16 Sep 2020
--- Descendant of John Cadbury and founder of British chocolate specialist, Love Cocoa, James Cadbury, is on the verge of launching his new venture – the UK’s first oat milk chocolate range. The... Read More
15 Sep 2020
--- Olam Cocoa has launched Olam Cocoa for Professionals, a new venture which will make its deZaan cocoa powders available to restaurants, caterers and patisseries for the first time.
11 Sep 2020
--- Lockdown restrictions have led to “significant changes” in the UK’s consumption habits, according to new research from Olam Cocoa. Rather than reaching for old favorites, more people are turning to... Read More
10 Sep 2020
--- Taste is the most important driver when purchasing chocolate, soft chew, hard and prepackaged cotton candy. This is according to a new study from Comax Flavors on consumers’ behavior, usage and attitudes on... Read More
10 Sep 2020
--- For the first time, Mars Wrigley has publicly revealed an interactive map detailing where it sources cocoa from to boost its supply chain strategy. The confectionery giant pledges to achieve a 100 percent deforestation-free... Read More
08 Sep 2020
--- Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has officially unveiled its first shea processing plant in Africa, pegged as the largest of its kind on the continent. Located in Tema, Ghana, the new facility is a fully automated solvent... Read More
07 Sep 2020
--- Confectionery is undergoing a “chocolate renaissance,” according to chocolatier Theobroma Chocolat. The company details an uptick in product launches containing nutritionally functional, indulgent ingredients,... Read More
07 Sep 2020
--- Barry Callebaut has reached a new milestone in its plan to build a sustainable cocoa supply chain by disclosing its direct cocoa suppliers in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon. The map shows the location of... Read More
04 Sep 2020
--- Chr. Hansen has unveiled two new plant-based, heat-resilient coloring solutions for confectionery applications. One is a patent-pending liquid blue from spirulina, FruitMax Blue 1506 W, that remains “uniquely... Read More
03 Sep 2020
--- Barry Callebaut has revealed its collaboration with local chocolate manufacturers, artisans, retailers and wholesalers such as Morinaga, Yuraku Confectionery and J.Maeda to “make sustainable chocolate the norm for the... Read More
28 Aug 2020
--- Olam says that it is not enough just to inform consumers and customers about its traceability strides, it wants to actively provide them with data access via its B2B AtSource platform that reports the social and... Read More
27 Aug 2020
--- Sales of chocolate and candy have increased during the pandemic, according to data from the US National Confectioners Association (NCA). The organization states that people across the country are looking for ways to add joy... Read More
20 Aug 2020
--- Consumers seeking out the health benefits of dark chocolate while maintaining the sweetness and softness of milk varieties may one day be able to access just that. Following an investigation of over a decade, researchers... Read More
07 Aug 2020
--- Lindt, known as an indulgent chocolatier, is launching a vegan chocolate range made from oat milk. The latest chocolate bars are part of the Swiss chocolate and confectionery company’s HELLO range and promise to be... Read More
30 Jul 2020
--- US premium chocolate maker Godiva is partnering with the Earthworm Foundation to make sustainable improvements to the cocoa supply chain and support farming communities. The collaboration will begin in Côte... Read More
29 Jul 2020
--- Food Standards Australia, New Zealand (FSANZ) has assessed and approved SweeGen’s Bestevia Reb E stevia sweetener as a food additive. Under the Food Standards Code, FSANZ has approved a new specification for the... Read More
21 Jul 2020
--- The pace of innovation has been picking up in recent years as advanced technology continues to revolutionize almost every aspect of the way we live our lives – including shopping and eating. Developments from... Read More
17 Jul 2020
--- Mondelēz International continues its portion control strategy for consumers by voluntarily committing to bringing all its Cadbury chocolate bars sold as part of a multipack under 200 calories by the end of 2021. The move... Read More
10 Jul 2020
--- Functional ingredients producer Beneo, has announced a 50 percent production capacity increase at its facility in Wijgmaal, Belgium, to cater for rising customer demand for rice starches. A two-stage expansion process,... Read More
03 Jul 2020
--- Specialists in sweetened condensed milk, WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, is reacting to current market trends with new product varieties and packaging options. Sweetened condensed milk (SCM) is mainly used in the... Read More