01 Dec 2022
--- Barry Callebaut has launched its sixth Forever Chocolate Progress Report, presenting the company’s progress against its target in 2016 to make sustainable chocolate the norm. One of its key achievements is that the... Read More
25 Nov 2022
--- GNT has identified a new trend of consumer demand, dubbed “Healthy Hedonism,” characterized as a surge in demand for eye-catching products that are good for people and the planet. GNT hopes to capitalize on this... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- Research from Cargill is unraveling consumer attitudes toward sustainable cocoa, underscoring the growing significance of cocoa’s environmental impacts and link to human rights. Driven by a desire to protect people and... Read More
28 Oct 2022
--- Chocolate and cocoa giant Barry Callebaut has ushered in a new era of innovation with the reveal of its second-generation chocolate in Venice, Italy, this week. The company has reinvented chocolate production from farm to... Read More
18 Oct 2022
--- Barry Callebaut has signed a long-term agreement with Attelli, a distributor and confectionery manufacturer based in Casablanca, Morocco. Attelli, part of the French Cofrapex Group, specializes in catering, food distribution... Read More
13 Oct 2022
--- A new low-sugar milk chocolate by Valio and created using AI-design features has been unveiled. With the help of hundreds of insights from chocolate lovers around the world, the dairy company has broken into the chocolate... Read More
12 Oct 2022
--- Innova Market Insights has identified “Redefining Value” as its top F&B trend for 2023, as consumers adapt to a global cost-of-living crisis in the face of economic and political volatility. With budgets... Read More
12 Oct 2022
--- Loryma launches Lory Starch Opal, a spray-on adhesive for seeds and other decorative food seasonings. The spray is made from pregelatinized wheat starch with a focus on solubility to ease its ability to be sprayed on. The... Read More
05 Oct 2022
--- Confectionery heavyweight Mars will utilize the tools of professional services company Accenture to build its cloud platform for manufacturing applications, data and artificial intelligence, target waste reduction, water... Read More
05 Oct 2022
--- Indulging with a conscience is a robust trend here to stay. In the confectionery space, chocolate suppliers, flavor houses and food artisans are well aware of their shared footprint. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to leading... Read More
29 Sep 2022
--- Ingredients supplier Solvay has extended the range of one of its flagship products, a vanillin flavor branded as Rhovanil Natural CW, with three new natural flavor ingredients: Rhovanil Natural Delica, Alta and... Read More
28 Sep 2022
--- Mars has released a Starburst “Un-Shareable” packaging innovation for its All Pink candies, which includes a personal biometric fingerprint technology manufactured in partnership with Mycube Safe.
28 Sep 2022
--- Consumer awareness around finding products that contain natural ingredients with well-being benefits continues to spur the meteoric growth of botanical extracts, with region-specific flavors such as African superfoods,... Read More
16 Sep 2022
--- The European Cocoa Association (ECA) and the Association of Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries of Europe (CAOBISCO) are on track to deliver access to cocoa marketing agencies’ farming data that the... Read More
14 Sep 2022
--- No longer authorized as a food additive in the EU, titanium dioxide is officially banned across Europe, prompting more companies to innovate alternatives to what was once a key whitening ingredient across multiple food... Read More
14 Sep 2022
--- Global consumers are demanding indulgence, even as they look more carefully at their food choices and how they might affect the planet. With a renewed focus on personal well-being, plant-based variations of chocolate and... Read More
13 Sep 2022
--- Barry Callebaut is ramping initiatives to make effective traceability across global value chains and sustainable chocolate the norm. The Swiss manufacturer is partnering with key stakeholders as it scales efforts toward... Read More
09 Sep 2022
--- As healthy indulgence trends continue to gain traction, a new report reveals that 85% of chocolate and candy sold today in the US comes in packaging that contains 200 calories or less per pack. The confectionery industry has... Read More
07 Sep 2022
--- The confectionery space is serving up healthier renditions of consumer favorites as the search for improved well-being through food continues to play a big part in F&B innovation today. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with... Read More
19 Aug 2022
--- Two indulgent food brands centered on social justice have joined forces to eradicate modern slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry. Working with Fairtrade chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and Tony... Read More