NZMP Launches Gold Whole Milk Powder for UHT Beverages

27 Mar 2017 --- NZMP, the global ingredients brand of Fonterra, have announced the launch of NZMP GOLD Whole Milk Powder for UHT. Designed specifically for UHT beverages, the new product gives manufacturers longer production runs over standard milk powders, as well as cleaner labelling on their final product and consistent shelf life stability.

Roha Launches Replacement for Carmine in Dairy Products

27 Mar 2017 --- The steadily increasing awareness about food in general and food additives in particular indicates that more and more consumers now take due consideration to find out the source of the different food ingredients before consumption. 

Milk Specialties Global Launches Calcium Caseinate From rBGH-Free Milk

24 Mar 2017 --- Milk Specialties Global, the protein manufacturer based out of Eden Prairie, MN, is the first US-based company to market calcium caseinate produced from fresh US milk. The rBGH-free, non-GMO skim milk is sourced from local California dairy farms and transported to its Visalia, CA plant where the other milk components are removed to produce the calcium caseinate.

Ornua Expands Global Footprint in Singapore with Launch of Kerrygold Cheese

22 Mar 2017 --- Ornua has expanded its footprint in South East Asia with the launch of a range of Kerrygold cheese in Singapore.  

Arla Reports Record Growth Among UK’s Top 100 Grocery Brands

20 Mar 2017 --- Arla branded products recorded the largest growth of any of the 100 UK grocery brands listed, achieving growth of £37m in 2016. The Arla brand portfolio grew almost four times that of the next closest brand (Pepsi, £8.5m), reflecting a strong sales performance of volume driven growth of 7.6% last year.

EU Support Scheme Helps to Reduce Milk Production

17 Mar 2017 --- Nearly 44 000 farmers from across the EU have applied for support from the EU for agreeing to voluntarily reduce their production of milk by nearly 852 000t in the last quarter of 2016.

UK Inflation: Non-Dairy Milk and Gin Added to Basket

15 Mar 2017 --- Non-dairy milk, such as soya, rice and oat milk, are being added to the Office for National Statistics's (ONS) inflation basket for the first time, reflecting the increase in the popularity of dairy-free diets. In addition, gin is returning to the basket after a 13-year absence, with gin consumption on the rise, partly thanks to the significant growth in the number of small gin producers.

Fonterra Targets Trust & Origin Platforms in Dairy

10 Mar 2017 --- In a detailed and wide ranging interview, Kelvin Wickham, Chief Operating Officer of NZMP, Fonterra’s dairy ingredients business, speaks about the dairy market, business plans and innovation.

First Milk Agrees New Long Term Contract with Nestlé UK & Ireland

10 Mar 2017 --- First Milk has supplied fresh British milk to Nestlé UK&I since 2003, in a relationship that has focused on building a long term sustainable supply chain for Nestlé's confectionary and beverage businesses.

DSM Targets Food Waste in Dairy

09 Mar 2017 --- DSM has expanded its range of natural food protection solutions with the launch of a new range of highly effective protective cultures that increase the shelf life of dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream and fresh cheese. Effectively combating yeast and mold growth, these new DelvoGuard cultures are specifically targeted at producers who are looking for clean label solutions to reduce dairy losses and to increase the shelf life of their products.

1 in 4 UK Dairy Farmers to Benefit $37.7 Million Windfall from Arla

08 Mar 2017 --- Arla Foods has announced that its British owners will receive £31 million as their 2016 year-end bonus. Arla is owned by 12,000 dairy farmers across Europe, 2,500 of whom are British and make up almost a quarter of all British dairy farmers.

Kerry in Double Product Premiere: Plant-Protein Solution ProDiem and Clean Label Cheese

03 Mar 2017 --- Using a proprietary processing technique and Kerry flavor-masking technology to address the grainy, chalky texture and mask the characteristic off-notes and bitterness traditionally associated with plant-based proteins, Kerry has come up with a new plant-protein solution. ProDiem delivers complementary combinations of plant proteins, including pea, rice and oats, to improve the protein quality by delivering an amino acid profile closer to that of animal protein.

FrieslandCampina Kievit Study Defines “Creaminess”

03 Mar 2017 --- The trend for creamy treats as the ultimate in luxury and indulgence continues to rise. Around the globe, people increasingly perceive creaminess in coffee and tea as a seductive alternative to plain black variants. The right level of creaminess in these beverages is actually complex to achieve. Based on not just taste but also mouthfeel, aroma and appearance, getting the perfect blend that appeals to all senses is an intricate matter.

FrieslandCampina Revenues Decrease Amid “Turbulent Year”

02 Mar 2017 --- Dutch headquartered dairy giant, Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. has reported that 2016 profit increased by 5.5 percent to 362 million euros in comparison to the previous year. Operating profit declined by 2.3 percent to 563 million euros. Adjusted for negative currency effects of 30 million euros, the operating profit is 593 million euros. The margin stayed up to par due to the sale of more added-value products, especially in Asia, and lower procurement costs. 

Tetra Pak Acquires Johnson Industries International

02 Mar 2017 --- Tetra Pak has acquired Johnson Industries International, a company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of equipment and lines to produce mozzarella cheese. The company also manufactures a range of cheese cutting, shredding and brining equipment.

Fonterra Launches Low Lactose Instant Whole Milk Powder

01 Mar 2017 --- NZMP, the global ingredients brand of Fonterra, has launched NZMP Low Lactose Instant Whole Milk Powder (IWMP). This new ingredient has less than 2% lactose and allows consumer milk powder manufacturers to capitalize on the increasing consumer demand for low lactose foods. 

Collaboration is Needed for Ireland’s Dairy Sector to Tackle Climate Change

28 Feb 2017 --- Delegates from Ireland’s dairy sector have heard how climate change poses threats of extreme weather and the potential for new diseases and pests - but Ireland is less likely to experience such extremities compared with competitor countries in key milk producing regions around the world.

Strong Growth in a Volatile Market for Arla

23 Feb 2017 --- Arla have delivered a solid business performance throughout 2016 and made a strong start to the delivery of its strategy, Good Growth 2020, despite highly volatile milk markets. While revenue declined due to the global price environment, Arla continued to improve the quality of its sales by moving more milk from bulk to brands, and Arla’s net profit grew 20.7 per cent to EUR 356 million.

Glanbia Reports Double Digit Growth, Proposes JV with Irish Dairy Co-op

22 Feb 2017 --- Glanbia have reported its seventh year of double digit growth, with operating profit of nearly $262.8m (€250m), up from $223.9m (€213m).

Profits Drop at Dean Foods, Caused by Weak Demand for Milk

17 Feb 2017 --- Dairy distributor Dean Foods have reported an increase to its Q4 earnings, but gave a downbeat 2017 outlook as milk volumes are still expected to come under pressure. The company forecast adjusted earnings of $1.35 to $1.55 per share for the current fiscal year and earnings of 12 cents to 20 cents a share for the first quarter.