fruit & vegetables

18 May 2022
--- Cargill has planned to build a soybean processing facility in the US with an annual capacity of 62 million bushels to meet the domestic and global demand for oilseeds.
10 May 2022
--- Young adults who experienced food insecurity showed a higher risk of getting diabetes ten years later, a study conducted by Washington State University reveals. The relationship has previously been confirmed, but this study... Read More
09 May 2022
--- The severe weather and flooding in Australia have damaged the latest macadamia crop leading to a reduced forecast by the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), which expects a 10% decline.
09 May 2022
--- Researchers from the Australian-based University of Sydney and Curtin University have published a book featuring the main food production and consumption problems at global, industry and individual levels. “Food in a... Read More
05 May 2022
--- Children who followed vegetarian diets had similar growth and nutrition measures compared to those who eat meat, according to a Canadian study. However, vegetarian infants have two-fold higher odds of being underweight,... Read More
04 May 2022
--- As the war in Ukraine rages on, major Western companies are coming under increasing scrutiny for continuing business dealings with Russia despite the raising of sanctions and divestments by governments and industry... Read More
03 May 2022
--- While the rate of global deforestation slowed by 29% in a decade, the Earth’s tropical rainforests are still under threat from livestock grazing, particularly in South America, and cropland expansion for palm oil... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- Multivac is presenting a new compact and fully automatic traysealer for food, supermarkets and large kitchen applications at the ongoing Anuga FoodTec 2022 trade show in Cologne, Germany. Michael Wolters, a product... Read More
26 Apr 2022
--- Fruits and vegetables have long-held mainstay status in product development. Yet even still, new iterations of texturizing, flavoring and coloring solutions made from fresh harvests are steadily cropping up each year.... Read More
26 Apr 2022
--- Sokol has launched a range of better-for-you citrus-based sauces and dressings. The US company will include gluten, soy, nut, dairy and egg-free offerings.
15 Apr 2022
--- Estonian start-up The Naturist has introduced its hemp-based protein crumble The Crump, a replacement to ground beef. But, not limiting itself to just replacing meat, the company also wants to counter soy. Still, its team... Read More
12 Apr 2022
--- New Zealand-based Leaft Foods has scored US$15 million to accelerate the production of “beef-like” protein – rubisco – which is trapped in the cell walls of leaves. The company is now focusing its... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Edible coatings producer Apeel has partnered with Robinson Fresh – a division of C.H. Robinson, a global distributor of fresh products – to develop limes that have a longer shelf life with Apeel’s... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Food ingredient prices are predicted to continue rising globally throughout 2022, with many experts warning of knock-on consequences of famine, political turmoil, social unrest and economic recession. The Russian invasion of... Read More
05 Apr 2022
--- A new report from the UK-based University of the West of England highlights the importance of Local Food Partnerships (LFPs) as they pivot to respond to a national crisis.
28 Mar 2022
--- US-based biotech start-up Kingdom Supercultures says it is readying the launch of a library of natural microbial ingredients, making plant-based dairy products taste “practically indistinguishable” from... Read More
24 Mar 2022
--- Two grape cultivars, Sugrafiftytwo and Sugrasixty, have entered the market thanks to a 13-year collaboration between Cornell AgriTech and Sun World International, a fruit genetics and licensing company. The grapes are touted... Read More
14 Mar 2022
--- Israeli-Dutch venture, Future Crops has developed advanced vertical farming from cutting-edge technology that uses a unique soil-like substrate to better reproduce the natural environment. The high-tech farm grows fresh,... Read More
08 Mar 2022
--- US-based natural foods broker Presence has unveiled a “spectacular shift” in wellness trends as consumers actively prioritize purpose-driven F&B and supplement products. The broker’s latest trend... Read More
03 Mar 2022
--- A project to turn food waste from industry excess into profit has netted a US$7.4 million budget boost. Waste2Func has been awarded the grant to create a platform for converting mixed refuse into bioplastics and... Read More