Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
22 July 2024 | Lantmännen Biorefineries AB
Achieving premium textures in clean-label dairy alternatives is challenging. Download our guide to discover why PromOat Oat beta-glucan is the perfect texturizing solution for your non-dairy applications. Made from high-quality Swedish oats, PromOat delivers the rich mouthfeel and indulgent creaminess... Read More
24 June 2024 | Lactalis Ingredients
Selecting the right whey powder is crucial for producing high-quality sweetened condensed milk. Our technical paper explores the market trends, benefits, and challenges of using whey in this formulation. We highlight Flowhey®, a high-fluidity whey powder developed by Lactalis Ingredients, and its superior... Read More
03 June 2024 | Biospringer
Fermentation transforms food and beverages by breaking down certain compounds and creating new ones more digestible and nutritious. Yeast fermentation in food is a vital aspect of Biospringer’s business. Discover Springer® Proteissimo™ 102, our natural solution for alternative protein, coming from yeast... Read More
20 May 2024 | Lionel Hitchen
Explore the world of chillies with Lionel Hitchen's expert insights. From understanding heat profiles to extracting full flavour potential, discover how we craft authentic, stable products. With tailored solutions and decades of expertise, unleash the perfect balance of spice and taste for your culinary... Read More
06 May 2024 | ADM
It’s no secret that the plant-based movement is here to stay. Modern consumers are increasingly seeking healthy plant-forward alternatives to their traditional favorites for various dietary and lifestyle reasons. See how ADM can help you match consumer expectations for authentic taste, texture, and nutrition... Read More