policy & regulation

01 Mar 2024
--- The European Parliament has voted in favor of a landmark nature restoration law amid right-wing pushback and farmer protests. While environmentalists see the new law as a historic opportunity to restore nature in Europe,... Read More
28 Feb 2024
--- China is the latest Asian market to initiate a revision of pre-packaged F&B regulations governing the labeling of products, following similar actions taken in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines in recent years. The... Read More
19 Feb 2024
--- Sarah de la Mare, the product line director of Closures at Berry Global, delves into the incoming EU tethered closures legislation and the evolving packaging landscape in an exclusive interview with Packaging Insights. De la... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- German farmers are protesting against government plans to abolish diesel subsidies and motor vehicle tax exemptions in agriculture, but environmental groups claim such measures are necessary for sustainable food systems.... Read More
09 Feb 2024
--- Environmental and animal protection groups have criticized the European Commission’s (EC) new plans to weaken its agriculture-related GHG emission targets and accused policymakers of favoring discontented farmers over... Read More
08 Feb 2024
--- A rift in public opinions has split farmers following the European Parliament’s recent vote on a sweeping proposal to deregulate “New Genomic Techniques” (NGTs). NGTs include advanced methods like... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- Belgian cooks are urging EU decision-makers to reject the deregulation of New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) in agriculture because they claim these “next-gen” genetically modified organisms (GMOs) risk destroying the... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- The proliferation of AI systems is exacerbating the issue of speciesism and undermining animal welfare reform and the transition to plant-based diets, warn animal protection groups. Incoming regulation, notably the highly... Read More
02 Feb 2024
--- UK F&B businesses are urging the government to provide clarity over the possibility of new labeling requirements amid fears that the proposed introduction of “Not for EU” product labels could push up... Read More
30 Jan 2024
--- The UK government’s introduction of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) has given cause for concerns among food businesses in the UK and the EU. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)... Read More
26 Jan 2024
--- China has expanded its foray into genetically modified (GM) crops in a move to enhance food security. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA) recently approved the domestic production of a new batch of... Read More
25 Jan 2024
--- Fruit and vegetable growers across the UK are bracing for the impact of new post-Brexit border checks, which are expected to exacerbate supply chain problems of long waiting times and raised overhead costs for keeping... Read More
25 Jan 2024
--- IFOAM Organics Europe, an umbrella organization for organic food and farming, warns that many issues around New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) remain unsolved after the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- EU Parliament has given its final green light to the Green Claims Directive that will ultimately ban the use of “misleading” environmental claims across food sold in Europe. With expectations that all green... Read More
23 Jan 2024
--- Following cultured meat’s market approvals in Singapore, the US and Israel, EU regulators are meeting today to set up policies to incubate the new food tech sector. What is widely considered the next big break for... Read More
23 Jan 2024
--- Food corporations are transforming their businesses through AI but should prepare now for the incoming EU AI Act, according to Julia Buech, a senior consumer foods analyst at Rabo Research Food & Agribusiness. The... Read More
22 Jan 2024
--- Tate & Lyle has received the last of a series of decisions handed down by the Australian Patent Office upholding its allulose syrup patent application claims, which were previously challenged by several organizations.... Read More
18 Jan 2024
--- The European Parliament (EP) has approved a new directive banning greenwashing and deceptive product information to protect consumers from misleading marketing practices and promote sustainable choices. The directive,... Read More
16 Jan 2024
--- China has officially lifted its five-year ban on Belgian pig and pork products. The embargo, imposed due to an outbreak of African swine fever in 2018, brings relief to Belgian farmers and is seen as a positive step for... Read More
10 Jan 2024
--- South Korea’s National Assembly has voted to outlaw its dog meat industry amid rising political and public pressure to recognize the animals as companions rather than food. The ban will come into force in six months... Read More