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23 Sep 2021
--- Considered one of the world’s most prominent and influential climate activists, Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio has invested an undisclosed sum in cultivated meat start-ups Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms. He’s... Read More
22 Sep 2021
--- Resveratrol taken from Japanese knotweed holds potential for replacing the nitrite preservative in cured meats such as bacon and sausages, according to a new UK study. Clean label alternatives are in high demand as... Read More
22 Sep 2021
--- Eight start-ups, from Japan to Estonia to Israel, have joined the ProVeg Incubator in a cohort with a narrowed focus on emerging food technologies and unique ingredients for the alternative-protein sector.
21 Sep 2021
--- Research published by the Blue Food Assessment (BFA) – an initiative spearheaded by more than 100 researchers from over 25 scientific institutions – ranks seafood more highly than terrestrial animal proteins in... Read More
21 Sep 2021
--- Nestlé Professional USA is partnering with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to bring more climate-friendly meals to consumers in foodservice settings. Cool Food Meals menu certification provides consumers a quick... Read More
16 Sep 2021
--- Food-tech company Enough (formerly 3F BIO) has broken new ground on the construction of its “first of its kind” protein factory, targeted as the world’s largest non-animal protein farm to be built in 2022.... Read More
15 Sep 2021
--- Givaudan, Bühler and Migros Industrie have joined forces to accelerate the development and market penetration of new cell-based meat products. To help grow start-ups in the field, the industry titans have formed a new... Read More
14 Sep 2021
--- The advent of industry’s cell-based renaissance is being signaled by early movers in the space, particularly in Europe. Frozen food giant Nomad Foods has linked up with cultured seafood player BlueNalu to zero in on... Read More
09 Sep 2021
--- Tyson Foods has hit back at the US government after the administration raised concerns about rising meat prices while pledging to scrutinize meat processors amid “dramatic consolidation of the industry.” An... Read More
08 Sep 2021
--- The Meatless Farm’s pea, rice and soy-based plant-based meat alternatives (PBMAs) have been linked with promoting positive changes in the gut microbiome. This is according to an independent UK study that has challenged... Read More
07 Sep 2021
--- Indian start-up Proeon has raised US$2.4 million in seed capital for scaling new plant proteins sourced from amaranth, mung bean and Indian chickpea. The sustainable food ingredients company will set up a research lab in the... Read More
06 Sep 2021
--- Two separate cases of “atypical” bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) – or mad cow disease – were discovered in Brazil, prompting one of the world’s largest meat exporters to suspend its beef... Read More
03 Sep 2021
--- British farmers and food producers are set to benefit from access to a valuable new market, as Mexico has opened its doors to British pork for the first time. British exporters can now tap into this brand-new market, which... Read More
03 Sep 2021
--- Plantible Foods recently closed a US$21.5 million in funding for its vertically integrated agricultural platform, which produces Rubi Protein from lemna – more commonly known as duckweed or water lentils. Speaking to... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- TMI Foods – a Dawn Farms company and UK supplier of fully-cooked bacon and Pigs In Blankets – has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with smoke and grill flavor supplier Besmoke to infuse its products with a... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- Franklin Farms, a division of Keystone Natural Holdings, is adding to its plant-based portfolio with a new line of chickpea tofu products. The offerings are soy-free, GMO-free, low-fat and allergen-free, giving consumers... Read More
01 Sep 2021
--- Europe’s livestock sector has hit back at a rising tide of vegan activism, which has spurred the launch of the international Plant Based Treaty and a protest blockade of Arla’s key milk factory in England that... Read More
01 Sep 2021
--- Eat Just, Inc. is joining forces with Doha Venture Capital (DVC) and Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) to build the first-ever cultivated meat facility in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region. Regulatory... Read More
31 Aug 2021
--- Swiss technology group Bühler and the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) have strengthened their partnership with the inauguration of a technology center designed to develop extruded meat substitutes.
27 Aug 2021
--- The genesis of the cell-based protein renaissance is met with the question of what will be left of conventional agriculture in the coming decades once the movement fully takes off. But while cultured meat is anticipated to... Read More