meat, fish & eggs

24 Apr 2019
--- Beyond Meat, the highly innovative Californian innovator behind the plant-based alternative burger, has announced the launch of its initial public offering (IPO) of 8,750,000 shares of common stock. The company is looking to... Read More
09 Apr 2019
--- A new research initiative is offering US$4 million in funding for research into the development and commercialization of automated monitoring tools that quantitatively assess key animal welfare indicators in broiler... Read More
28 Mar 2019
--- Dutch-headquartered meat processing giant Vion is seriously considering strengthening its position in vegetarian offerings. Vion already has a subsidiary in Germany which produces and sells dozens of vegetarian products... Read More
18 Mar 2019
--- Tyson Fresh Meats, the beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods, Inc. has joined forces with IdentiGEN to use DNA technology to trace beef back to the individual animal of origin. The DNA TraceBack system is a tool to trace... Read More
08 Mar 2019
--- One in four consumers in the US and UK believes that vegetarian products should not be allowed to have meat-related names like sausage or burger, a survey has found. Specialist PR agency Ingredient Communications... Read More
08 Mar 2019
--- Ingredion has launched a new certified-organic addition to its line of plant-based proteins for the US and Canada. VITESSENCE Pulse 1803 organic pea protein isolate provides “key formulation functionality while helping... Read More
05 Mar 2019
--- The row over whether chlorine-washed chicken from the US should be allowed to enter the UK post-Brexit has been reignited after the US ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson, wrote about the negotiation of a future trade deal... Read More
01 Mar 2019
--- With less than one month to go before the UK crashes out of the EU and the food industry is repeatedly urging the British Government to avoid a no-deal because of its “devastating impacts.” This time it’s a... Read More
27 Feb 2019
--- Trends towards healthy eating, “surfing” on new trends and hybrid meat products are among the key drivers for significantly accelerated traction within the European insect protein space. Increasing research and... Read More
25 Feb 2019
--- Mane is accelerating its expertise in vegetable juice development in partnership with Agrival in Brittany, France, a company specialized in vegetable processing. Located at the center of the vegetable growing area, the... Read More
21 Feb 2019
--- A widely-publicized comparison of the greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by lab-grown and farm-raised beef suggests that the benefits of reducing methane, resulting from cattle, could in the long term be outweighed by increased... Read More
15 Feb 2019
--- In the run-up to Brexit, Campden BRI has launched an information service to help the food industry deal with issues relating to the UK’s exit from the EU. In business news, Barry Callebaut placed its first... Read More
12 Feb 2019
--- Lobby groups are calling for an end to overfishing in the North East Atlantic following the publication of an overfishing league table listing the worst offending EU countries. This is part of a new report uncovering the... Read More
12 Feb 2019
--- Creating cell cultured meat with a fat-like mouthfeel could be much closer than previously thought with Spanish-based start-up Cubiq Foods being the first European producer of cell-based fat for a healthy and sustainable... Read More
11 Feb 2019
--- Stabilizers innovator Hydrosol has developed a new casing solution based on alginate for various sausages, whether meat or plant-based. SmartCasings, which are suitable for hot dog, currywurst or salami stick, are presented... Read More
11 Feb 2019
--- Researchers have been examining how widespread fish mislabeling is in Canada and what the country needs to do to combat food fraud. Canada has an issue with fish mislabeling, but those problems persist throughout the supply... Read More
07 Feb 2019
--- US plant-based foods company JUST Inc. (JUST) is collaborating with German poultry business PHW Group (PHW) to accelerate the adoption of its plant-based egg substitute (marketed in the US as “JUST Egg”) to... Read More
25 Jan 2019
--- UK supermarket Tesco is making headlines after it announced two vegetarian versions of the famous Scottish haggis. The announcement came just days before this evening’s Burns Night celebrations, an annual celebration... Read More
09 Jan 2019
--- A ban of halal and kosher slaughter methods, which see animals killed without being stunned first, has come into effect in the Flanders regions of Belgium. Animals must now be stunned before their throats are cut in... Read More
03 Jan 2019
--- Beyond Meat is partnering with Carl’s Jr. to launch a plant-based burger, The Beyond Famous Star, to keep pace with the growing appetite for flexitarian food. Hailed as “a first-of-its-kind” flexitarian... Read More