Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
09 December 2019
Taura JusFruit Fibre+ is shortlisted for a FIE Innovation Award: these fruit ingredients with added fibre can bring real value into healthy snacks, increasing fibre content by 60% and even up to 300% as a stand-alone fruit snack.
11 November 2019
Research bulletin by Dr Anu Turpeinen. Aging adults want to invest in food products that help them maintain their physical activity and cognitive functions. Phospholipids naturally found in dairy fat have been associated with improved brain health in several scientific studies. Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder contains phospholipids in addition to B vitamins and iodine and fulfills all key nutritional needs of the elderly.
04 November 2019
Need help to bridge the gap between plant-based products and animal-based ones? Learn more about Lallemand Bio-Ingredients offer! We can support you in reproducing the sensory properties of meat and dairy products. As consumers are seeking juiciness, texture, great taste and a balanced nutritional profile, yeast is the natural solution
16 October 2019
This technical bulletin from Biocatalysts Ltd describe how their range of protease enzymes can be used to modify flavour, improve solubility and reduce the molecular weight of different types of plant proteins including; wheat gluten, soy, pea and potato to increase their versatility as an ingredient in food products.
10 October 2019
Univar Solutions, one of the world’s leading ingredients distributors, delves into the key ‘Health & Wellness’ trends in food. Discover their broad portfolio of functional ingredients from best in class suppliers including both enrichment and reduction solutions in fundamental nutrition areas such as protein, fibre, sugar & salt.