Fruits & Vegetables

Nordzucker Enters into Organic Segment

03 Jan 2017 --- The demand for organic sugar from regional sugar beet has been rising steadily for many years. Nordzucker is responding to this trend and has taken steps to conclude contracts for the first organic sugar beet in 2017, and to market the first volumes of organic beet sugar in 2018. The company believes that the greatest potential and the best conditions for organic beet cultivation can be found in Germany and Denmark. 

Campbell Soup Launches Line of Soup Featuring Simple and Clean Ingredients

21 Dec 2016 --- Campbell Soup Company have announced the launch of Well Yes!, a new ready-to-serve soup line that features clean, simple and nutritious ingredients. The innovative line of soups showcases ingredients that people know and understand, including wholesome grains, meats and vegetables.

Anti-Hunger Laws Need to Connect to Paris Agreement on Climate Change

10 Nov 2016 --- Latin American, Caribbean, Spanish and African legislators gathered for the seventh Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) forum against world hunger to promote actions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

AGRANA Fruit Expands its Presence in South East Asia

08 Nov 2016 --- AGRANA Fruit, which has a leading market presence in China and South Korea, have announced its business expansion in Asia by using strategic collaborations with local partners. AGRANA Fruit has also opened a new representative office in Thailand and India.

KEY INTERVIEW: Algae Trending as Top Plant-Based Protein Source

31 Oct 2016 --- TerraVia, a next-generation food, nutrition and specialty ingredients company and pioneer in algae innovation, have highlighted that its AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae continues to gain traction among leading food manufacturers and pioneering plant-based brands. 

Rooting for Cassava - the Vegetable with Tons of Potential

28 Oct 2016 --- Improving yields of calorie-packed cassava crops in Sub Saharan Africa could be game changer for regions where the population is predicted to grow by 120 percent in the next 35 years. Despite the cassava being a staple food on the continent, yields have not significantly increased since 1961 and yet this vital carbohydrate-heavy crop accounts for 30 percent of a person’s daily calorie requirement.

PurePulse Preserves Nutritional Values in Juice and Extends Shelf Life

27 Oct 2016 --- Mild pasteurization with PurePulse makes it possible to preserve more valuable nutrients during the production of pomegranate juice. This results in a longer shelf life without losing a lot of nutritional value, which is exactly what retail is asking for. This is a big step forward compared to the process of plain pasteurization.

World Food Prize for Sweet Potato Biofortification Scientists

17 Oct 2016 --- The 2016 World Food Prize has been awarded to a team of scientists for their long-term work breeding vitamin-A enriched sweet potatoes in Uganda and Mozambique which will have an impact on the nutrition of millions of people.

VTT’s CellPod Mean Local Foods Can be Grown at Home

13 Oct 2016 --- A home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal within a week from plant cells is no longer science fiction. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd's first 3D-printed CellPod prototype is already producing harvests. 

Whitepaper Outlines Ways Suppliers Can Support Food Manufacturers

10 Oct 2016 --- SVZ International has published a major new whitepaper outlining the main ways suppliers of fruit and vegetable ingredients can support food and drink manufacturers.

Fresh Apple Fiber Offers Clean Label Solution

06 Oct 2016 --- With apple season in high gear, fresh dried apple fiber from Marshall Ingredients is now available to help create cleaner food labels. Apple fiber from Marshall Ingredients, the specialists in fruit and vegetable fiber production, provides a nutrient rich fiber source, valuable vitamins and minerals and physical properties beneficial to numerous food product applications. Food sustainability and cleaner ingredient labels start here.

Vitamin D Enhanced Mushrooms Make Debut at Tesco

28 Sep 2016 --- Mushroom that have been grown in extra light to load them with vitamin D are debuting at UK Tesco stores just ahead of the darker, winter months. 

Algaia Welcomes Maabarot Products as Strategic Investor

26 Sep 2016 --- Following on from last week’s handshake deal to acquire Cargill’s Alginate business, Algaia has revealed a new strategic investor - Maabarot Products Ltd.

The Green Giant’s Healthy Return

09 Sep 2016 --- Green Giant wants its new portfolio of modernized mealtime classics to help turn its fortunes as the iconic brand begins a drive to appeal to health-conscious consumers. 

LGR Packaging Is A New Exhibitor For Cardboard Packaging At Fachpack 2016

28 Jul 2016 ---  LGR will present there its global offer for offset printed cardboard packaging: litho-printed laminated boxes for many sectors (food, wine and spirits, household equipment, DIY tools, toys, electronics, etc.), solidboard folding cartons and leaflets for the pharmaceutical market, Premium packaging.

Move over Seafood, Sushi Has Another Key Ingredient - Fresh Fruit

15 Jul 2016 --- Fruit-centered sushi rolls are trending so much in the UK that high-end grocer Waitrose has launched a range that is packed with mango, melon and pineapple instead of seafood.

SVZ Reinforces Sustainability Credentials with CSR Platform Membership

05 Jul 2016 --- Fruit and vegetable ingredient supplier SVZ have announced it has been accepted as a member of the Juice CSR Platform, a sustainability initiative aimed at supporting the European fruit juice industry in integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into business operations.

Diana Food Acquires Nutra Canada, Strengthens Position in Fruit & Vegetable Extracts

20 May 2016 --- Diana Food has acquired Nutra Canada, a company specialized in the manufacture of small fruit and vegetable extracts for an undisclosed sum. By providing preferential access to production areas for cranberry and other small fruits, an integrated production process and a portfolio of clinically proven active ingredients, this operation will strengthen Diana Food’s position as a key actor in the area of health supplements based on natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

New Packaging Advances Vegetable Freshness

18 May 2016 --- New advances in packaging at Michigan State University (MSU) can help produce stay fresh longer.

Ireland’s Potato Market Sees Positive Growth for the First Time in Seven Years

24 Feb 2016 --- Market Research by Kantar Worldpanel unveiled at the National Potato Conference in Dublin is seeing positive value and volume growth for the first time in seven years, as shoppers are returning to buy more often - making 34 trips in the year.