28 Jan 2020
--- More consumers today are looking for healthy added value in their food and beverages – a trend that is also seen in confectionery concepts. At ProSweets, which is due to be held next month in Cologne, Germany, Doehler... Read More
22 Jan 2020
--- Herza Schokolade is launching 20 organic chocolate creations, developed to“bring a whole new excitement to muesli, snack mixes and ice cream.” In addition to the three on-trend varieties of caramel, cheesecake... Read More
14 Jan 2020
--- Nestlé has unveiled the latest edition of its most iconic confectionery brand – KitKat Gold. Continuing Nestlé’s premiumization of KitKat chocolate bars, the launch responds to trends toward... Read More
07 Jan 2020
--- Ice cream mega-brand Magnum has launched a new line of Ruby chocolate-covered mini ice creams in the US. The Magnum Ruby Minis release makes Magnum the first brand in the US to launch an ice cream featuring the fourth type... Read More
16 Dec 2019
--- Solvay has revealed two new advancements in a bid to strengthen its hold in the natural vanillin market at Fi Europe 2019. The first is the doubling of production capacity of RhoVanil Natural Crystal White, following what... Read More
13 Dec 2019
--- Caldic Ingredients Deutschland GmbH will be the exclusive distribution partner for Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate for the German and Austrian food industry. This expansion comes on the heels of the recently announced... Read More
10 Dec 2019
--- Taura Natural Ingredients used Fi Europe 2019 as a platform to launch a new range of fruit solutions that deliver the benefits of fiber without compromising on taste or texture. Jus Fruit Fibre+ was part of a range of fruit... Read More
05 Dec 2019
--- Cargill is investing over US$113 million to expand its cocoa processing sites in Yopougon, Ivory Coast and Tema, Ghana. A US$100 million investment targets an increased production capacity at Yopougon by 50 percent, while a... Read More
29 Nov 2019
--- Nestlé Japan is launching today its “Cacao Fruit Chocolate,” introduced in the form of a KitKat. The company says that this is the first chocolate confectionery that uses dried, powdered cacao pulp as a... Read More
28 Nov 2019
--- Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate strategy includes the objective of storing more carbon than it emits by 2025. Together with its partner, The Gold Standard Foundation, the Swiss company has developed a methodology... Read More
26 Nov 2019
--- Barry Callebaut, the Swiss manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products, has been granted a Temporary Marketing Permit (TMP) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clearing the way to market Ruby as the fourth type of... Read More
19 Nov 2019
--- A polarization is emerging in the snacking space, as demands for clean label and healthy offerings are paradoxically rising at the same time as a growing appetite for indulgent, sumptuous products. This is particularly... Read More
15 Nov 2019
--- UK-based Galaxy chocolate brand is launching its first vegan alternative to milk chocolate. The Mars Wrigley-owned brand says that a hazelnut paste will create the same smooth and creamy signature characteristics of Galaxy... Read More
16 Oct 2019
--- Positioned as both a natural sweetener and a flavoring, Dirafrost’s new cacao fruit puree is made from the white pulp surrounding cacao beans – which are typically destined for chocolate production. As the demand... Read More
15 Oct 2019
--- A new report from Innova Market Insights highlights the growing sophistication of Europe’s appetite for chocolate, with a push towards premium and indulgent products clearly reflected in NPD. In line with this demand,... Read More
07 Oct 2019
--- The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is launching a chocolate bar as part of a social experiment. The Other Bar uses blockchain technology to give consumers the choice to donate directly back to cocoa farmers or to get a... Read More
01 Oct 2019
--- Marking the next generation of food and beverages aiming to placate “angry” Generation Z consumers who are demanding tasty, nutritious and honest food, Barry Callebaut has launched the “Cacaofruit... Read More
25 Sep 2019
--- Following the premiumization of KitKat chocolate bars in Japan, Nestlé Confectionery will launch its first direct-to-consumer offering in the UK with the introduction of the KitKat Chocolatory. The luxury handcrafted... Read More
24 Sep 2019
--- In a push to expand its sugar reduction capabilities in chocolate, Cargill has invested US$5 million in its Mouscron, Belgium facility. The investment will fund the development of a wide range of sugar replacers and the... Read More
20 Sep 2019
--- At a time when sugar reduction remains hot under the industry spotlight, Israeli manufacturer Strauss Group has unveiled a refined sweet milk chocolate bar made with 30 percent less sugar using extracts of unique raw... Read More