23 Oct 2020
--- The grain processing sector is advancing with the use of data to drive decision automation, but it can be a costly and time-intensive endeavor. To this end, TeleSense has netted US$10.2 million in Series B financing for the... Read More
28 Sep 2020
--- General Mills is pledging to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent over the next decade and slash food waste in half. The commitment entails a strategic focus on regenerative agriculture and aligns... Read More
24 Aug 2020
--- An array of market opportunities for gluten-free oats has led to six Scottish farmers to investigate a new supply chain that guarantees provenance, assurance and full traceability. The group from Aberdeenshire recognized... Read More
19 Aug 2020
--- A new report by the Vegan Society outlines alternatives to commercial grazing for farmers and landowners who wish to explore more sustainable land management practices. The practical overview was created in to help the UK... Read More
17 Aug 2020
--- An anti-dumping complaint against imports of wheat gluten from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania and Australia has been filed by ADM Agri-Industries Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of supplier ADM. The complaint... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- Farmers are set to receive a growing number of requests to share data from governments and companies who are increasingly relying on data analysis for policymaking and strategy. This is underscored by RaboResearch, the... Read More
29 Jul 2020
--- Post Consumer Brands and Dunkin’ are launching two new cereals made with Dunkin’ coffee, set to roll out in the US next month. The Post cereals – Dunkin’ Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Latte – were... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- A new report published by the United Nations (UN) calls upon governments and other actors to undertake urgent measures to radically transform food systems, to ensure endemic food security and nutrition. This comes ahead of... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- PepsiCo and Corteva Agriscience are spearheading industry’s first sequencing of the complete oat genome for use in open-source applications. The partnership now seeks to leverage this research to advance the resiliency... Read More
17 Jun 2020
--- French producer of farmed insects Ÿnsect has become the first company in the world to obtain certification and marketing approval for a natural fertilizer made from insect by-products. Authorization for the fertilizer... Read More
04 Jun 2020
--- Farmer sentiment in relation to the pandemic improved slightly in May after falling sharply in both March and April, according to the Ag Economy Barometer launched by Purdue University and agriculture commodities marketplace... Read More
15 May 2020
--- Swiss Bühler Group and Canada-based Premier Tech (PT) are evolving their joint venture (JV) in China into a new global partnership for bulk food packaging. The partnership will allow Bühler to either access... Read More
14 May 2020
--- Ingredion has entered into an exclusive commercial agreement with Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NorQuin) to globally distribute and market NorQuin's quinoa flours. The company has also concluded a financial... Read More
28 Apr 2020
--- The “urgent need” for renewed public debate about new breeding technologies is being flagged by agricultural economists at the University of Göttingen in Germany. While advancements in the past have been... Read More
25 Mar 2020
--- The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) have announced continued progress in the implementation of the agriculture-related provisions of the US-China Phase One Economic... Read More
17 Jan 2020
--- For the past five years, PepsiCo, alongside a number of academic partners including Cranfield University in the UK, has been analyzing how to make the “perfect oat.” Backed by the UK government’s Innovate... Read More
09 Jan 2020
--- Raisio Group is targeting the expansion of its international oat business, with investments of €8 million (US$8.9 million) funneled into increasing capacity at the company’s oat mill in Nokia, Finland. This will... Read More
03 Jan 2020
--- Lidl GB is to stop displaying cartoon characters on its own-brand cereal ranges by spring 2020 to help parents tackle pester power in the supermarket aisles and encourage healthier choices. The move is in response to nearly... Read More
20 Dec 2019
--- The plant-based revolution shows no signs of stopping, as industry grapples to find delicious, yet clean label, protein-rich alternatives to meat and dairy. While soy and wheat are still hugely popular with a legacy in the... Read More
28 Nov 2019
--- Leveraging finance to scale climate-smart rice production is the cornerstone of global food security and is urgently needed to avert civil unrest, a new report by Earth Security Group (ESG) has found. This research stresses... Read More