policy & regulation

15 May 2024
--- The UK parliament passed a bill yesterday banning the export of animals for slaughter or fattening for slaughter. Animal protection groups celebrated the ban as a milestone for animal welfare after they had campaigned for... Read More
10 May 2024
--- The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is suing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accusing the agency of failing to act on a 2021 regulatory petition asking the FDA to protect consumers from poppy seeds... Read More
03 May 2024
--- Activists from Bite Back, a campaign group affiliated with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, have released a report unraveling the tactics used by major food corporations to target children with unhealthy products through... Read More
03 May 2024
--- The EU is set to ban several smoke flavorings commonly used in meat and cheese products and soups, sauces and snacks after food safety authorities linked the ingredients to genotoxicity health concerns. The phasing out of... Read More
02 May 2024
--- South Korea is setting up a unique “regulation-free special zone” (RFSZ) where food tech firms can research and develop cultivated meat in a region with favorable regulatory exemptions to foster faster innovation... Read More
30 Apr 2024
--- The European Council (EUCO) unveils its revised “breakfast directives,” which place stricter rules on the labeling and composition of fruit juices, fruit jams, honey and dehydrated milk used for and in... Read More
26 Apr 2024
--- The UK has announced October 2027 as the new launch date for its Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), putting an end to months of speculation. The scheme will encompass PET bottles, steel and aluminum cans but exclude glass bottles.... Read More
23 Apr 2024
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the ongoing spread of avian influenza poses a “significant public health concern” and urged health authorities, especially in the US, to closely monitor... Read More
18 Apr 2024
--- Dutch food-tech and cultivated meat pioneer Meatable achieved an industry milestone by hosting the first-ever legally approved cultivated meat tasting in the EU. According to the company, the event marks a crucial step in... Read More
15 Apr 2024
--- Swiss seafood supplier Blueyou has joined forces with animal welfare organization Aquatic Life Institute to unveil an animal welfare policy for sustainable seafood, pegging it a “first” in the sector. The move... Read More
15 Apr 2024
--- Dog and cat food manufacturers have welcomed a new federal bill designed to harmonize the regulatory process for product approval across the US, claiming that consistent national standards replacing the current... Read More
12 Apr 2024
--- New rules greenlighted by European Parliament will address adulterated honey imports from countries outside of the EU by making it obligatory to clearly label the countries of origin. It will also launch a process to create... Read More
08 Apr 2024
--- Animal protection groups are urging the EU to halt livestock exports by sea after a new report revealed around half of approved carriers pose a high risk to the welfare of the animals and crew on board and maritime traffic.... Read More
05 Apr 2024
--- Nutrition company dsm-firmenich and its alliance partner Novonesis have received EU regulatory approval for their poultry feed protease, ProAct 360. Following the approval, ProAct 360 will now be available to feed and... Read More
05 Apr 2024
--- There are growing concerns over potential price hikes and possible supply shortages for certain products due to the UK government’s decision to levy post-Brexit charges on imports of some key EU food and plant products... Read More
03 Apr 2024
--- Recent research indicates that the EU has been disproportionately funding animal farming over plant cultivation through its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), raising concerns over the encouragement of environmentally... Read More
02 Apr 2024
--- The Ministry of Commerce of China announced the removal of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imported Australian wines, effective immediately. This decision follows an evaluation of the prevailing market conditions... Read More
29 Mar 2024
--- The EU vote on the Nature Restoration Law has been shelved after several member states withdrew support for the landmark regulation. European Commissioner for the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevičius, warns “the current... Read More
28 Mar 2024
--- The EU Council formally adopted a regulation this week improving the protection of geographical indications (GIs) and other quality schemes for wine, spirits and agricultural products. The European wine and spirits... Read More
27 Mar 2024
--- The Biden administration has unveiled a US$6 billion initiative aimed at decarbonizing America’s industrial sectors, including targeting decarbonization in food production. The initiative is expected to reduce the... Read More