meat, fish & eggs

10 Aug 2022
--- Consumers are reacting to food inflation by making value choices like opting for value-packed products, discounts on offerings with marked-down prices and moving away from luxury brands to cheaper in-house brands. The... Read More
09 Aug 2022
--- With Sri Lanka on the verge of economic collapse, organizations are issuing warnings over malnutrition fears across the country, as inflation levels reach record highs. Simultaneously, flooding across Bangladesh has ignited... Read More
08 Aug 2022
--- 70/30 Food Tech, a Shanghai-based alternative protein firm, is introducing ready meal items based on its in-house biomass fermented protein. This protein is a meat substitute based on mycelium, which has the texture and... Read More
02 Aug 2022
--- New research by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute has quantified the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) associated with... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- Morrisons is opening a “lower environmental impact store” in Little Clacton, UK. The store will use 43% less carbon, stock 366 loose products and be almost waste-free by using less packaging and enabling... Read More
26 Jul 2022
--- Wild Atlantic salmon stocks have dropped to the lowest levels on record and are nearing crisis proportions, the latest stock assessment by the Environment Agency (EA) reports. If urgent action is not undertaken, salmon... Read More
22 Jul 2022
--- As the availability of omega 3 fatty acids appear to be threatened by declining and static fish populations and climate change, Xiaozao Technology aims to utilize a new platform to produce and process microalgae for... Read More
14 Jul 2022
--- MeaTech 3D, an international food tech company, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Umami Meats for the joint development of 3D-printed cultured structured seafood.
06 Jul 2022
--- Brazilian food giant, BRF Sadia has inaugurated its new “Al Joody” plant in Saudi Arabia after acquiring it in 2021 and investing US$18 million in it, increasing the company’s food production capacity to... Read More
28 Jun 2022
--- WaSeaBi, a project funded by the European Union (EU) has developed sorting technology capable of precisely separating herring into all cuts, significantly increasing the quality of the off-cuts which retains much of its... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- The European Fisheries Committee has approved financial support for fisheries in the aquaculture sector to respond to shortages incurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The financial aid will help fisheries that can... Read More
14 Jun 2022
--- The Global Investor Engagement on Meat Sourcing coalition has homed in on six fast food companies to de-risk their meat and dairy supply chains by setting targets to reduce their GHG emissions and water use following a... Read More
13 Jun 2022
--- According to the latest beef report by Rabobank, companies are taking steps to meet their emissions reduction goals; however, with consumers already paying more for beef, the bank questions whether the market will be able to... Read More
13 Jun 2022
--- With a large part of the world in the throes of food insecurity, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has urged member countries to pool trade agreements and fishing subsidies to help the international community recover and... Read More
07 Jun 2022
--- Global precision farming has seen bullish growth recently driven by a demand for efficiency, traceability and improved animal welfare as food companies try to meet the need to provide quality animal protein to an expanding... Read More
27 May 2022
--- The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has rolled out a package of initiatives, which include strengthening rules and enforcement against anticompetitive practices to “make food prices fairer”. The government... Read More
27 May 2022
--- Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn – who entered a proxy fight with McDonald’s board to boost animal welfare standards for pregnant pigs confined in small crates – has been defeated in a majority... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Malaysia has halted its chicken exports in an effort to safeguard its domestic supply, which leaves Singaporeans struggling to find chicken as authorities suggest the public opt for frozen poultry alternatives.
18 May 2022
--- US-based climate-forward food company Do Good Foods is curbing food waste through upcycling surplus food from supermarkets for use in its chicken products. Taking the cause to the masses, the company has launched its product... Read More
16 May 2022
--- The egg industry has suffered significant disruption recently, leading to dramatic price increases globally. Jacques Georis, global R&D director for Enzymes & Fermentation at Kerry, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst... Read More