsFirst examines the contributing factors to the segment’s sharp rise in popularity, how meat... Read More
22 Sep 2020
--- “Big Food” businesses – established players in the protein market – are notably making fast moves into the dynamic arena for meat alternatives.
14 Sep 2020
--- Danes may perceive food that spoils faster as being more natural, according to a new sociological study by the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).
11 Sep 2020
--- The row over how to name plant-based products is heating up after European meat and dairy sector stakeholders have come together to criticize plant-based offerings that use meat and dairy terminology.
27 Aug 2020
--- Cambridge Commodities has launched two new additions to its popular ProEarth range of plant-based proteins: ProEarth Fava Bean 88 percent Protein and ProEarth Chickpea 70 percent Protein. The new ProEarth Fava Bean and... Read More
25 Aug 2020
--- US-based Cultiva has launched an elastic biofilm positioned to help growers protect crops from the effects of excessive water and heat, as well as from smoke damage caused by wildfires. The spray ingredient, called Parka,... Read More
20 Aug 2020
--- The need for healthier and sustainable food prevails. On this topic, FoodIngredientsFirst attended British Nutrition Foundation (BNF)’s webinar showcasing a variety of emergent alternative protein sources and food... Read More
19 Aug 2020
--- A new report by the Vegan Society outlines alternatives to commercial grazing for farmers and landowners who wish to explore more sustainable land management practices. The practical overview was created in to help the UK... Read More
19 Aug 2020
--- Unilever has teamed up with US-based tech company Orbital Insight to boost palm oil sourcing transparency. The collaboration is piloting technology that uses geolocation data to help identify and map the individual farms and... Read More
19 Aug 2020
--- Corbion has been granted a European patent for its fruit ferments containing natural organic acids and other flavor compounds. The fruit ferments can be used in a range of food applications, including bakery. They are... Read More
17 Aug 2020
--- New technology is tackling outbreaks of illness from bagged salads containing a parasite called Cyclospora cayetanensis. The new method has been developed and validated by the US Food and Administration (FDA) to sample for... Read More
11 Aug 2020
--- Crunchy dried vegetable ingredients and organic fruit and vegetable varieties are popular in today’s market. These pure, plant-based ingredients aid in boosting color vibrancy and flavor with a clean, single-ingredient... Read More
06 Aug 2020
--- A new discovery could lead to a more potent garlic that could boost flavor. A team of Virginia Tech researchers in the US have discovered a further step in the metabolic process that produces the enzyme allicin, which leads... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- Farmers are set to receive a growing number of requests to share data from governments and companies who are increasingly relying on data analysis for policymaking and strategy. This is underscored by RaboResearch, the... Read More
04 Aug 2020
--- The expanding demand for collagen alongside the global plant-based movement is prompting innovation surrounding vegan alternatives to this animal-derived protein. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to bio-design start-up Geltor... Read More