tech & innovation

04 Apr 2024
--- Steakholder Foods has rolled out two 3D-printed meat blends, SHMeat and SHFish, in the US for formulating plant-based fish and steak alternatives after receiving the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for all the... Read More
02 Apr 2024
--- Biotech start-up PoLoPo has unveiled the SuperAA platform — a molecular farming system that uses metabolic engineering techniques to formulate proteins in common plant crops. The method is currently deployed in... Read More
29 Mar 2024
--- Alt-protein start-up Aqua Cultured Foods and Ginkgo Bioworks have partnered to optimize an innovative fermentation technology that elevates the quality of “fish-free” seafood to authentically replicate the look,... Read More
28 Mar 2024
--- Fats and oils find a plethora of applications in the F&B industry — from frying and dressings to providing texture to bakery and confectionery. However, unstable supply chains and climate changes are driving... Read More
28 Mar 2024
--- Indian food ingredient company Supplant Foods has received a patent for its novel chickpea processing technology that formulates chickpea flour with enhanced protein functionality using precision fermentation techniques. The... Read More
25 Mar 2024
--- Health and nutrition leader dsm-firmenich is piloting a poultry farming data platform with agricultural cooperative Agrifirm to drive more responsible and transparent production. The Poultry Next platform enables improved... Read More
22 Mar 2024
--- Krones subsidiary Milkron is presenting its new proprietary membrane filtration systems at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany. The membrane filtration systems are designed to cater to various applications, from traditional... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- At the ongoing Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne, Germany, Food Ingredients First speaks to Tatjana Krampitz, head of new food technology management at GEA, about the company’s innovative perfusion technology and how it... Read More
18 Mar 2024
--- Cargill is pioneering wind-assisted propulsion (WAP) technology on ocean vessels to cut fossil fuels and support decarbonization efforts with renewable energy. The global food corporation recently completed a six-month test... Read More
14 Mar 2024
--- EU-backed food innovation community EIT Food and Foodvalley have unveiled a €30 million (US$32.8 million) Regenerative Innovation Portfolio to leverage regenerative agriculture’s potential in Europe.
12 Mar 2024
--- Scientists in Canada have used cold plasma techniques to target fungal mycotoxins and reduce contamination in wheat and barley grains for enhancing food safety and reducing agricultural product losses associated with it. The... Read More
06 Mar 2024
--- Kerry has unveiled a novel enzyme solution for rye bread in Europe that it claims can improve dough processability, leading to an increased bread volume by up to 24% and crumb softness by 55%. It is also expected to ease the... Read More
08 Feb 2024
--- Vanilla Vida is championing the use of smart greenhouses to produce vanilla with more beneficial compounds, higher yields and shortened growth times, while sheltering these crops from erratic weather conditions. Food... Read More
08 Feb 2024
--- The culinary world is witnessing an increasing amount of AI-powered kitchen appliances, signaling a future where cooking may no longer be an entirely human task. This transformation is part of the broader trend toward smart... Read More
01 Feb 2024
--- The recently concluded ISM & ProSweets event spotlighted advancements in industrial-scale manufacturing for indulgent sweet snacking. Notable highlights included machinery advancements in universal dosing systems for... Read More
31 Jan 2024
--- The dual-hosted ISM & ProSweets trade fairs are hosting leading solutions providers in the snacks and sweets space, who are exhibiting the latest advancements in industrial scale equipment for customized food packaging... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- Danish company Too Good To Go has unveiled an AI-powered solution that helps supermarkets verify the expiry date of food products and reduce the number of expired products on shelves. The digitized process is pegged as... Read More
22 Jan 2024
--- The sweets and snacks industry will convene at the co-staged global trade fairs ISM and ProSweets hosted in Cologne, Germany, from January 28–31. Ahead of the international event, Food Ingredients First offers a sneak... Read More
16 Jan 2024
--- Tetra Pak has entered a collaboration with Absolicon, a Swedish solar thermal company, to offer a standardized solution for industrial equipment powered by renewable thermal energy. Due to the performance and scalability of... Read More
03 Jan 2024
--- Lactalis and renewable heat supplier Newheat have joined forces to open “the largest solar thermal power plant in France,” which is expected to provide heat to Lactalis’ dairy factory for the next 25 years.... Read More