meat, fish & eggs

02 Dec 2022
--- Insect-consumption advocate Woven has scored a crucial win in its fight to have insect protein recognized as a part of the human food chain. After various post-Brexit woes, Woven’s lobbying to UK Parliament to accept... Read More
01 Dec 2022
--- ImpacFat introduces its new fish oil alternative today at Singapore’s Big Idea Ventures Demo Day showcase. This process involves removing stem cells from the fat tissue of edible fish species and then expanding them in... Read More
30 Nov 2022
--- The UK poultry industry is growing increasingly concerned over a worsening turkey shortage linked to the escalating spread of bird flu. Now, over half of the country’s free range turkeys have been culled or died,... Read More
25 Nov 2022
--- At the Free From Functional Foods Expo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, earlier this week, Danish-based Økolyst showcased its biodynamic products, including its bone broth, an entirely Scandinavian product using... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- According to a new study on taste perceptions, ground chicken bone mass improves the taste and overall quality of chicken nuggets and meatballs. More than two-thirds of test subjects chose chicken nuggets and meatballs with... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- Researchers are developing the unique aroma of salmon using plants to support the development of alternative sustainable seafood products. The work, led by Dr. Rosenvald, head of protein research, sensomics and meat... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- Food shelf life extension specialist Kemin Food Technologies has developed a nitrite alternative for use in the first stage of emulsified cooked sausages. Rubinite GC Dry, a label-friendly ingredient offering food safety... Read More
18 Nov 2022
--- A gold rush of affluent consumers toward champagne is draining stocks of high-end bottles. Meanwhile, even during a year of inflationary pressures, other luxury foods, such as caviar, are seeing firm-up demand. Signs are... Read More
17 Nov 2022
--- UK prices of staple foods such as milk, oil, eggs, pasta and cheese have surged on a month-to-month basis since October 2021 and are now at their most expensive, with no clear indication of when the price surge will abate or... Read More
11 Nov 2022
--- KFC has landed in some hot oil after its app released a message advertising its cheesy chicken during a World War II commemorative day. The fast food chain has issued responses to the public condemnation of its... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Agri-cooperatives and European farmers’ are fearful that the “scandalous and dangerous” Mercosur trade agreement with the EU could be brought back to the negotiating table following the election of Lula Da... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- China is ramping up its strategic release of pork reserves, as prices for the meat appear to have hit a peak after a momentous price run that has led the commodity to almost double on a year-on-year basis. Meanwhile,... Read More
04 Nov 2022
--- The US government is strengthening its crackdown on combatting corporate concentration in the meat sector, with a US$375 million cash injection. In the first round of investments, authorities will put US$73 million on the... Read More
26 Oct 2022
--- Leveraging its patented organoid technology to make nature identical, cultured eel meat at cost parity, start-up Forsea Foods has hooked US$5.2 million toward its catch-free product. Though the eel has become an endangered... Read More
24 Oct 2022
--- Calysseo – a joint venture between animal nutrition company Adisseo and protein innovator Calysta – is unveiling the “world’s first” industrial-scale facility for FeedKind, a protein ingredient... Read More
19 Oct 2022
--- After an excellent year for meat exports from North and South America, industry might be facing a delayed reality that has already disrupted other commodities – inflation. Some meat exporters have seen record sales so... Read More
18 Oct 2022
--- New research has uncovered consumer expectations around ecolabel certifications linked to seafood consumption. The results show a mixed bag of understanding of precisely what the eco label means. For instance, 62% of... Read More
17 Oct 2022
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is gathering feedback from academics and the general public on the evaluation of nitrites and nitrosamines in food and the potential danger. According to the health body, some... Read More
17 Oct 2022
--- As sustainability becomes increasingly embedded into F&B operations, manufacturers and brands are moving toward carbon zero targets, reducing greenhouse gasses (GHG) and implementing best practices into businesses more... Read More
17 Oct 2022
--- Spanish seafood multinational Nueva Pescanova is investing a reported US$63 million to build the world’s first industrial-scale octopus farm in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, next year amid rising octopus... Read More