Food Research

Sunflower Seeds May Pose Increased Health Risk in Many Low-Income Countries

24 Apr 2017 --- Michigan State University researchers have shown that sunflower seeds are frequently contaminated with a toxin produced by molds and pose an increased health risk in many low-income countries worldwide. 

“No Growth Hormones” Prioritized as a Key Claim for US Meat & Dairy Consumers

20 Apr 2017 --- Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is produced and look for claims such as no growth hormones, no GMOs, no antibiotics, etc. on their food products. Many studies have focused on consumers’ willingness to pay for individual food attributes, but have not ranked which production attributes consumers say are most important to them.

Bread Wheat Genome: Researchers Develop More Accurate Navigation System

19 Apr 2017 --- Scientists have created the most accurate navigation system for the bread wheat genome to date – allowing academics and breeders to analyze its genes more easily than ever before.

Some UK Sweet Spreads Contain 57 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Jar, Claims Survey

13 Apr 2017 --- Campaign group Action on Sugar reveals the results of 272 sweet spreads which show how hazelnut spreads, jams and marmalades, often deliberately marketed towards children, are packed with sugar – and in some cases contain more sugar than nuts.

Study Suggests Some Strategies to Limit Sugary Drinks May Backfire

11 Apr 2017 --- In response to policy efforts aimed at limiting individuals' intake of sugary drinks, businesses could enact various strategies that would allow them to comply with the limits while preserving business and consumer choice. New research shows that one of these strategies - offering smaller cup sizes with free refills - can actually increase individual consumption of sugary drinks. The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Nutrition Report Calls for Greater Cooperation and Coordination in Promotion of Pulses

10 Apr 2017 --- A special issue of Annals published by the New York Academy of Sciences, stresses how increased pulse consumption could address nutrition issues related to the health of the overall human population, as well as the planet.

Technomic Reveals Latest Trends in Consumers Attitudes Toward Poultry

07 Apr 2017 --- Chicken remains consumers’ protein of choice while turkey shows room to grow, according to Technomic’s recently-released 2017 Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report. 

Puratos Highlights Perceptions in the Patisserie Market

04 Apr 2017 --- The cakes and patisserie market continues to grow both in volume and value terms. Puratos have interviewed close to 6,000 consumers about their choices, attitudes and perceptions all related to the patisserie industry. 

Study Finds 58% of Brand Lovers Admit to Hoarding Favorite Brands

31 Mar 2017 --- New research reveals fifty-eight percent of brand lovers admit to hoarding their all-time favorite food product on hand.  The study conducted by research experts at Foodmix Marketing Communications sought to uncover the new and enlarged role of brand love in the food world.  

European Millennials Overwhelmingly View 100% Fruit Juice as Healthy, Claims Survey

21 Mar 2017 --- Millennial fruit juice drinkers in Europe overwhelmingly view 100% fruit juice as a healthy beverage, according to the findings of a new, independent consumer survey conducted by Concord grape juice supplier Welch’s Global Ingredients Group.

Ingredion Report Shows You Are “How” You Eat

17 Mar 2017 --- According to Ingredion it’s not just what you eat, but how you eat that’s important. The new report: ‘Eating Styles – A Complete Guide to our Unexpressed Love of Food’ looks at research into texture and eating styles and explores how the physical way consumers eat influences their food preferences and satisfaction levels.

UK Inflation: Non-Dairy Milk and Gin Added to Basket

15 Mar 2017 --- Non-dairy milk, such as soya, rice and oat milk, are being added to the Office for National Statistics's (ONS) inflation basket for the first time, reflecting the increase in the popularity of dairy-free diets. In addition, gin is returning to the basket after a 13-year absence, with gin consumption on the rise, partly thanks to the significant growth in the number of small gin producers.

Evolva Achieves Second Milestone in Alliance With Takasago

10 Mar 2017 --- Evolva has reached the second technical milestone under the multi-year R&D alliance with Takasago. This achievement brings the project closer to the launch of the target ingredients and prompts a total milestone payment of US$1 million to Evolva as well as the continuation of the collaboration into the next phases.

“Snackification” of Mealtimes is Widespread Among Millennials, Study Finds

08 Mar 2017 --- Most American Millennial snackers eat a snack in place of a standard meal at least once a week, a new survey commissioned by Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has revealed. 

UK: Staple Supplies Like Butter, Tea and Fish Spike

08 Mar 2017 --- UK food staples like butter, tea and fish all saw prices rise by more than 5% during the last three months, alongside fresh fruit and vegetables which are also costing shoppers in Britain more.

Sensory Research: Real-Life Situation Testing Increases NPD Success

07 Mar 2017 --- The context in which consumers eat, has a major impact on how they evaluate the taste of foods. This conclusion has been drawn following a study of airplane meals, carried out by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research. The scientists demonstrated that real-life testing situations can be effectively simulated in a lab. 

Jackfruit Seeds Could Help Ease Looming Cocoa Bean Shortage

03 Mar 2017 --- In a study recently published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists report that compounds found in jackfruit seeds produce many of the same aromas as processed cocoa beans and are a potentially cheap, abundant substitute for use in chocolate manufacturing.

Campden BRI Survey Looks into Attitudes of Innovation

03 Mar 2017 --- Campden BRI have carried out an industry survey to better understand industry’s attitudes to innovation.

Grain Cleaning Solutions Significantly Reduce Mycotoxin Levels

02 Mar 2017 --- Mycotoxins, produced by fungal mold, are a growing health threat to people and animals. According to the FAO, a quarter of the world’s agricultural produce is currently contaminated. Mycotoxins ranks a third most important threat after bacteria and pesticides, which is whymaximum tolerance levels permitted in food and feedstuff are becoming crucial for food and feed producers. 

Extended Lactation Does Not Impair the Quality or Cheese-Making Property of Milk

13 Feb 2017 --- On average, a Danish dairy cow calve once a year. However, there are many indications that fewer calvings and extended milking periods have more advantages. By extending the lactation by up to six month both the environmental and climate impact of the livestock production may be reduced, whereas productivity and animal welfare potentially improve.