Soft Drinks

Lawsuit Alleges Coca-Cola Uses Misleading Marketing to Downplay Risk of Sugar

05 Jan 2017 --- US non-profit movement, The Praxis Project, that calls for social change and seeks to build better communities has filed a complaint in the federal court of California against Coca-Cola and trade body, the American Beverage Association, claiming they are deceiving consumers about the harms of consuming Coke and other sugar-sweetened drinks. 

US: Philadelphia Soda Tax Comes into Force

04 Jan 2017 --- Despite efforts to legally block the tax on sugary beverages in Philadelphia new legislation is now in effect increasing the cost of soda, diet drinks and other beverages by 1.5 cent-per-ounce. 

Under 18s Most Likely to See Reductions in Obesity Levels Following Sugar Tax, Claims Study

16 Dec 2016 --- People aged under 18 are the most likely to see reductions in obesity levels and other health benefits from the introduction of a sugar tax in the UK, according to a new study into the likely impact it will have on public health. The study, published in the Lancet Public Health Journal, scrutinized different ways that the beverage industry could respond to the proposed introduction of the sugar tax- such as reformulation to reduce sugar levels; or an increase in product price on supermarket shelves.

UK Government Publishes Draft Legislation for Sugar Tax, Effective from 2018

06 Dec 2016 --- The UK government yesterday published the draft legislation for sugar tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, which is set to begin from April 2018. The highly anticipated soft drinks levy noted that there will be two bands – one band for soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml and the other for drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100ml. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Maintaining Authenticity When Purchasing Fast-Growing Brands

05 Dec 2016 --- PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple have both recently made significant purchases of fast-growing brands that sell healthier drinks but observers believe the two drinks giants could become unstuck if they tamper with their new booty. Acquisitions are always fraught with difficulty – whether it be integrating new staff; maintaining financial pledges promised to shareholders or potential culture clashes – and PepsiCo’s purchase of KeVita for around $200m and Dr Pepper Snapple’s $1.7bn purchase of Bai Brands could throw up potential hazards.

FDF Urged to Stop Opposing Sugar Tax, As Survey Finds UK Brands Less Hostile

02 Dec 2016 --- A survey of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) members by the Children's Food Campaign highlights divergent industry views on the Government’s soft drinks industry levy. This is despite FDF maintaining its aggressive opposition to the levy.

Coca Cola Invests $20m in Bottling Plant in Gaza

01 Dec 2016 --- Coca-Cola has invested $20m in a bottling plant in Gaza, marking its first investment in a bottling plant in the region which is beset by conflict. Coca-Cola and its bottling partner, the National Beverage Company (NBC), inaugurated the plant this week, which will eventually employ over 270 people in a region where the bulk of its 2m residents are supported by some type of humanitarian aid.

More US Cities Go Sour on Sugary Drinks

17 Nov 2016 --- The number of US cities experimenting with a tax on sugary drinks is growing after three states in California and one in Colorado have voted to pass a levy as part of a public health drive and growing anti-sugary soda movement. Legislating for a sugar tax continues to resonate around the world as Albany, Boulder, Oakland and San Francisco are the latest areas to support a tax. 

UK: “Alarming” Sugar Content in Soft Drinks

15 Nov 2016 --- An investigation into the sugar content in some carbonated sugar-sweetened drinks has found “alarmingly high” levels with large variations between different flavors as well as within the same flavor group with a gap of 12 teaspoons in certain cases. The findings - published in the BMJ yesterday - come out as the global soft drinks industry is going through a prolonged period of reformulation innovating low and no-sugar options, and the UK is preparing to introduce sugar tax on soft drinks in 2018 as part of a government anti-obesity plan. 

US Public Health Campaign Cuts Soda Sales by 20 Percent

14 Nov 2016 --- A campaign to cut consumption of sugary soft drinks in the US state of Maryland has shown positive results with a 20 percent drop in in sales of sodas as a result of the experiment which included policy changes and community education efforts. 

Texture is Biggest Challenge for Sugar Reduction in Sweetened Beverages

07 Nov 2016 --- The soft drinks industry has been working for many years towards low and no-sugar reformulations with a whole host of new product launches in 2016 and more planned for the future, as companies and manufacturers continue on their quest to meet sugar reduction targets set for 2018 and beyond. 

Tesco Cuts Sugar in Soft Drinks Range

07 Nov 2016 --- Tesco has cut more sugar out of its own brands of soft drinks as part of a reformulation strategy to offer healthier alternatives.

Arla Launch New Whey Protein for RTD Drinks Market

03 Nov --- Arla Foods Ingredients’ latest marketing campaign, ‘Whey Better Protein’, has launched Nutrilac WheyHi, a whey protein suitable for high temperature applications that use both direct and indirect UHT treatment, without compromising on processing capacity.

Coca-Cola Launches Ginger Variant Down Under

01 Nov 2016 --- Die-hard fans of Coca-Cola might want to tread cautiously or should that be gingerly. For the US soft drinks giant has launched a ginger variant of its 130-year old iconic fizzy drink in Australia.

US Beverage Initiative to Cut Calories Targets Soda Guzzling Communities

18 Oct 2016 --- The American Beverage Association is teaming up with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to work within communities to cut beverage calories consumed. The initiative, which begins in Montgomery and Lowndes Counties, is an effort to help reduce the calories and sugar intake within communities, aiming to decrease consumption by 20 percent by 2025. The American Beverage Association claims this is the single largest voluntary effort in terms of reducing sugar to combat obesity. 

Portugal to Tax Sugary Drinks

17 Oct 2016 --- Portugal is the latest country to introduce a tax on sugary soft drinks with government plans to bring in a levy next year which will see increase the cost of a 330ml soda increase by around 5.5 cents and raise €80 million for public health. The country’s socialist government made the announcement just a few days after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged government’s around the world to adopt sugar legislation in the global fight against obesity and the associated health problems, claiming that rolling out such laws will curtail sugar consumption and cut diabetes rates. 

Stabilizer Technologies from DuPont Target South Asia Beverage Market

17 Oct 2016 --- In response to consumers' growing demand for more affordable ready-to-serve fruit beverages, flavor stability and on-trend ingredients, DuPont Nutrition & Health launches a new range of GRINDSTED JU Systems for the South Asia market. 

WHO Urges Governments to Impose Taxes on Sugary Drinks

12 Oct 2016 --- Introducing legislation to tax sugary drinks is an effective government policy in the fight against obesity, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and rolling out laws around the world would curtail consumption and impact on diabetes rates. Fiscal policies where at least a 20 percent increase is introduced to the retail price of sugary beverages would result in “proportional reductions in consumption”, according to the WHO report, published yesterday (Oct 11). 

Coca-Cola to Buy SABMiller’s Stake in African Bottler

11 Oct 2016 --- Coca-Cola is to buy SABMiller’s stake in Coke's largest drinks bottler in Africa, following its purchase by Anheuser Busch (AB InBev). Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) was set up in 2014 with Coke, SABMiller and South Africa-based Gutsche Family Investments owning stakes in the venture.

Irn-Bru Maker to Axe 90 Jobs to Save $3.9m a Year

28 Sep 2016 --- AG Barr is shedding 90 jobs in a bid to save $3.9m (£3m) a year, as the UK soft drinks maker reiterates its opposition to the “punitive” sugar tax.