22 Sep 2023
--- French natural ingredient supplier Alland & Robert has received the Fair for Life (FFL) certification for its acacia gum, which includes both the seyal and senegal varieties of the vegetal gum. This is reportedly the... Read More
15 Sep 2023
--- In industry news this week, Austrian food-tech start-up Revo Foods announced it will launch a 3D-printed vegan salmon filet in Rewe supermarket. The mycoprotein-based filet becomes the world’s first 3D-printed food... Read More
14 Sep 2023
--- The California State Assembly and Senate have passed a bill to ban the use of four harmful chemicals in processed foods and drinks. The bill – targeting red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and... Read More
08 Sep 2023
--- DSM-Firmenich has developed a more sustainable feed supplement for its dairy cows that can halve methane emissions and Sainsbury’s is swapping use-by dates for best-before dates to reduce food waste. In business moves,... Read More
07 Sep 2023
--- Cargill is launching a range of LM conventional (LMC) pectins that deliver a novel texture for fruit-filled food products marketed with “organic” or conventional claims. Pectin is a soluble fiber derived from... Read More
04 Sep 2023
--- Indian conglomerate ITC yesterday laid the foundation of two new manufacturing facilities in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, for a reported investment of ₹1,500 crores (approximately US$181 million). The integrated food... Read More
01 Sep 2023
--- Industry is urging the UK government to tackle the endemic labor shortages, which are costing producers millions – in excess of £192 million (US$243.5 million) in the last quarter alone, according to the Food and... Read More
01 Sep 2023
--- Vantage Food has launched Simply Kake, an alternative to conventional emulsifiers to help food formulators enhance their bakery product quality. The patent-pending ingredient claims to help bakers attain taller, lighter and... Read More
30 Aug 2023
--- As consumer preference for sugar alternatives continues to grow, so does the demand for clean-tasting and more natural sweetener solutions. Additionally, pressure from governments, organizations and health-related... Read More
28 Aug 2023
--- AI for beekeepers, detecting disease in livestock and what is claimed to be the first-ever real-time food and fiber verification tool are among the latest innovations selected to participate in the AgriFutures AgXelerate... Read More
28 Aug 2023
--- Two extensive studies presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have demonstrated the high propensity of ultra-processed foods (UPF) to cause cardiovascular disease... Read More
10 Aug 2023
--- A new study by Nomad Foods, the owner of frozen food brands such as Birds Eye, Findus and Iglo, has found that increasing the storage temperature of frozen food by 3 degrees Celsius (°C) could cut down freezer energy use... Read More
28 Jul 2023
--- In this week’s news, Nestlé has partnered with Grassroots Carbon to support regenerative land management practices while Tesco works to boost sustainable agriculture. Campbell Soup Company is expanding... Read More
21 Jul 2023
--- Foodvalley NL received an €800,000 (US$901,000) project grant from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for its Healthier Food – Innovate for Good Community. The community will work on solutions to... Read More
20 Jul 2023
--- Beneo is showcasing its first barley beta-glucans ingredient, Orafti β-Fit, at IFT FIRST which is ongoing this week in Chicago, US. Orafti β-Fit is a natural and clean label wholegrain barley flour with 20%... Read More
19 Jul 2023
--- Researchers have developed a method to estimate the amount of chemicals that can leach from food packaging and processing equipment into food. New innovative models could help regulators and the industry assess food contact... Read More
17 Jul 2023
--- Nestlé has invested in regenerative agricultural practices of US wheat farms (tomato) in the Digiorno supply chain to produce healthier, more sustainable ingredients for their pizzas.
30 Jun 2023
--- Purchasing data of 8,400 German households show that almost half behaved unsustainably due to high consumption of meat or sweet snacks. At the same time, consumers stated they intentionally reduced their meat consumption and... Read More
28 Jun 2023
--- The demand for cost-effective egg alternatives continues to rise due to reoccurring avian flu, inflation and a flurry of interest in cage-free initiatives. In line with this, Ardent Mills has launched two new products;... Read More
28 Jun 2023
--- Elements of escapism, provenance and craveability are trending in flavor innovation as consumers seek adventurous tastes from regions steeped in culinary tradition or a balanced combination of sweet and savory notes in one... Read More