24 Jan 2020
--- ProVeg International, a global food awareness organization, is urging coffee chain Starbucks to drop its surcharge on plant-based milks if it is serious about achieving new climate targets. The charity’s call follows... Read More
23 Jan 2020
--- The plant-based revolution is spreading quickly, yet research points to a lack in both funding and training for growers and processors of alternative proteins around the world. At this week’s 50th World Economic Forum... Read More
21 Jan 2020
--- Eighty four percent of UK ice cream parlors report that vanilla is their best-selling ice cream flavor, according to a survey conducted by the Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show. The second and third most popular flavors were... Read More
07 Jan 2020
--- Ice cream mega-brand Magnum has launched a new line of Ruby chocolate-covered mini ice creams in the US. The Magnum Ruby Minis release makes Magnum the first brand in the US to launch an ice cream featuring the fourth type... Read More
06 Jan 2020
--- US milk processor and distributor Borden Dairy has filed for bankruptcy in lieu of rising dairy prices and market headwinds currently impacting the local industry. The Dallas-based company has since initiated a... Read More
17 Dec 2019
--- The Plant Based Revolution is number two of the Top 10 Trends highlighted by Innova Market Insights for 2020 and the dairy alternatives category represents a key battlefront in this consumer-driven revolt. The market... Read More
12 Dec 2019
--- US-based Perfect Day, a start-up focusing on the development and production of flora-based vegan dairy, is one step closer to commercialization thanks to the closing of a US$140 million Series C funding round, led by... Read More
11 Dec 2019
--- Eucolait, the European association of dairy trade, has condemned the imposition of punitive tariffs on EU dairy products by the US as a result of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Airbus ruling. Since October 18, an... Read More
21 Nov 2019
--- Perfect Day is continuing to close the gap between vegan and animal-derived foods, with the US start-up set to use its animal-free process to make real milk fat. The company plans to have a marketable prototype before the... Read More
19 Nov 2019
--- US Greek yogurt brand Chobani has revealed the company’s “biggest expansion ever” with an entire platform of batch-made oat-based drinks and cultured oat blends. The move marks Chobani’s first foray... Read More
18 Nov 2019
--- Netherlands-headquartered Royal DSM has reached an agreement to acquire a 100 percent interest in specialty dairy solutions provider Koninklijke CSK Food Enrichment (CSK) for a cash consideration of around €150 million... Read More
15 Nov 2019
--- UK-based Galaxy chocolate brand is launching its first vegan alternative to milk chocolate. The Mars Wrigley-owned brand says that a hazelnut paste will create the same smooth and creamy signature characteristics of Galaxy... Read More
14 Nov 2019
--- Identifying cow disease as early as possible is the key to ensuring the food safety of bovine products. To facilitate this, Ph.D. student Xiangyu Song at Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands, has... Read More
12 Nov 2019
--- Dairy protein no longer serves the sports nutrition market exclusively, but is branching out to answer the nutritional needs of mainstream consumers. In recent years, industry has seen an explosion in growth in the protein... Read More
11 Nov 2019
--- Plant-based dairy brand Eclipse Foods is debuting in the US with an ice cream partnership with OddFellows in New York City and Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. Eclipse says it “uses a blend of plants to replicate... Read More
08 Nov 2019
--- African swine fever (ASF) is expected to lead to the first decline in world meat production for the first time in over two decades, while the use of cereals could grow at a pace exceeding population growth. This is according... Read More
08 Nov 2019
--- Tapping into an increasing global demand for mozzarella, Arla Foods is investing €80 million (US$88.4 million) to more than double the cheese production at its Branderup Dairy plant in Denmark. The Scandanavian dairy... Read More
05 Nov 2019
--- Ornua, Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish dairy products, has opened its new, €30 million (US$33 million), state-of-the-art cheese production facility located in Ávila, Spain. The new facility has been... Read More
28 Oct 2019
--- In a bid to support the increasing demands for dairy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Arla Foods has invested an estimated €50 million (US$55 million) in a cheese production site in Bahrain. The... Read More
28 Oct 2019
--- Premium bottled smoothie producer Odwalla, owned by Coca-Cola, has launched a “carb-conscious” zero-sugar smoothie line. The brand’s keto-friendly, on-the-go protein beverages arrive in three flavors: Dark... Read More