15 Oct 2019
--- Biomarine company Algaia is joining forces with ingredient business Herbstreith & Fox KG Germany (H&F) to provide a sustainable combination of pectin and alginates for multiple baking applications. The products can... Read More
08 Oct 2019
--- Urbanization has led consumers – millennials especially – to have more adventurous tastes, bolstering trends such as street-food within the bakery section. This was apparent at Anuga 2019 in Cologne, Germany,... Read More
27 Sep 2019
--- Consumers are adopting a consumption pattern that is increasingly varied and diverse, meaning that it is more important than ever to offer options that are plant-based and free-from. This is according to Anneke van de Geijn,... Read More
09 Sep 2019
--- AAK has created several concepts to showcase the company’s fat and oil solutions that help bakers create indulgent and better-for-you non-dairy plant-based products consumers will embrace. The company’s newest... Read More
04 Sep 2019
--- Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Sonneveld Group BV, Orkla Food Ingredients has signed and completed an agreement to purchase Dutch bakery ingredient manufacturer Vamo (Vamo produkten voor de Bakkerij BV) This is the... Read More
03 Sep 2019
--- This month marks the seventh Sourdough September, a celebration of the dough run by the Real Bread Campaign, run by Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming. The campaign aims to encourage people to “revel in... Read More
30 Aug 2019
--- Barry Callebaut’s premium cocoa brand, Bensdorp, is launching Natural Dark – a cocoa powder that uses new technology to create a deeper color and flavor without an alkalization process. In an exclusive press... Read More
29 Aug 2019
--- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, has debuted Dimodan NG 100, an emulsifier marketed as a “next generation” replacement for hydrated monoglycerides as a... Read More
28 Aug 2019
--- In a report centered on Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Ireland-headquartered Kerry stresses the importance of a localized approach when communicating with consumers in this region, as perceptions of... Read More
26 Aug 2019
--- Scientists have long been divided on the best way to manage industry involvement in diet and health research, according to a study from the University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Cambridge, which is exploring ways... Read More
20 Aug 2019
--- US multinational retail corporation Walmart and media platform BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” division have partnered to offer consumers “shoppable recipes.” The retailer invites shoppers to add the entire... Read More
19 Aug 2019
--- Advancements in agri-tech and sustainable supply chain management are contributing to the narrowing of yield gaps between organic and conventional farming. Within this market, players have invested in novel solutions that... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- Global ingredients and premix supplier Prinova has expanded into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market with the establishment of a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. The subsidiary will serve customers in Australia and New Zealand,... Read More
12 Aug 2019
--- Increasing consumer interest in “natural” foods has led to industry challenges concerning food waste, safety and appearance, according to an article published by Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute (KHNI). There... Read More
09 Aug 2019
--- The increasingly health-conscious consumer and the rise of the healthy indulgence trend have both contributed to the demand for better-for-you cakes. This is according to Morten Hoffmann Kyed, Director Product Management at... Read More
30 Jul 2019
--- Key trends in the bakery sector include exotic flavors, an emphasis on health and a shift towards crafted foods. Additionally, naturalness and freshness are increasingly important to consumers, although the pursuit of... Read More
18 Jul 2019
--- Dawn Foods is “revitalizing” its entire product portfolio, categorizing products to make it easier for customers to select the correct solution for individual applications. As part of its continued growth as a... Read More
10 Jul 2019
--- German flour and starch company Kröner-Stärke is expanding into one of the oldest grains, with its Vital Spelt Gluten and Spelt Starches range. The clean label products are marketed as containing no additives and... Read More
03 Jul 2019
--- Gelatine and collagen peptide company Gelita is releasing agar-agar in the form of sheets to be used as a gelling agent in foods. The company says the product is a “world-first” and will be simpler and more... Read More
01 Jul 2019
--- In the midst of a mammoth global climate debate, inventor of the modern plant-based emulsifier Palsgaard has cemented its position as an “early mover” on the carbon production front. The Danish company has... Read More