01 Mar 2024
--- The European Parliament has voted in favor of a landmark nature restoration law amid right-wing pushback and farmer protests. While environmentalists see the new law as a historic opportunity to restore nature in Europe,... Read More
26 Feb 2024
--- At this year’s Packaging Innovations trade show in Birmingham, UK (February 21–22), industry experts highlighted the latest material developments aimed at bolstering the circular economy. Ridding packaging of... Read More
26 Feb 2024
--- The “Nestlé Health Science Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge” reveals the winners of its most recent challenge for upcoming innovative companies. The challenges prizes will be awarded to... Read More
26 Feb 2024
--- The UK is preparing to roll out its “Not for EU” labels across commercial food and beverage products, which businesses fear may lead to additional trading complexities and costs. Consumers are worried the clear... Read More
20 Feb 2024
--- Despite a string of innovations and NPD in the plant-based meat space, price remains a major obstacle preventing consumers from switching to plant-based products — particularly as the sector has been affected by... Read More
15 Feb 2024
--- In a strategic move, dsm-firmenich reveals it will carve out its Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) business from the company within 2025 to increase its focus on its Perfumery & Beauty; Taste, Texture & Health... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- Fiber-fortified claims continually appear in “non-traditional” food applications. According to analysis from Innova Market Insights, new upcycled sources of fiber, soluble fiber, gut health for babies, prebiotic... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- German farmers are protesting against government plans to abolish diesel subsidies and motor vehicle tax exemptions in agriculture, but environmental groups claim such measures are necessary for sustainable food systems.... Read More
09 Feb 2024
--- Environmental and animal protection groups have criticized the European Commission’s (EC) new plans to weaken its agriculture-related GHG emission targets and accused policymakers of favoring discontented farmers over... Read More
08 Feb 2024
--- Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has become the first EU capital to endorse the call for a Plant Based Treaty to address food system impacts on the climate crisis, aiming to make the city a vegan capital. Implementing its... Read More
07 Feb 2024
--- Alland & Robert has unveiled its fourth production line of acacia gum at its plant in Normandy, France and launched “Beyond Acacia” — a highly soluble gum with granularity that confers better hydration... Read More
02 Feb 2024
--- In this week’s industry news, Bühler unveiled its new Protein Application Center to expand food innovation capabilities in Uzwil, Switzerland. FAO launched a portal for statistics on food and diet for harmonized... Read More
02 Feb 2024
--- UK F&B businesses are urging the government to provide clarity over the possibility of new labeling requirements amid fears that the proposed introduction of “Not for EU” product labels could push up... Read More
29 Jan 2024
--- The year has begun with food tech innovations, regulation advancements in the cultivated meat space, AI-powered solutions, eco-labeling policy developments and annual campaigns like Veganuary and Dry January.In the first of... Read More
26 Jan 2024
--- Attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea are intensifying and causing F&B costs to rise globally, with insurance prices soaring and delivery times lengthed as vessels circumnavigate dangerous channels. Inflation is... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- EU Parliament has given its final green light to the Green Claims Directive that will ultimately ban the use of “misleading” environmental claims across food sold in Europe. With expectations that all green... Read More
23 Jan 2024
--- Food corporations are transforming their businesses through AI but should prepare now for the incoming EU AI Act, according to Julia Buech, a senior consumer foods analyst at Rabo Research Food & Agribusiness. The... Read More
23 Jan 2024
--- Starbucks and environmental charity Hubbub have unveiled the findings of six reuse projects funded by its £1.4 million (~US$1.7 million) Bring It Back Fund. The trials, which engaged over 100 food and drink businesses... Read More
18 Jan 2024
--- The European Parliament (EP) has approved a new directive banning greenwashing and deceptive product information to protect consumers from misleading marketing practices and promote sustainable choices. The directive,... Read More
17 Jan 2024
--- Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the UK food and beverage sector increased in 2023 despite the macroeconomic issues that plagued 2022 continuing to suppress higher value deals in the first half of last year,... Read More