26 May 2020
--- Chemometric Brain is a newly launched software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform created to identify food fraud and increase transparency along the global supply chain. The cloud-based software uses near-infrared (NIR) technology... Read More
26 May 2020
--- With a growing demographic of consumers more likely to purchase dairy products with a high fiber and low sugar content, solutions that address both needs are in high demand. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to... Read More
19 May 2020
--- DSM has unveiled its new line of cheese cultures for boosting the yield and resource efficiency of mozzarella cheese production. Capable of achieving a higher moisture content in mozzarella, the range increases yield by up... Read More
18 May 2020
--- India’s burgeoning market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is “highly promising,” according to vegetable oils and fats supplier AAK. AAK Kamani, the company’s majority-owned Indian joint... Read More
14 May 2020
--- Tetra Pak has launched its first complete processing line for white cheese products with a fully automated and integrated solution to ensure a high standard of food safety and speed to market. The new processing line enables... Read More
14 May 2020
--- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has unveiled its latest enzyme for the lactose-free dairy market with the North American launch of Bonlacta. The latest solution allows for process optimization and cost reduction. One of... Read More
12 May 2020
--- GNT Group has launched two new Exberry Coloring Foods that deliver bright orange shades in powder and oil-dispersible formats. Made from paprika and carrot, the new Brilliant Orange products provide solutions for a range of... Read More
11 May 2020
--- Perfect Day, a start-up engineering flora-made dairy protein, is collaborating with Smitten Ice Cream to bring vegan ice cream with lab-cultivated dairy protein to consumers in the Bay Area, US. The ice cream resulting from... Read More
30 Apr 2020
--- Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has launched a clean label ambient yogurt concept to meet Chinese demand which it pegs as a “first of its kind.” It uses Nutrilac YO-4575, a 100 percent natural whey protein, to give... Read More
29 Apr 2020
--- Following a bid to sell its assets to Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) earlier this month, Dean Foods is now floating the idea of an alternative merger of its business with Borden Dairy – another prominent milk player... Read More
20 Apr 2020
--- As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a pronounced negative impact on dairy sectors around the world, the UK government will temporarily relax elements of competition law to support the dairy industry through the... Read More
16 Apr 2020
--- Chr. Hansen is accelerating its fermented plant-based activities by joining MISTA, a California-based start-up optimizer focusing on the development of sustainable and innovative foods. Bolstering its portfolio of fermented... Read More
15 Apr 2020
--- Start-up accelerator Food-X is going digital, in line with social distancing mandates, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Food-X has virtually revealed the eight start-ups chosen for Cohort 11 of its program. The “cutting... Read More
14 Apr 2020
--- A number of starring themes are expected to influence dairy product development throughout this year, given rise by consumers’ appetite for new flavor experiences and emergent hero ingredients. In NPD where these... Read More
09 Apr 2020
--- The growing financial burden being carried by the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector is being flagged by representatives of the farming sector working to sustain productivity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU’s... Read More
08 Apr 2020
--- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (Dupont N&B) has launched the Yo-Mix Prime cultures series, which is heralded as “a new industry standard for yogurt manufacturers.” Through the application of various... Read More
07 Apr 2020
--- Biotech company Biocatalysts has launched an animal-free alternative to pancreatic lipase, a porcine enzyme widely used in a number of food processes. The new enzyme, called Lipomod 888MDP, is a non-genetically modified... Read More
02 Apr 2020
--- Dairy demand has been dwindling for some time, in part due to a consumption shift toward plant-based alternatives – and now, as the coronavirus threatens an unprecedented recession and exacerbates price pressures,... Read More
13 Mar 2020
--- Tapping into texture and plant-based trends, Magnum Ice Cream has introduced three new ice cream varieties. Non-Dairy Sea Salt Caramel Bars, Double Pistachio Honey Tubs and Double Almond Brown Butter Tubs feature ice cream... Read More
12 Mar 2020
--- Dairy is one of the most interesting and innovative food categories today, according to Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights. During a webinar presented yesterday, Williams addressed the market... Read More