Indian-French JV plans new dairy plant

15 Aug 2017 --- One of the largest private sector dairy enterprises in Southern India, Heritage Foods, has joined forces with French dairy firm Novandie to set up a 50:50 joint venture, for a new dairy plant in France. Novandie, a subsidiary of French Food company Andros, and Heritage Foods will manufacture flavored yogurts and desserts, according to reports in the Indian press.

Arla targets ultra-clean platform for dairy ingredients

02 Aug 2017 --- Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new campaign called "Pure Dairy" to highlight how its range of Nutrilac dairy ingredients satisfies growing consumer demand for natural products with ultra-clean labels. The new Pure Dairy campaign underlines how Arla Foods Ingredients’ portfolio of natural solutions for dairy products are made from whey proteins extracted from milk that is produced by grass-fed cows, hormone-free, non-GMO and free of antibiotic and pesticide traces.

EPI Ingredients launches versatile yogurt-based product concept

02 Aug 2017 --- EPI Ingredients has introduced SoFlexi to the market, the first concept of a series poised to grow in the coming years. Designed to showcase the company’s application expertise and dairy ingredients know-how, as well as to promote the use of EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 in new product developments, SoFlexi was created with the end-consumer in mind.

The Merits of Milk: FrieslandCampina develops cooperative vision for 2025

31 Jul 2017 --- FrieslandCampina have formulated the scope for the development of the cooperative for the coming years, with the cooperative vision 2025 that the company has coined “The Merits of Milk”. Frans Keurentjes, Chairman of the Board says: “With the formulated ambitions as a guideline, we will talk with the member dairy farmers about the required developments for the dairy farming sector and for FrieslandCampina.”

Emmi sells its stake in Venchiaredo S.p.A. to concentrate on desserts & exports

31 Jul 2017 --- Emmi is selling its 24 percent stake in Italian fresh cheese specialist Venchiaredo S.p.A., which is based in Ramuscello and generates sales of approximately €20 million (US$23.4 million). In doing so, Emmi is focusing its activities in Italy on the dessert business, cheese exports from Switzerland and its 25 percent stake in cheese trader Ambrosi S.p.A.

UK: Watchdog approves “milk is inhumane” ad

27 Jul 2017 --- The UK Advertising Standards Authority has given the green light to a Go Vegan ad which caused controversy within the dairy industry because it claims “milk is inhumane.” A newspaper ad for Go Vegan World, a vegan campaign group, seen in the national press in February, featured a photograph of a cow behind a piece of barbed wire.

Arla says new Codex standard will “spark permeate market into life”

21 Jul 2017 --- The final approval of a Codex Alimentarius international standard for dairy permeate powder has been given a warm welcome by Arla Foods Ingredients.

Dairy leader calls for fair NAFTA deal with Canada, while preserving Mexico market access

19 Jul 2017 --- The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has welcomed the Trump Administration’s recently released objectives for modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), calling for a level playing field for the US.

GEA set to build Asia’s largest milk production facility

14 Jul 2017 --- During the first quarter of 2017, GEA in India received an order from AmulFed Dairy for a new dairy plant for the production of 150 tons per day of skim milk powder and 120 tons per day of dairy whitener/baby food. The milk powder plant is scheduled to begin production in 2018.

Uckermarker Milch Extends Market Position Within Dairy Category

04 Jul 2017 --- The German company Uckermärker Milch GmbH, which is part of the HOCHDORF Group, is to concentrate on high-value products and markets in the future, further extending its market position with butter, buttermilk and refined milk powders. It plans to stop curd production at the end of October. 

Agropur Expands Scope in New Solutions Platform

04 Jul 2017 --- US-based Agropur Ingredients have announced the broadening of the ingredients business of Agropur Cooperative. Under the new structure, Agropur Ingredients will be comprised of three sectors: Nutrition Solutions, Dairy Solutions and Custom Solutions. The new platform will streamline the Agropur US processes and allow the Cooperative to better serve its base of customers worldwide.

Dairy Groups Join US in Call for Action Against Canadian Trade Policies

29 Jun 2017 --- An international coalition of ten dairy industry organizations, including three US dairy groups, is asking their governments’ trade ministers to intercede in the increasingly acrimonious dispute over Canada’s harmful dairy policies that are having global repercussions. The groups co-signed a joint letter today requesting that their respective trade ministries “pursue all avenues available to challenge these measures, including WTO dispute settlement and bilateral trade agreement relationships.”

Hydrosol: Cost-Efficient Stabilizing Systems Offer Benefits in Cheese Preparations

21 Jun 2017 --- For many, cheese is a challenge to make, economically and in terms of production techniques. The long curing times of hard and sliced cheeses are a cost factor, and in hot regions volumes are limited by the low availability of fresh milk. With Hydrosol’s new stabilizing and texturing systems, dairies, deli food companies, snack and cheese manufacturers can make alternatives to cheese simply and cost-effectively. 

DuPont: Supporting the Appeal of Plant-Based Beverages

15 Jun 2017 --- DuPont Nutrition & Health (DuPont) has made it easier for beverage manufacturers to produce stable soy, almond and other plant-based drinks with a refreshing texture and a clean label. Utilizing a new ingredient in the DuPont Danisco range, manufacturers can obtain all the functionality they need without mixing in other additives.

Global Plant Milk Market to Top $16 Billion in 2018

13 Jun 2017 --- The global market for dairy alternative drinks is expected to reach US$16.3bn in 2018, up dramatically from US$7.4bn in 2010. Significant developments in this area include the acquisition of WhiteWave in 2016, presenting Danone with the opportunity to further developing its interests in this dynamic market in both North America and Europe. Innova Market Insights will present new data on food trends at the IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas, booth #2645.

Dairy Groups Pledge to Work with Trump Administration on NAFTA Modernization

13 Jun 2017 --- Two leading dairy groups have said that they will work with the Trump Administration to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to make sure it safeguards open trade with Mexico and confronts increasingly protectionist dairy policies by Canada.

Global Dairy Trade Marks Year Anniversary of GDT Marketplace

12 Jun 2017 --- Global Dairy Trade has attracted registered sellers from Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania for its new GDT Marketplace platform launched a year ago this month. 

Key Interview: FrieslandCampina Kievit Cracks Creaminess Code

22 May 2017 --- The subtleties and taste references for the perfect creamer are vastly diverse for every region across the world. FoodIngredientsFirst caught up with Luc Steenwelle, Product Group Manager Beverages Asia, FrieslandCampina Kievit, who explains how indulgence, premiumization and convenience are driving new product development trends in the Southeast Asian market as well as looking into what creaminess actually means to consumers of tea and coffee drinks. 

Dairy Industry Welcomes Action by USTR Lighthizer to Launch NAFTA Modernization Efforts

19 May 2017 --- The US dairy industry commended Robert Lighthizer, the newly confirmed US Trade Representative, for taking swift action under the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPA) to begin the process for modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

FrieslandCampina Kievit Launch Dairy Solutions for Single-Serve Brewing Systems

11 May 2017 --- FrieslandCampina Kievit, one of the leading global manufacturers of beverage and food ingredients, has developed a range of premium dairy-based  solutions for capsules that promises the rich taste and appealing appearance consumers are willing to pay a premium for. With the launch of the new Vana-Cappa range, FrieslandCampina Kievit continues its mission to create moments of indulgence for consumers.