meat, fish & eggs

02 Jul 2020
--- Stakeholders of the traditional meat sector have banded together under a campaign to help counter what is deemed “misinformation” about the role of red meat in the diet. Over the last 12 months, the coalition has... Read More
01 Jul 2020
--- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (N&B) has launched a new eco-centric brand designed for the co-creation of plant-based beverages, dairy alternatives, meat, fish and seafood – Danisco Planit. Meat shortages... Read More
30 Jun 2020
--- As industry grapples with financial volatility throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, alternative proteins are gaining ground in the Asian market amid an influx of investment in the plant-based and cellular agriculture... Read More
26 Jun 2020
--- UK supermarket chain Waitrose & Partners is addressing concerns surrounding the potential of US-produced chlorinated chicken being stocked on British shelves following Brexit and the subsequent UK-US trade deal.... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- A new report published by the United Nations (UN) calls upon governments and other actors to undertake urgent measures to radically transform food systems, to ensure endemic food security and nutrition. This comes ahead of... Read More
24 Jun 2020
--- The value of Eat Beyond Global Holdings’ recent investment in The Very Good Food Company (VGF), has ballooned more than 800 percent following VGF’s stock market launch. Eat Beyond is the first fund in Canada... Read More
24 Jun 2020
--- PLT Health Solutions and its manufacturing and tech partner Nutriati are introducing Artesa Textured Pulse Protein. The new ingredient, based on Artesa Chickpea technology, is pegged by the company as a... Read More
19 Jun 2020
--- France has adopted a new act with aims of elevating the transparency of information among agricultural and food products. For stakeholders of the plant-based food sector, led by the umbrella organization European Vegetarian... Read More
16 Jun 2020
--- As part of World Meat Free Week (June 15-21), Quorn commissioned a new piece of research across 1,500 British participants which revealed the prevalence of couples and families secretly cooking a meat-free meal without... Read More
08 Jun 2020
--- Amid the sweeping quarantine lockdowns that have clamped down on out-of-home purchases, meat alternatives heavyweight Impossible Foods has launched a new e-commerce site for its US consumers to purchase family-size... Read More
08 Jun 2020
--- Eggs that would otherwise be wasted can be used as the base of an inexpensive coating to protect fruits and vegetables, according to Rice University researchers in Houston, Texas, US. Researchers found when the micron-thick... Read More
04 Jun 2020
--- Farmer sentiment in relation to the pandemic improved slightly in May after falling sharply in both March and April, according to the Ag Economy Barometer launched by Purdue University and agriculture commodities marketplace... Read More
02 Jun 2020
--- Five percent of chicken on UK supermarket shelves now meets the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) with approximately 30 million birds per year, according to the science-based chicken welfare policy. BCC is a set of criteria... Read More
19 May 2020
--- While developing biodegradable food packaging from upcycled cheese whey and almond shells, EU-funded project YPACK has found that integrating zinc oxide and oregano essential oil helps the bio-papers protect against... Read More
18 May 2020
--- India’s burgeoning market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is “highly promising,” according to vegetable oils and fats supplier AAK. AAK Kamani, the company’s majority-owned Indian joint... Read More
13 May 2020
--- US-based sustainable foods manufacturer Just is entering into a partnership with Emsland Group to expand its protein processing capacity. The collaboration will provide the scale needed to meet increasing worldwide demand... Read More
11 May 2020
--- The plant protein category is growing faster than dairy protein as consumers increasingly adopt a flexitarian approach to their diet for health and sustainability reasons. That is according to Mindy Leveille, Strategic... Read More
07 May 2020
--- A new project designed to strengthen the development of insect-based food products promises to propel investment in this burgeoning yet dynamic space. A consortium of partners under ValuSect (“Valuable Insects”)... Read More
06 May 2020
--- UK plant-based firm, The Meatless Farm Co, has launched improved sausage and burger recipes using pea protein to replicate the taste and texture of meat even more closely. Described as “next-generation”, the... Read More
29 Apr 2020
--- As the world learns to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, eating behaviors are already changing. The global population is projected to reach more than 9.8 billion by 2050, and with this comes the challenge to secure... Read More