Technical Papers on Food Ingredients First
16 October 2019
This technical bulletin from Biocatalysts Ltd describe how their range of protease enzymes can be used to modify flavour, improve solubility and reduce the molecular weight of different types of plant proteins including; wheat gluten, soy, pea and potato to increase their versatility as an ingredient in food products.
10 October 2019
Univar Solutions, one of the world’s leading ingredients distributors, delves into the key ‘Health & Wellness’ trends in food. Discover their broad portfolio of functional ingredients from best in class suppliers including both enrichment and reduction solutions in fundamental nutrition areas such as protein, fibre, sugar & salt.
09 September 2019
SEQENS Minerals produces high-quality Sodium Bicarbonate grades to serve the growing worldwide demand in pharmaceutical, food and feed markets.Sodium Bicarbonate (E500ii) is a useful ingredient for food and beverage markets with several properties: leavening/foaming agent (for cakes, crackers and powder drinks), and buffer effect (for RTD tea/coffee and energy drinks).
29 April 2019
Bone broth is remarkably in tune with some of today’s biggest market trends. It is low-fat and high-protein and offers a range of health benefits. OmniBrothTM is a high-quality, high-collagen bone broth powder manufactured by Essentia and distributed in Europe by Prinova.  Made from EU-approved Swedish beef raw material,  its benefits are supported by a number of studies. OmniBrothTM can be used in a range of condition-specific applications, including products for joint health.
22 April 2019
A busy life and a growing economy are important reasons for the growth of the convenience food segment and ready to eat foods. Niacet’s portfolio of clean label products help to keep a fresh appearance, a great taste and to stay safe during the shelf life.