Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
07 June 2021 | Lactalis Ingredients
People worldwide are living longer. However, despite this increased life expectancy, the period without health disabilities remains stable. An adequate protein intake can be a key determinant of healthy ageing. Discover the interest of a complementary care between fast and slow proteins in the elderly in our... Read More
24 May 2021 | Kemin
In the past few years, we witnessed awareness of pushing consumer trends towards healthy, plant-based and label-friendly products, but also protein alternatives for meat have been on the rise. With the arrival of ‘clean’ meat and the increased popularity of plant-based alternatives, consumers attitudes... Read More
12 April 2021 | Lantmännen
Plant-based foods, meat analogues, dairy alternatives and protein-enriched foods and beverages have never been more popular. In this white paper, we look at how oat ingredients, such as PrOatein oat protein and PromOat oat beta-glucan can be used in new product development, to add both health and functional... Read More
22 March 2021 | Avena Nordic Grain Oy
The unique rapeseed powder, BlackGrain from Yellow Fields, is a new, upcycled food ingredient with a 3-in-1 composition. Download our technical paper to learn about nutritional values and food applications. We also introduce a product example and on-trend marketing arguments.
15 March 2021 | Niacet
It’s no secret that today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever before, particularly when it comes to their food. Products are expected to have shorter, cleaner, and clearer labels. Find out more about Niacet’s clean and clear label products for bakery in this whitepaper.