Sugar & Sweeteners

SweeGen Commercializes New Reb-M Stevia Product

22 Feb 2017 --- SweeGen, Inc. have announced the successful commercialization of its Bestevia Reb-M, the company’s non-caloric and high purity stevia sweetener with an unparalleled, clean, sweet taste, which is comparable to regular table sugar. 

German Fruit Juice Producer Uses Stevia as a Natural Sweetener

17 Feb 2017 --- Part of the job at Glockengold Fruchtsaft AG is to taste fruit juice, ice teas, soft drinks and mineral water with around 30 million liters a year leaving the German company after being poured into beverage cartons labeled with a bell logo to signify the old belfry town of Laucha.

New 3D Sweetener to Hit the Hot Drinks Market

23 Jan 2017 --- Lampados International Ltd. will launch Liteez, a next-gen sweetener, at the ISM show in Cologne, 29.01- 01.02.2017. This dual-purpose meringue kiss sweetener that can melt in your coffee/hot drink as well as be enjoyed as an ultra-low calorie sweet treat.

Bayn Opens for New Business Model with Barentz to Replace Stevia Distribution Contract

16 Jan 2017 --- Bayn Europe and Barentz have mutually agreed upon the termination of their exclusive stevia distribution contract in Europe effective from Sep 2016, a new cooperation model is under discussion. The decision comes after mutual evaluation of market potential and business strategies, and it opens up for Bayn Europe to work also with other solution driven partners to reach more food and beverage companies for healthy sugar reduction in Europe.

Holista Collaborates with Nobel Prize Nominee For World’s First Low-GI Sugar With All-Natural Ingredients

09 Jan 2017 --- Holista CollTech Limited have announced that it has collaborated with 2017 Nobel Prize Nominee and emerging thought leader in carbohydrate chemistry, Daryl Thompson, to file a patent for the world’s first lowGlycemic Index (“GI”) sugar made out of all-natural ingredients. 

Fructose: Fact Versus Fiction

02 Jan 2017 --- In recent years, food and beverage manufacturers have often found themselves caught in the middle of shifting attitudes and consumer confusion surrounding sweeteners. On the one hand, consumers want great taste. It’s the top driver for food and beverage purchase decisions. On the other hand, many consumers worldwide have made reducing sugar and calorie intake a top priority. 

Tate & Lyle Celebrate 40 Years of Sucralose Success

20 Dec 2016 --- Tate & Lyle PLC are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the discovery of sucralose in 1976. It is also 16 years since Tate & Lyle’s sucralose production facility in McIntosh, Alabama, US, the world’s first commercial-scale sucralose production facility, began production in December 2000.

Pivotal Evolva Stevia Sweetener Patent Receives US Notice of Allowance

19 Dec 2016 --- Evolva have announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance for a pivotal patent application (US 2013/0171328) from the US Patent & Trademark Office covering the most commercially viable production method for manufacturing the best-tasting steviol glycosides. This grant is expected to occur early 2017.

US Heart Association Chief Calls for Sugary Drinks Taxation Based on Sugar Content

15 Dec 2016 --- The head of the American Heart Association is getting behind calls to tax sugary drinks by sugar content, claiming this is the most effective method to curb obesity and other health problems associated with consuming too much sugar. 

Cafes Criticized for Loading Sugar into Cakes

06 Dec 2016 --- Campaign group Action on Sugar has revealed new research showing so-called ‘fruity cakes’ on sale in popular coffee shops like Starbucks and Pret a Manger are loaded with sugar - in some cases three times the daily recommended intake for a child in just one slice. 

Tosmur Group Expand Footprint in Romania

02 Dec 2016 --- Turkish company, Tosmur Group have announced its first project outside Turkey, the setup of a modern state of the art crystalline fructose and maltodextrin plant in Romania to be commissioned in early 2019.

Symrise Launches Solution to Sweetness for Reduced-Sugar Products

15 Nov 2016 --- Symrise NA report that SymLife Sweet, a series of flavors under their Taste for Life Platform that provides sweetness modulation solutions in a variety of food products, is taking hold among food and beverage companies.

Cargill Invests €35 Million to Increase Sweeteners Across Europe

14 Nov 2016 --- Cargill have announced a 35 million euros investment in its existing European manufacturing channels in Manchester (UK), Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) and Wroclaw (Poland).

Australian Food Standards Watchdog Considers Broadening Steviol Glycosides for Sweeteners

07 Nov 2016 --- Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is looking into the possibility of allowing a wider range of steviol glycosides to be used as intense sweeteners following an application by PureCircle Ltd to change the definition of the chemical compounds responsible for the sweet taste of stevia leaves. 

Sugar Campaigners Demand More Reformulations

26 Oct 2016 --- Campaign group Action on Sugar is calling on manufacturers to reformulate products that appeal to kids, drastically cut sugar levels so Britain can become a world leader in sugar reduction and stave off the obesity crisis which is facing the UK population and over-burdening health services. The watchdog is urging companies to support Public Health England’s voluntary reformulation program to fight childhood obesity and do more to reach the government’s target of a 20 percent reduction in sugar by 2020.

New Regulations on Sweeteners Broaden Options for Food and Beverage Companies

21 Oct 2016 --- With the European Commission amending its current steviol glycocide specifications on 3 November 2016, European food and beverage companies will be able to rely on the broader portfolio of Cargill’s ViaTech stevia sweeteners to help them achieve optimal sweetness and dramatic sugar reductions in their most challenging applications, like carbonated soft drinks.

High Sugar Prices Could Trigger Supply Tightness in the EU, According to Rabobank

12 Oct 2016 --- The scheduled abolition of the EU sugar production quota by October 2017 does not necessarily guarantee a low sugar price in the bloc. Lifting export restrictions will make it easier for EU sugar to find its way to the global market, therewith impacting domestic availability. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the EU food & beverage industry would do well to consider longer-term contracts or alternative sweeteners, according to Rabobank report ‘Even the Sweetest of Dreams May Turn Sour; The EU Sugar Quota Regime Comes to an End’.

Ohly Launches Natural Solution for Debittering Stevia

10 Oct 2016 --- In order to target the loss of taste in foods and beverages where the sugar content is reduced, Ohly is now offering a clean tasting, natural solution: SAV-R-SWEET. This new product effectively masks the off-taste of Stevia, a natural high intensity sweetener used to replace sugar. 

Sugar Reduction is Important But Taste Rules Everything, Says Tate & Lyle

26 Sep 2016 --- Sugar reduction has really been a topical subject this year, with the recent publication of the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan and its focus on the sugar levy and sugar reduction programs as a means of tackling obesity. The Sugar Reduction Summit is the UK’s leading event for industry, public health, policy, science and academia and the health and wellness communities interested in the importance and challenges of sugar reduction.

DFI and Mitr Phol Expand Production of Natural Sweeteners in Asia

26 Sep 2016 --- Paul Magnotto, Founder & CEO of DFI, and Krisda Monthienvichienchai, Mitr Phol Group Chief Executive Officer have jointly announced that both companies had reached a strategic investment and partnership agreement to expand production of natural sweeteners that offer distinct health benefits and superior taste compared to existing low calorie sweeteners.