15 Sep 2021
--- DouxMatok is combining its Incredo Sugar, which enables up to 50 percent sugar reduction, with Hi-Food’s Meltec semi-solid fiber to offer an end-to-end nutritional solution for reformulating manufacturers.
09 Sep 2021
--- With more choice in the bakery sector than ever before and a spotlight on health and well-being, pressure is building to reduce the calorie content of baked goods. In line with this, Synergy Flavours is tapping the demand of... Read More
08 Sep 2021
--- Food and agri-tech start-up CarobWay is bringing the age-old crop carob to the modern table as a super-nutritious, highly sustainable food crop. The Israel-based start-up cultivates locally grown carob trees to boost... Read More
03 Sep 2021
--- Field trials of CRISPR-edited wheat are underway at Rothamsted Research, an unprecedented study for both the UK and mainland Europe, which have stringent GM regulation. The UK’s Department for Environment Food &... Read More
01 Sep 2021
--- Corbion has unveiled the Pristine 3000, the company’s “most robust dough conditioning innovation yet,” adding to its Pristine range of clean label solutions. The solution enables bakers to overcome common... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- Angel Yeast Co. has established a joint venture (JV) company to invest RMB 100 million (US$15.4 million) to acquire yeast relevant assets of Shandong Bio Sunkeen Co. As part of the move, Angel Yeast will optimize its... Read More
18 Aug 2021
--- Barry Callebaut’s newly introduced Indulgence Playbook is a testament to the premiumization of confectionery over the last year, which saw unique and blissful taste experiences pushed to the forefront of product... Read More
17 Aug 2021
--- Kröner-Stärke, a manufacturer of clean label and organic ingredients, is launching a “state-of-the-art” bulk loading facility at its headquarters in Germany. The investment comes as a response to a... Read More
13 Aug 2021
--- With the exception of sugar reduction in soft drinks, the UK’s top ten food companies have made limited changes to the healthiness of their products in response to Public Health England’s (PHE) voluntary... Read More
29 Jul 2021
--- US consumers are eating more whole grains for their perceived health benefits, flavor and sustainability credentials, according to a recent survey of 1,505 adults. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five US consumers say... Read More
23 Jul 2021
--- A recipe combining chickpea flour and psyllium, a plant-derived soluble fiber, has been developed by the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. A nutritionist at the university is pursuing a study line that focuses... Read More
25 Jun 2021
--- Mondelēz International has begun a food transparency program with the Triscuit brand. Consumers can discover the journey of the white-winter wheat baked into Triscuit crackers from a cooperative of farmers’ fields in... Read More
24 Jun 2021
--- Limagrain Ingredients is launching a new fiber-rich wheat flour called LifyWheat that “helps fill the fiber gap.” The white wheat flour is reportedly ten times richer in fibers than standard fibers and contains... Read More
14 Jun 2021
--- Scientists have developed a novel way to use plastic waste as a food industry resource by converting post-consumer PET into vanillin via a series of chemical reactions. The team from the University of Edinburgh, UK,... Read More
11 Jun 2021
--- Targeting more user-friendly formulations in industrial breads, IFF has unveiled a bakery solution for South America, Grindsted PowerBake Clean. The ingredient is a blend of soy lecithin, enzymes and natural soluble fiber.... Read More
27 May 2021
--- Mondelēz International is entering an agreement to acquire Chipita, which is pegged as a high-growth key player in the Central and Eastern European croissants and baked snacks category. Mondelēz expects the transaction to be... Read More
27 Apr 2021
--- While indulgence continues to play a significant role in the bakery sector, new demands ranging from reformulation to clean label are pushing bakery toward new innovation. Experts also tell FoodIngredientsFirst that taste is... Read More
20 Apr 2021
--- DTM Print is introducing faster and larger printing options on its edible ink desktop printer called Eddie, which creates personalized designs on baked goods and dessert items. The specialty printing systems provider has... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- Los Angeles-based food tech start-up Better Brand is gearing up to transform the multi-trillion-dollar refined carb space, starting with the Better Bagel. The traditionally carb-heavy food “takes the... Read More
13 Apr 2021
--- When assessing consumer response to bakery, it is impossible to put bread and cakes in the same basket. New research from Innova Market Insights reveals that bakery consumers are split in attitudes towards bread and cake.... Read More