infant nutrition

29 May 2023
--- Stora Enso reveals that the strength of food systems hinges on industry collaboration and an overhaul of the packaging industry. The company’s latest report provides a call to action for the food industry to play its... Read More
29 May 2023
--- This year’s World Digestive Health Day focuses on how gut health develops inside the womb and the changing dietary needs of the gastrointestinal tract from birth through to infancy, childhood and adulthood. The World... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Arla Foods Ingredients is launching an alpha-lactalbumin (alpha)-rich infant formula ingredient to help meet the growing need for low-protein formulations. Multiple studies have shown that high protein intake during infancy... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Taste and texture remain crucial in encouraging shopper retention, and stabilizers and texturizers are important pieces to this puzzle. Addressing the challenges of price and supply fluctuations of key ingredients like... Read More
23 May 2023
--- The Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) is demanding that UK political parties commit to addressing the high levels of excess weight in the country’s population. Today, the organization is “hand-delivering letters to... Read More
22 May 2023
--- Several studies have demonstrated the necessity of proper nutrition for growing infants and their physical and mental development. Moreover, Innova Market Insights highlights that product launches in the baby and toddler... Read More
18 May 2023
--- Just one day before the grain deal was due to expire, a two-month extension has been negotiated, which will allow Ukraine to export millions of tons of grain through the Black Sea despite the ongoing conflict with Russia.
19 Apr 2023
--- Royal DSM is entering into negotiations to purchase Adare Biome from its parent company, Adare Pharma Solutions, for an enterprise value of €275 million (US$301.2 million). The move will expand the company’s human... Read More
29 Mar 2023
--- As the first part of the scathing testimonies on the US’ infant formula shortage before Congress draws to a close, the US Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) reveals its immediate actions and strategy to increase... Read More
23 Mar 2023
--- A recent study published in The Lancet Planetary Health found vitamin and mineral shortfalls in the EAT-Lancet planetary health diet, due to the low amounts of animal-based foods. They are addressing concerns that the... Read More
21 Mar 2023
--- Peptigen IF-3080, one of Arla Foods Ingredients’ protein hydrolysates for infant formula, has received final EU approval. In February 2022, the EU introduced new regulations requiring evaluation of the safety and... Read More
17 Mar 2023
--- FrieslandCampina has opened a new facility in the Netherlands that will produce lactoferrin, a highly nutritious protein and “extremely important ingredient,” which can boost immune systems and promote disease... Read More
16 Mar 2023
--- The UK’s General Medical Council has investments nearing £870,000 (US$1.05 million) in fast food and soft drink companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. The British Medical Journal... Read More
16 Mar 2023
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provisionally concluded that mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) do not pose a health concern to humans. They also confirmed that some substances in the group known as mineral... Read More
01 Mar 2023
--- Global food insecurity, climate change and resource inefficiency are big problems, but investors are betting on small businesses now more than ever to overcome them. Among an array of promising solutions, alternative... Read More
28 Feb 2023
--- The dairy space is diversifying as consumers continue to explore alternative formulations to suit their specific health requirements. While cow’s milk is a continuous staple for many, a niche of camel and goat milk... Read More
23 Feb 2023
--- The US government has made recommendations that plant-based milk should carry a label pointing out the nutritional difference between dairy milk and alt-milk. Officials suggest a voluntary label reform that could see brands... Read More
20 Feb 2023
--- Nutrition and health products producer Reckitt has announced a recall of two batches – 145,000 cans – of its ProSobee 12.9 oz Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula due to “a possibility of cross-contamination... Read More
25 Jan 2023
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued draft guidance for the baby food industry regarding lead in processed foods intended for infants, babies and children under the age of two. The guidance is meant to... Read More
24 Jan 2023
--- Abbott’s vice president of external communications Scott Stoffel has confirmed that the medical device and health care company is now under investigation by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The investigation follows... Read More