Meat & Fish

Tyson Foods to Stop Using Antibiotics in Chicken

24 Feb 2017 --- Tyson, the second-largest poultry company in the world has announced that it will stop using antibiotics on its chickens by June 2017. The decision to end the use of antibiotics is expected to cover all of the company’s branded chicken products, as well as the NatureRaised Farms brand.

Arjuna Launch Natural Shelf Life Extender for Chilled Meats

30 Jan 2017 --- Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. presents X-tend, a complete, natural, formulation-specific preservative designed to increase chilled-meat product shelf-life and ensure food safety.

EFSA: It’s Time to Reduce, Replace and Re-Think the Use of Antimicrobials in Animals

25 Jan 2017 --- Reducing the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals, replacing them where possible and re-thinking the livestock production system is essential for the future of animal and public health. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the world’s most pressing public health issues and the use of antimicrobials in animals contributes to this problem, so limiting their use to the minimum necessary to treat infectious diseases in animals is crucial.

Lamex Food Group Acquires Liberty Holdings BV

05 Jan 2017 --- UK based Lamex Food Group, one of the world’s largest privately owned frozen and chilled food importers/exporters has acquired Dutch company Liberty Holdings BV, the holding company for meat and poultry business Kappers Foods and a number of other companies operating in Holland.

Cargill Invests in Innovation Facilities to Meet Shifting Consumer Demands

16 Dec 2016 --- Cargill demonstrated an intensified commitment to innovation in food, nutrition and food safety during the final two months of 2016. The company opened two major R&D facilities in November and December—one in North America and one in China—focused on continuous improvement and investing in the future of food to meet shifting consumer expectations. 

3D Printing Offers an “Exciting Opportunity” to Add Value to Secondary Meat Cuts

08 Dec 2016 --- Three-dimensional printing technology for red meat products could present the next big advancement in value adding to the Australian industry, following new research published by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). A recent MLA research project reviewed market acceptance and value proposition for 3D printed food with meat as an ingredient – particularly investigating how the technology could open new market opportunities and further grow the demand and uses for red meat.

Opinion Edge: The Supplier View: 2017 Food Trends

01 Dec 2016 ---  Key suppliers offer their thoughts on key food industry trends to watch. What will be the key consumer trends driving the food industry forward in 2017 and how are they impacting supplier R&D development?

Pilgrim’s Pride Acquires GNP Co for $350m

30 Nov 2016 --- Pilgrim’s Pride has acquired US rival chicken producer GNP Co for $350m, saying that it was attracted by GNP’s technologies such as automated deboning and gas stunning. By acquiring the GNP business, Pilgrim’s Pride, which is majority owned by Brazil’s JBS, is expanding its presence into new markets, as well as bolstering its status as an organic and natural processor of chickens.

UK on Track to Cut Antibiotic Use in Animals as Total Sales Drop 9%

18 Nov 2016 --- Sales of antibiotics for use in animals in the UK are at a four-year low, putting the UK on track to meet ambitious targets to tackle antibiotic resistance, according to a Defra report which has been released.

Protective Cultures Enhance Quality and Safety of Meat Produce

16 Nov 2016 --- In manufacturing food products it is important also to consider safety and stability. Building hurdles into the recipe and processing is a well know way of obtaining the best possible results. 

Tyson Takes 5 Percent Stake in Beyond Meat

11 Oct 2016 --- Tyson Foods, the biggest meat processor in the US by sales, has snapped up a five percent stake in a Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes. Beyond Meat is a company that makes meats from protein sources such as peas and soy.

Commission Clears Joint Acquisition of Slaney by ABP Group and Fane Valley

11 Oct 2016 --- The European Commission has cleared unconditionally, after an investigation under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of joint control of Slaney Foods JV and Slaney Proteins (Ireland) by meat processor ABP Group(Ireland) and farmer-owned agri-food company Fane Valley (United Kingdom).

Essentia Launches No-Antibiotics-Ever Poultry Products

10 Oct 2016 --- Essentia Protein Solutions have announced the expansion of its line of ProBase and ScanPro ingredients to include No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) chicken and turkey products. These innovative new products will be added to Essentia’s portfolio of ingredient solutions which deliver numerous processing and clean-label benefits for meat, savory and nutrition products.  

Mane Monitors Flexitarian Trends and Appeals to Future Meat-Free Eaters

04 Oct 2016 --- As the number of flexitarians grows globally, leading fragrance and flavor house Mane is reaffirming its position in the meat-free space which continues to go through huge growth around the world. The meat-free market is booming with high volumes of product launches across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in particular, reported by Innova Market Insights. There has been a 38 percent, on average, increase in the EMEA per year leading to predictions from Mane that the flexitarian trend is “here to stay.”

Pack Your Lunch With Insects and Microalgae

01 Oct 2016 ---  On the one hand, food energy-intake has become a salient issue, due to the increasing number of consumers with food intake related diseases, such as diabetes. On the other hand, consumers are seeking innovative and more sustainable ingredients. They should be more than just simple supplies of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

UN Declares Global Fight on Antimicrobial Resistance

22 Sep 2016 --- Global leaders gathered at the United Nations yesterday for a historic high-level debate concerning antimicrobial resistance where they committed to address challenges to health, food security and development. During the talks in New York, leaders signaled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistance to antimicrobial medicines. 

New Technology Beating Burger Fraudsters and Meat Adulterations

22 Sep 2016 --- Horse meat fraudulently mixed with burgers is now much easier to spot, thanks to new technology developed by food researchers who have devised a test to identify even tiny amounts of illegally concealed meat. Shoppers can be much more confident that their burgers are the real deal, says the UK Institute of Food Research (IFR), following a new method of testing for meat fraud. 

Happy Egg Hatches Plan to List on London Stock Exchange

05 Sep 2016 --- Britain’s biggest egg supplier is planning a £400m (£532m) flotation on the London Stock Exchange.

2 Sisters Food Group Invests $59m to Create the World’s Most Advanced Poultry Plant

31 Aug 2016 --- 2 Sisters Food Group have announced a $59m (£45m) upgrade that will create the world’s most advanced poultry processing plant at its site in Scunthorpe, UK. The investment will introduce new robotic cells to create a fully automated process that will increase the capacity of the site by a third to 2.4m birds a week.

World Trade Organization Shows Solidarity with EU Over Russia’s Pork Import Ban

22 Aug 2016 --- The European Union has been backed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) which has declared the Russian import ban on live pigs, fresh pork and other pig products illegal.