Nestlé Rolls Out New Reduced-Sugar Kit Kats With More Cocoa and Milk

29 Mar 2017 --- New versions of one of Nestle’s iconic confectionery brands Kit Kat have been launched with 10% less sugar and more cocoa and milk. 

Haribo to Open First US Candy Factory, With $242 Million Investment

27 Mar 2017 --- Iconic gummy bear brand Haribo, a firm favorite among US consumers for decades, is finally opening a US$242 million manufacturing operation in Wisconsin set to launch in 2020. 

Sensient Launches Range of Natural, Fat-Soluble Flavorings for Indulgent Applications

27 Mar 2017 --- Sensient Flavors have introduced a range of innovative fat-soluble flavors for fillings in bakery, confectionery and dairy applications. Nine sophisticated taste profiles have been developed as internal concepts, either as single or dual flavors: apple & almond, banana split, butter mint, cherry, mango, orange & ginger, peanut, praline and smoked coconut. All of the flavors are natural, suitable for vegan concepts and are Kosher certified. In addition, the peanut and almond flavours are ‘nut free’ nut flavors.

Barry Callebaut Expands Cocoa Nurseries Program in Indonesia

21 Mar 2017 --- One of Barry Callebaut’s primary goals in Forever Chocolate is to lift more than 500,000 farmers out of poverty. To get there, we can improve farm productivity and increase the yield of high-quality cocoa. Doing this will enable farmers to sell their cocoa at higher prices and gain access to a better quality of life.

“Magic Starch” Leads to Gelatin Free, Protein Enriched Jelly Bars

14 Mar 2017 --- Meeting up the rising trend of gelatin free and protein enriched products, Emsland Group has introduced a new confectionery concept: a Jelly Bar. The ingredient supplier has created a transparent, flexible, elastic fruit-bar produced by an extrusion – or molding process. The Jelly Bar consists of a fruity body (equal if it’s a bar or cut into pieces), which is enriched with protein sources, fibers or grains. This kind of bar can also be covered with chocolate or other decorations.

View From The Top: Patrick Poirrier, CEO, Cémoi

10 Mar 2017 --- French headquartered family cocoa and chocolate company Cémoi reported a turnover of €820 million in 2016 and estimates that it buys some 3% of the world’s cocoa. The company operates 14 factories around the world, employing some 3,600 people. Domestic sales still account for around 40% of the company’s business, with another 45% occurring in the rest of Europe. But while only 15% of the company’s sales come from the rest of the world [predominantly North America and Asia], this i growing strongly.

Nestlé to Strip Out 10% of Sugar Across UK Sweet Portfolio by 2018

08 Mar 2017 --- Nestlé UK and Ireland is stepping up to the sugar challenge by stripping out 10% of sugar from its confectionery portfolio by 2018. The move will see around 7,500 tons of sugar removed across a number of well-known brands through a range of methods and initiatives.

Cargill Cocoa Launches Range of Clean Label Coatings and Fillings

01 Mar 2017 --- Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has launched new additions to its coatings and fillings range offering extended capabilities to manufacturers, with innovations designed to answer key trends and fulfil consumer needs and preferences.

Hershey to Cut 15% of Global Workforce

01 Mar 2017 --- Chocolate giant Hershey is cutting around 15% of its global workforce in a jobs cull that is expected to help the company’s new “Margin for Growth” program aiming to boost profit margins by reducing administrative expenses and improving the supply chain. 

Happy Valentine’s Day – Cocoa Glut Causes Price Decline

13 Feb 2016 --- As the most romantic day of the year approaches, chocolate sales are surging around the world more the usual as the cost of cocoa has fallen to an eight-year low. As cocoa growers across West Africa and Latin America collect higher than average harvests, production levels are increasing, leading to a boom year for cocoa supplies. As this accounts for around 70% of the world’s cocoa production, global prices are being pushed down - the lowest since 2008.

Opinion Edge: The Supplier View – Sweet Inspiration

08 Feb 2017 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on key sweet goods trends to watch. Trends include the rise in blurring boundaries, whereby savory and sweet flavors are combined together in NPD.

Translating Key Trends Across Sweet Categories

08 Feb 2017 --- A look at trends across four key themes: Healthy, Sustainable & Clean, Premium and Indulgent.

Mondelez International Working with “Urgency” to Counter Political Uncertainties

08 Feb 2017 --- Political uncertainties, economic disruptions and slowing growth were flagged up as concerns for Oreo-maker Mondelez International which has reported an 8.1 percent fall in revenues in the quarter to $6.77bn.

INTERVIEW: Barry Callebaut Looks to Meet 2025 100% Sustainable Chocolate Goals

06 Feb 2017 --- The future of cocoa farming currently looks bleak and requires intervention from industry in order to protect the long term future of cocoa and chocolate. 60% of cocoa farmers in West Africa are living in extreme poverty. As a direct result of cocoa farmer poverty, it is estimated that more than 2 million children are working on cocoa farms in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana alone. Deforestation is one of the biggest causes of global warming and threatening the ecosystem that provides chocolate ingredients.

Raisio to Renew its Organization

01 Feb 2017 --- Raisio Group will renew its organization as of today (1 February 2017). The Group is organized into four Divisions: Benecol, Healthy Snacks, Confectionery and Raisioagro.

Barry Callebaut Presents Range of Chocolate and Fruit Fillings at ISM

31 Jan 2017 --- At the ISM trade fair in Cologne, Barry Callebaut launched a range of fillings for confectionary and bakery creations. The fillings of the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products are the answer to satisfy consumer needs for premium, multisensory experiences. The new range enables professionals worldwide to work with delicious chocolate and fruit fillings with low water activity.

BENEO Presents Innovative Sugar-Free Concepts at ISM 2017

30 Jan 2017 --- At ISM 2017 in Cologne, BENEO is set to inspire visitors with its latest innovations in sugar-free hard candies presented in its new Sweets Collection. 

HERZA Schokolade Present New Chocolate Trends Products

24 Jan 2017 --- At this year’s BioFach in Nuremberg, HERZA Schokolade will present attractive new products enabling manufacturers of muesli, ice cream, bakery products and snacks to follow current consumer trends. For the retail trade, in particular, the company offers a wide range of organic baking ingredients for a private label strategy. Visitors to the BioFach exhibition will find more information on the advantages of the various novel products on Stand 9-435 in Hall 9.

KEY INTERVIEW: Cargill President Highlights Trends in Chocolate

12 Dec 2016 --- Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business offers the food industry a wide range of both standard and customized cocoa and chocolate ingredients for use in bakery, confectionery, dairy and other applications all over the world. The company’s product range includes high quality chocolate, coatings, fillings, and more recently the Gerkens cocoa powders range which has a new addition, reported by FoodIngredientsFirst last month. 

Cargill Highlights Key Trends in Chocolate

06 Dec 2016 --- Cargill’s cocoa & chocolate business has just released its comprehensive report highlighting key sector trends to help manufacturers develop their next winning innovations.