04 Dec 2020
--- Malt Products Corporation (MPC), a manufacturer of malted barley extract and natural sweeteners, is experiencing a surge in demand for its OatRite oat extract as an attractive sweetener for the burgeoning oat milk market.
03 Dec 2020
--- Ingredia has launched two new functional milk proteins – Promilk Yogfluid and Promilk B Max – providing more health-driven solutions for creamy, permissible indulgent dairy products for snacking on-the-go. The... Read More
02 Dec 2020
--- The gut-brain axis can play an important role in bolstering mental wellness, according to FrieslandCampina Ingredients (FCI). Ahead of a webinar about the emerging science on the interaction between the brain and microbiota,... Read More
01 Dec 2020
--- Biospringer, a business unit of Lesaffre, has unveiled Springer Proteissimo 101, a complete protein from yeast fermentation for plant-based foods, made with a patented technology. The new protein is positioned as a highly... Read More
25 Nov 2020
--- Royal DSM is bolstering its lactase portfolio with a new “one-stop-shop” enzyme for regular and organic lactose-free dairy products. Similar to DSM’s other high-performing lactases, it also supports... Read More
25 Nov 2020
--- Chr. Hansen has launched FreshQ DA, the food culture selected to help strengthen the fermentation of plant-based products, providing better protection against the spoilage caused by yeasts and molds. Investment in fermented... Read More
19 Nov 2020
--- Chr. Hansen has unveiled “next-generation” premium cultures, which are touted to help producers achieve their yogurt-making goals by optimizing protein content and offering documented probiotics. This comes at a... Read More
04 Nov 2020
--- The Protein Brewery – which makes a protein called Fermotein from sugar beets, potatoes and corn as an alternative to animal variants in meat substitutes, dairy, pasta and chocolate – has netted a €22... Read More
27 Oct 2020
--- Clean label standards are moving beyond the substitution of artificial additives or the removal of controversial ingredients. It’s also about offering transparency and authenticity to reassure consumers and win their... Read More
26 Oct 2020
--- The European Parliament has rejected a proposal to ban the use of words like “sausage” and “burger” to describe vegan and vegetarian products, in what plant-based industry leaders describe as a... Read More
21 Oct 2020
--- US-based NovaQuest Capital Management has announced a US$20 million product financing agreement with Mileutis, an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, to mitigate the use of antibiotics in animals. Mileutis’... Read More
19 Oct 2020
--- Danone is planning a shake up of its portfolio and underperforming assets, starting with an immediate review of its strategic options for Argentina and for its plant-based Nutritional products brand, Vega.
13 Oct 2020
--- Nestlé has joined the US dairy industry to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Innovation Center for US Dairy has unveiled the Net Zero Initiative, an industry-wide effort that will help dairy farms worldwide... Read More
05 Oct 2020
--- Fonterra has agreed to sell its China farms for a total of AU$555 million (US$398 mn) after successfully developing the farms alongside local partners. Fonterra expects to use the cash proceeds from the two transactions to... Read More
02 Oct 2020
--- The F&B sector will undergo an “enormous transformation” over the next decade, with the dairy industry feeling this most acutely, according to researchers at Tetra Pak and Lund University, Sweden. The... Read More
30 Sep 2020
--- Nestlé is expanding its range of dairy alternatives with the launch of a plant-based Nesquik drink in Europe that is lower in sugar compared to the regular version. A combination of oats and peas with sustainably... Read More
30 Sep 2020
--- Tesco has committed to a 300 percent increase in its sales of meat alternatives by 2025, making it the first UK retailer to set plant-based sales targets. The goal is part of a range of measures dubbed the Sustainable Basket... Read More
29 Sep 2020
--- Nestlé has launched a new platform for innovation, bringing together start-ups, students and scientists to leverage the F&B giant’s dairy and plant protein expertise in rapid time. The R&D Accelerator,... Read More
24 Sep 2020
--- A new report from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) shows that it is “theoretically possible” to produce the same amount of milk from just 83 million cows in the UK as opposed to the... Read More
23 Sep 2020
--- Carbery Group has launched Carbery Dairy, its latest cheese brand, specifically for the ingredient and foodservice markets in Europe and Asia. The range includes natural cheddar, a functional reduced-fat cheese, specialty... Read More