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29 Nov 2022
--- Nestlé could be potentially divesting its peanut allergy treatment Palforzia following slower than expected adoption by patients and healthcare professionals. Nestlé expects the review to be done in the first... Read More
28 Nov 2022
--- German chemicals distributor Brenntag has confirmed potential takeover talks with US rival Univar Solutions and is understood to be debating the feasibility of a potential acquisition in the coming months. Although the two... Read More
25 Nov 2022
--- At the Free From Functional Foods Expo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, earlier this week, Danish-based Økolyst showcased its biodynamic products, including its bone broth, an entirely Scandinavian product using... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- Plant-based, high protein, gluten-free, locally produced products without added preservatives focusing on health were overall trends spotlighted by industry members at the Free From Functional Foods expo in Amsterdam, the... Read More
23 Nov 2022
--- As the festive season approaches, the beverage industry anticipates growing sales as consumers stock up with alcohol. However, producers are increasingly responding to consumer demands for zero percent alcohol options as... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- Molecular farming start-up Bright Biotech has captured a US$3.2 million investment to bring down costs for cultivated meat alternative proteins and help drive cell-based companies production to scale. The business also... Read More
21 Nov 2022
--- “Queremos cerveza,” thirsty Ecuadorian fans demanded yesterday after scoring a win against host Qatar proved easier than securing a six-pack. After a surprise last-second ban on selling beers at stadiums... Read More
18 Nov 2022
--- A gold rush of affluent consumers toward champagne is draining stocks of high-end bottles. Meanwhile, even during a year of inflationary pressures, other luxury foods, such as caviar, are seeing firm-up demand. Signs are... Read More
11 Nov 2022
--- Following the consolidation of its Taste, Nutrition & Health (TN&H) segment earlier this year, Symrise has reorganized its food and beverages offer within the business arm. Existing under TN&H, the German flavor... Read More
10 Nov 2022
--- Mushroom ingredient innovators Scelta Inside and MBio have signed a distribution agreement allowing the two companies to cooperate in bringing vitamins derived from the “white-buttoned wonder” to the health... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- Reflecting far-reaching inflationary shocks across global food, dairy is seeing its fair share of price hikes. FoodIngredientsFirst dives into the market dynamics impacting the dairy sector which include diminished demand... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- China is ramping up its strategic release of pork reserves, as prices for the meat appear to have hit a peak after a momentous price run that has led the commodity to almost double on a year-on-year basis. Meanwhile,... Read More
07 Nov 2022
--- The free-from and plant-based food market has witnessed a transformation over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic helping to drive greater consumer awareness of the environmental and health benefits of a free-from... Read More
02 Nov 2022
--- Ingredients supplier Azelis has entered a new partnership with flavor house Symrise in India and Indonesia. This collaboration is expected to bring new solutions that enrich taste and improve the nutritional profile of end... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- With energy costs weighing down productivity in Europe, DSM has lowered its full year 2022 outlook.
31 Oct 2022
--- More than 30 Asia-Pacific stakeholders in the novel foods space have come to an agreement on using “cultivated” as the standard descriptor for novel cell-based products. Working toward regulatory standardization... Read More
27 Oct 2022
--- The shrinking value of the currencies of most developing economies is driving up food and fuel prices in ways that could deepen the food crises that many already face, warns the World Bank’s latest Commodity Markets... Read More
26 Oct 2022
--- Symrise has unveiled its financial data for the third quarter of the year, revealing a “much stronger than expected” organic growth across sections driven by its taste, nutrition and health segment, which has... Read More
26 Oct 2022
--- Leveraging its patented organoid technology to make nature identical, cultured eel meat at cost parity, start-up Forsea Foods has hooked US$5.2 million toward its catch-free product. Though the eel has become an endangered... Read More
24 Oct 2022
--- Companies are moving to defend their brands and iconic symbols in the metaverse as efforts to build up the digital universe continue. Kraft, Moët Hennessy, Takis, Del Monte and In-N-Out Burger have recently filed for... Read More