21 Aug 2019
--- Major US grocery store Kroger is stocking JUST Egg, a plant-based egg made with mung beans, developed by the San Francisco-based food manufacturer JUST. It will be stocked in more than 2,000 Kroger stores and comes at a time... Read More
20 Aug 2019
--- US multinational retail corporation Walmart and media platform BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” division have partnered to offer consumers “shoppable recipes.” The retailer invites shoppers to add the entire... Read More
19 Aug 2019
--- Advancements in agri-tech and sustainable supply chain management are contributing to the narrowing of yield gaps between organic and conventional farming. Within this market, players have invested in novel solutions that... Read More
16 Aug 2019
--- Australia is seeking an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) to drive Australian exports and economic growth, which entails the protection of 408 food and beverage items under... Read More
16 Aug 2019
--- A television advertisement for Mondelēz UK Ltd’s Philadelphia cream cheese brand has been banned, following 128 consumer complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the men in the advertisement... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- Global ingredients and premix supplier Prinova has expanded into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market with the establishment of a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. The subsidiary will serve customers in Australia and New Zealand,... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- Parabel USA, a producer of plant protein ingredients from water lentils, is preparing for the commercial production of its colorless water lentil hydrolysate ingredient, scheduled for the end of this year. This product is... Read More
13 Aug 2019
--- The yogurt trend is continuing to rise, with over half of US consumers now regularly buying yogurt, according to a new Innova Market Insights report that examines evolving US consumer habits. Alongside health, convenience is... Read More
12 Aug 2019
--- Dairy cooperative Fonterra has said that writedowns would place the company in a NZ$590 million (US$381 million) to NZ$675 million (US$436 million) loss in the financial year just ended. CEO Miles Hurrell says that through... Read More
09 Aug 2019
--- A third of food produced is lost or wasted, while plant-based food could be key to the climate change fight, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s new Special Report on Climate Change... Read More
06 Aug 2019
--- Enzyme producer Novozymes has developed a free online tool to help dairy companies to reduce the amount of added sugars in their products. The calculator asks for the lactose and sucrose content of a yogurt or a flavored... Read More
05 Aug 2019
--- Products, production, employees and regional responsibility are the key fields of action that German-based Uelzena Group is targeting, according to its 2018 sustainability report dubbed “Basis for the future:... Read More
31 Jul 2019
--- German-based food stabilizer supplier Hydrosol has developed a range of stabilizing systems for flavored milk beverages, dubbed Stabiprime MFD. Within the range, Stabiprime MFDC with carrageenan allows manufacturers to make... Read More
29 Jul 2019
--- Ten animal protection, consumer, environment and food NGOs have united in an open letter to urge recently-elected MEPs to drop proposals to outlaw phrases such as “vegan sausage roll” and “veggie... Read More
24 Jul 2019
--- While 2019 is not presenting farmers the weather-related challenges of 2018, contrasting income developments are evident across Irish farms, according to the newly published Mid-Year Outlook report from Teagasc economists.... Read More
22 Jul 2019
--- Netherlands-based Royal DSM has filed for the EU authorization of its feed additive, which reduces dairy cows’ methane emissions by 30 percent. The company states that just a quarter teaspoon of the additive per cow... Read More
16 Jul 2019
--- Science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, Royal DSM (DSM), is launching DelvoCheese CH-120 cultures for young cheddar and barrel cheese. The strains are said to be resistant to phages –... Read More
10 Jul 2019
--- Farms participating in the Arla UK 360 scheme will use Herdvision’s 3D imagery systems to identify changes in physical wellbeing, mobility and weight in cows. The use of visual monitoring, data recording and artificial... Read More
10 Jul 2019
--- French multinational dairy products corporation Lactalis Group has acquired Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, the US yogurt subsidiary of Ehrmann AG, a German-based dairy company. The deal is the fourth acquisition Lactalis, the... Read More
09 Jul 2019
--- The European Dairy Association (EDA) has welcomed the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, which the European Commission (EC) anticipates will lead to collective yearly savings of more than €4 billion for European export... Read More