policy & regulation

22 Sep 2023
--- The EU is combating greenwashing and setting higher standards for companies that make vague, partial or false claims about their environmental impact. The new directive, “Empowering Consumers for the Green... Read More
21 Sep 2023
--- The latest data from China’s customs authority revealed a sharp drop of 67.6% in Japanese seafood imports in August compared to the same month last year. The decline closely follows the Japanese government‘s... Read More
19 Sep 2023
--- Action on Salt (AoS), the British Heart Foundation, the British Medical Association and 30 other health organizations and professionals signed an open letter to UK government party leaders urging a revitalization of its salt... Read More
14 Sep 2023
--- The California State Assembly and Senate have passed a bill to ban the use of four harmful chemicals in processed foods and drinks. The bill – targeting red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and... Read More
11 Sep 2023
--- India has agreed to cut tariffs on its imports of US frozen whole turkeys and frozen turkey parts, reducing the basic tariff on the products from 30% to 5%. The agreement further includes frozen duck, fresh and frozen... Read More
31 Aug 2023
--- ByHeart, Reckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition and Perrigo Wisconsin received warning letters from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for infractions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the... Read More
31 Aug 2023
--- The UK has delayed the implementation of post-Brexit controls on food, plant and animal produce imports from the EU - for the fifth time. If no further delays are announced, the border checks will come into force on January... Read More
16 Aug 2023
--- Imagindairy’s animal-free dairy protein has been confirmed to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) in accordance with the requirements laid out by the US Food and Drug Administration for food. The novel ingredient... Read More
15 Aug 2023
--- The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued new guidance for the slush-ice drink industry, advising that these products should not be sold to children under four.
11 Aug 2023
--- The FDA has issued a direct final rule to stop the usage of partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) in food, which solidifies its June 2015 discernment that PHOs are no longer GRAS for any human food. We examine what the finer... Read More
11 Aug 2023
--- The UK government has launched a consultation on improving the enforcement and regulation of nutrition and health claims on food and drink products. The aim is to ensure that consumers can trust information found on labels... Read More
11 Aug 2023
--- A new animal feed ingredient by Mill, a US-based food recycling company, has received a unanimous vote of approval from the Association of American Feed Control Officials Ingredient Definition Committee. The feed was... Read More
10 Aug 2023
--- A new study by Nomad Foods, the owner of frozen food brands such as Birds Eye, Findus and Iglo, has found that increasing the storage temperature of frozen food by 3 degrees Celsius (°C) could cut down freezer energy use... Read More
07 Aug 2023
--- The controversy over using meat-related terms for plant-based products has escalated to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The high court will answer questions raised by the French Council of State and clarify whether the... Read More
04 Aug 2023
--- Aleph Farms has applied to the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) to sell its cultivated beef steak, marking the first application to sell cultivated meat in the country.
04 Aug 2023
--- The Customs Tariff Commission of the country has decided to end the anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Australian barley, starting tomorrow (Aug 5), as relations between the two countries start to warm up.
03 Aug 2023
--- UK food safety authorities have ended reinforced inspections on Brazilian meat imports and reinstated the establishment approval system. This comes after an audit of Brazil’s sanitary and phytosanitary controls by the... Read More
01 Aug 2023
--- The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that consumers can easily access all the information they need on insect-based foods. The European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, stated that consumers... Read More
18 Jul 2023
--- The UK government claims it’s boosting sustainable fishing by exercising post-Brexit powers that allows it to control fish catches and stocks in British waters now it’s no longer part of the EU. Ministers have... Read More
17 Jul 2023
--- Russia will temporarily seize control of Danone and Carlsberg subsidiaries in the country as the operations have been put in “temporary management” of the state, under a new order signed by Russian President... Read More