14 Apr 2021
--- Los Angeles-based food tech start-up Better Brand is gearing up to transform the multi-trillion-dollar refined carb space, starting with the Better Bagel. The traditionally carb-heavy food “takes the... Read More
13 Apr 2021
--- When assessing consumer response to bakery, it is impossible to put bread and cakes in the same basket. New research from Innova Market Insights reveals that bakery consumers are split in attitudes towards bread and cake.... Read More
05 Apr 2021
--- Imbibe has launched Ingredients by Imbibe, a new platform that offers the company’s high-performing ingredients to external R&D teams. Imbibe’s ingredient portfolio includes The Senses, a suite of taste... Read More
05 Apr 2021
--- Bakeries and manufacturers are continually looking to enhance consumer eating experiences. With this in mind, ingredients need to tick the clean label box while delivering great-tasting baked goods. According to IFF, enzymes... Read More
02 Apr 2021
--- Easter represents a major opportunity for the F&B industry to introduce some of its most creative spring-themed offerings, both in terms of taste and appearance. This year, greater awareness on issues from sourcing to... Read More
26 Mar 2021
--- Laboratoire PYC has launched gluten-free, high-protein cakes in savory flavors. The low-sugar offerings primarily target the weight management sector but also address sports nutrition and senior nutrition demands.
22 Mar 2021
--- International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) is targeting label-friendly baking demands with the launch of its new dough strengthener EnoveraTM 3001 in the North American market. The “enzyme-only” ingredient... Read More
18 Mar 2021
--- IFF is launching a new range of bakery enzymes for the Chinese market. Powerfresh and Powersoft are marketed under the Danisco range of food ingredients that is now part of the IFF family. The move comes amid a boom in sweet... Read More
17 Mar 2021
--- Ardent Mills, a North American flour-milling and ingredient company, has launched its keto-certified Net Carb Flour Blend, hailed by the company as “the industry’s first major net carb flour blend for keto and... Read More
10 Mar 2021
--- Campden BRI is looking for partners to join a research project that helps manufacturers and retailers understand and control the potential risks posed by Clostridium botulinum in bread products.
08 Mar 2021
--- UK-based flavors producer Synergy Flavours is releasing an ingredient tipped as making significant fat and calorie reductions in baked goods, such as muffins, cookies and biscuits. The company says its... Read More
05 Mar 2021
--- Swiss margarine producer Grüninger has developed technology to produce palm-free, vegan and vegetarian margarines that mask any off-notes. The three steps of Grüninger’s flavoring process complement each... Read More
04 Mar 2021
--- Barry Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy North America team has launched Volume I of the Ruby Encyclopedia, a guide for chefs working with the fourth type of chocolate. Barry Callebaut launched Ruby chocolate in September... Read More
24 Feb 2021
--- Food tech start-up ChickP Protein Ltd. (ChickP), has revealed the scale-up of its 90 percent chickpea isolate ingredients. Simultaneously, the company is expanding its global activities, sealing a joint market development... Read More
18 Feb 2021
--- American Key Food Products (AKFP) has launched its Organic Native Tapioca Starch, adding a versatile, clean label ingredient to its portfolio of specialized cassava-based and organic offerings. Derived from the cassava... Read More
28 Jan 2021
--- FrieslandCampina and Zeelandia have joined forces to craft an accessible whey protein-based alternative to premium New York cheesecake. Dubbed The New Cheesecake, it uses local ingredients, offering bakeries and outlets in... Read More
27 Jan 2021
--- UK-based ingredients supplier Ulrick & Short is working alongside the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland’s Reformulation for Health program to provide ingredient solutions for healthy reformulations in the... Read More
26 Jan 2021
--- The UK’s new Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the EU is resulting in additional tariffs being applied to Irish flour imports. As a point of contention for local traders, the new deal stipulates that if the... Read More
21 Jan 2021
--- The choice between bakers’ yeast and sourdough to raise dough may impact more than just taste. The extra time taken to make the sourdough bread can bring additional health benefits, according to Karl Desmedt,... Read More
19 Jan 2021
--- Sugar Lab has launched a new line of 3D printed chocolate truffles and bonbons as Valentine’s Day approaches. Dubbed “glamorous desserts,” the range comes in original shapes and colors, capturing the... Read More