Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
02 August 2021 | Ingredia
To fight against malnutrition, nutrition plays an essential role. People likely to suffer from this problem need specialized nutrition. It consists in associating each nutritional need with a tailor-made response. High-protein and high-calorie medical drinks are the most interesting products in the... Read More
26 July 2021 | Almond Board of California
Chocolate chefs from the US, UK and Mexico used survey responses from the Almond Board of California’s 2020 Global Chocolate Study to create “ideal chocolate bars” for consumers, revealing both regional nuances and global commonalities. See how developers can bring research on consumer preferences for... Read More
19 July 2021 | AB Enzymes GmbH
Selecting the right enzyme and process to treat plant proteins is one of the keys for success. The AB Enzymes Protein Team is supporting the food industry with deep enzyme knowledge, specific application know-how and analytical expertise in this challenging and fascinating field with immense potential.
12 July 2021 | Lantmannen
Plant-based foods, meat analogues, dairy alternatives and protein-enriched foods and supplements have never been more popular. A new white paper looks at how oat protein can be used in new product development, both as a unique source of alternative protein and in combination with other plant-based proteins,... Read More
05 July 2021 | Ingredia Dairy Experts
Consumers are involved in their health and concerned about environmental issues. They are more and more interested and aware about the ingredients they can find in their food.Clean label trend also takes the idea of sustainable development and geographical origin of the ingredients into... Read More