Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
01 April 2024 | Ingredion
In the rapidly expanding non-dairy cheese market, food brands face increasing competition. To stand out and excite consumers amidst growing demand, manufacturers must work hard to stand out with new products. Ingredion explores key considerations for food manufacturers aiming to achieve success in this... Read More
11 March 2024 | Blue Diamond Almonds
Of all the options available for plant-based yogurt formulation, almond ingredients are emerging as the most preferred due to their nutritional benefits, functionality and flavor properties. Almond butter and almond protein give manufacturers the ability to create tasty non-dairy yogurts with simpler labels... Read More
04 March 2024 | Angel Yeast Co.
Fermentation, our familiar friend from bread and beer, is fermenting a new wave in food: sustainable, protein-packed alternatives! Their magic lies in efficiency. Compared to traditional animal agriculture, fermentation requires a fraction of land and water, slashing environmental impact while offering a... Read More
13 November 2023 | Alvinesa Natural Ingredients
Consumer demand for natural preservatives and clean label products in the food and beverage industry is on the rise like never before. As health-conscious consumers seek safer and more transparent options, the spotlight has shifted to natural ingredients that not only extend shelf life but also uphold the... Read More
06 November 2023 | Cosun Protein
Tendra® by Cosun Protein is a highly functional plant-based protein made from fava beans. It addresses the need for an animal-based protein substitute in dairy-free ice cream. Offering high solubility, excellent emulsification properties, and a mild taste, Tendra® is the perfect solution for making a... Read More