Regulatory News

EU Report Cites Antimicrobial Resistance as “Alarming Threat”

23 Feb 2017 --- The latest findings by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show that bacteria found in humans, animals and food continue to show resistance to widely used antimicrobials.

Californian Call to Introduce Food Dye Warning Labels

17 Feb 2017 --- Similar to the labels already used in the UK and around Europe, California is pushing for a warning label bill on synthetic food containing dyes and colorings. 

MEPs Call for Fast-Track Approval of Low-Risk Pesticides

16 Feb 2017 --- Low-risk biological pesticides, including those made from bio-organisms, pheromones or essential oils, could replace conventional ones that are suspected of harming the environment and human health. MEPs are wondering why some member states hesitate or refuse to approve them and want the EU Commission to propose a revision of the rules to accelerate the approval process.

US Appeal Court Rules Restaurants Must Label High Salt Menu Items

14 Feb 2017 --- A US appeal court has upheld a ruling that says chain restaurants in New York City must flag up menu items with high sodium content by showing a salt-shaker icon to indicate the dish has more than a full day’s recommended dose of sodium.

Food Industry Anticipates What the Real Brexit Means as White Paper is Released

03 Feb 2017 --- As the government sets out its principal plans for Brexit, the White Paper for leaving Europe has been released and covers areas including trade, migration controls and sovereignty issues. The policy document sets outs Theresa May’s goals for negotiations with the European Union and comes after there was mounting pressure from MPs across the House of Commons for the Prime Minister to go public with detailed plans on exactly how Britain will leave the EU. 

South Africa Beverage Association Calls for Sugar Reduction Regulation Not Tax

02 Feb 2017 --- The Beverage Association of South Africa (BevSA) has been strongly opposed to the planned 20% tax on sugary sweetened drinks ever since it was first mooted - but now the body has outlined its criticisms in Parliament.

France Bans Unlimited Soda Refills

30 Jan 2017 --- All-you-can-drink free soda refills in restaurants and other public eateries around France have been banned as a new law comes into force legislating against unlimited sugary soft drinks being offered as part of a promotion.

EFSA: It’s Time to Reduce, Replace and Re-Think the Use of Antimicrobials in Animals

25 Jan 2017 --- Reducing the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals, replacing them where possible and re-thinking the livestock production system is essential for the future of animal and public health. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the world’s most pressing public health issues and the use of antimicrobials in animals contributes to this problem, so limiting their use to the minimum necessary to treat infectious diseases in animals is crucial.

TerraVia’s Whole Algal Protein Gains Regulatory Approval from Health Canada

12 Jan 2017 --- TerraVia have announced that Health Canada has issued an approval for its Whole Algal Protein ingredient for food use in Canada. With this approval, TerraVia has successfully achieved regulatory approval for its portfolio of AlgaVia Whole Algae Ingredients, including AlgaVia Whole Algal Protein and AlgaVia Whole Algal Flour, for food use across North America. 

US: Philadelphia Soda Tax Comes into Force

04 Jan 2017 --- Despite efforts to legally block the tax on sugary beverages in Philadelphia new legislation is now in effect increasing the cost of soda, diet drinks and other beverages by 1.5 cent-per-ounce. 

Government of Canada Finalizes Changes to Nutrition and Ingredients on Packaged Foods

15 Dec 2016 --- Making science-based nutrition information easier to understand is one way to empower Canadians to make healthier food choices.

US Heart Association Chief Calls for Sugary Drinks Taxation Based on Sugar Content

15 Dec 2016 --- The head of the American Heart Association is getting behind calls to tax sugary drinks by sugar content, claiming this is the most effective method to curb obesity and other health problems associated with consuming too much sugar. 

New Mandatory EU Regulations on Nutritional Values Enter Into Force

13 Dec 2016 --- Today (December 13) is the cut off point for food business to adhere to new mandatory EU regulations that require most pre-packed products to provide nutritional information to consumers. The regulation officially takes effect today, however some foods are exempt from the rule, including the manufacture of small quantities of food that are supplied directly by the manufacturers to the consumers or to local retailers for direct supply to the consumer. 

EFSA and BfR to Work Jointly on Global Food Safety Tools

09 Dec 2016 --- Trace-back and predictive modelling tools for use during food safety outbreaks and created by scientific teams led by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) will be further rolled out under a new funding partnership agreed between EFSA and BfR.

New Restrictions on HFSS Ads Aimed at Children in UK

08 Dec 2016 --- Advertisements for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) aimed at children which run online, in print, on billboards and in cinemas are to be banned in the UK, under new rules. The rules are an effort to help combat rising childhood obesity, particularly in light of children spending more time online, but campaigners have criticized the measures of falling short and complain that the “power” rests in the “hands of manufacturers and advertisers, not parents.”

EU Steps Up To Fight Food Waste

05 Dec 2016 --- Around 88 million tons of food are wasted annually in the EU – which equates to around 20 percent of all food produced, with associated costs estimated at €143 billion (US$151.5 billion). Because of these shocking statistics, the European Commission is stepping up its efforts to prevent food waste, strengthen the sustainability of the food system. 

Hefty Funding for European Agricultural Product Promotion

24 Nov 2016 --- The European Commission has approved 60 new programs to promote agricultural products worth €94 million in a bid to alleviate market difficulties.

US Advisory Board Delists Carrageenan for Organics

18 Nov 2016 --- The National Organic Standards Board has decided to disallow the use of red seaweed-derived carrageenan in organic products amid controversial debates over its safety, even though it has previously been approved for many years.

Campaigners Criticize EU Meat Sector Funding

16 Nov 2016 --- European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan is facing a wave of criticism from a coalition of organizations protesting against his recent €15 million allocation to increase meat consumption in member states and more funding to open new markets for European beef.

Ireland Defines “Small” and “Local” Quantities for Food Labeling

16 Nov 2016 --- The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is reminding food businesses that new mandatory EU regulations that require most pre-packed products to provide nutritional information to consumers will come into force shortly.