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18 Jun 2021
--- Kerry Group has agreed to sell its Consumer Foods’ Meats and Meals business in the UK and Ireland to Pilgrim’s Pride for a cash consideration of €819 million (US$976 million). The transaction is expected to... Read More
17 Jun 2021
--- The Good Food Institute (GFI) Brazil is spearheading The Biomas Project, a program to fund exploratory research for transforming plant species native to the Amazon and Cerrado biomes into food ingredients that the... Read More
16 Jun 2021
--- Protein Industries Canada has launched a project with New School Foods and Liven Proteins to develop plant-based seafood products. A total of CA$1.9 million (US$1.558 million) has been committed to the project, with Protein... Read More
14 Jun 2021
--- After months of anticipation, Nestlé’s Vegan KitKat is finally hitting shelves in selected markets, including the UK, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The vegan version of the iconic chocolate wafer treat... Read More
10 Jun 2021
--- Loryma has developed a wheat-based vegan minced meat concept that boasts a comparable protein content to the original animal product, while comprising less fat, fewer saturated fatty acids and additional dietary fiber.The... Read More
10 Jun 2021
--- Swiss Bühler Group and machine and plant manufacturer Hosokawa Alpine Group from Germany have entered a strategic partnership to scale the production of sustainable plant protein solutions based on pulses. As an expert... Read More
09 Jun 2021
--- Cell-cultured seafood pioneer Finless Foods has expanded its product portfolio to include a new plant-based tuna offering. The company aims to make its plant-based tuna widely available to consumers by 2022, via restaurants... Read More
08 Jun 2021
--- Seven winning projects are set to accelerate innovation in the aquaculture sector following selection in EIT’s Food’s sustainable aquaculture competition. They focus on topics including optimizing the shelf life... Read More
07 Jun 2021
--- Plant-based innovation is skyrocketing as the appetite for alt-meat and dairy alternatives continue to rise. That’s why food scientists are focusing on ways to create healthier, better-tasting and more sustainable... Read More
07 Jun 2021
--- Over 60 percent of consumers have increased their focus on food safety following the outbreak of COVID-19, according to research conducted by Kerry. In light of World Food Safety Day today, Kerry has also revealed that... Read More
04 Jun 2021
--- As the cultivated meat race begins to gain traction across markets globally, various countries are either using existing novel food regulations or developing new ones to assess these new products. To bolster the cultivated... Read More
04 Jun 2021
--- The Protein Brewery, a Dutch developer of fermentation-based protein, has built a pilot plant equipped with a complete industry line at its premises in Breda, the Netherlands. The company’s hero product is Fermotein, a... Read More
03 Jun 2021
--- Essentia Protein Solutions introduces its newest addition to its multi-species ProFlavor line, C3307 Chicken Flavor. Higher in protein, lower in carbs and with no added salt, Essentia says this savory chicken flavor is... Read More
02 Jun 2021
--- With commercial pathways opening up following a recent regulatory approval in the EU, mealworm proteins are growingly recognized as a source for highly sustainable and quality protein. And now, according to new research by... Read More
01 Jun 2021
--- More consumers in the Netherlands intend to reduce their meat intake, with ever more vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. However, data from Wageningen Economic Research in the Netherlands shows that meat intake has... Read More
31 May 2021
--- Many regions across the globe are currently experiencing either high cattle livestock prices or high beef prices. While there are some common factors, such as strong demand from China, local drivers are arguably more... Read More
28 May 2021
--- Food-tech start-up ChickP Protein is expanding into Asia-Pacific with the launch of a new office in Singapore. The strategic move is in response to the rapidly growing demand for plant-based products in the region. ChickP... Read More
27 May 2021
--- Unilever is partnering with food-tech company Enough (formerly 3F BIO) to bolster its plant-based strategy by tapping into technology that uses a zero-waste fermentation process to grow a high-quality protein. Natural fungi... Read More
26 May 2021
--- Pennakem Europa, the developer of EcoXtract, a bio-based solvent for the extraction of oils, proteins and natural ingredients, has been awarded an EU grant to develop EcoXtract for the global oilseeds processing sector. This... Read More
20 May 2021
--- Plant-based foods innovator Sweet Earth Foods plans to launch its first-ever Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs and the reformulation of the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0. The Nestlé-owned company says this comes just ahead of... Read More