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flavor enhancers; flavors and aromas; natural flavors; proteins - animal or plant origin; yeast and yeast products


Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) is a business unit of Lallemand Inc., a privately-held Canadian company founded at the end of the 19th century, and specializing in research, development, production and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. Today, Lallemand is present through plants, distribution centers or representative offices in over 50 countries.

LBI develops, manufactures and markets high-value yeast products from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Torula yeast, including whole cell nutritional yeast, yeast extracts and yeast derivatives. The LBI business unit was initially formed in 1987 and the first products consisted of those sold for baking, nutritional, food and animal health applications. The product line grew to include mineral and vitamin-rich yeasts and yeast fractions (extracts and cell wall products). 

Yeast is a unicellular fungus that fits well with plant-based solutions, including vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets. The LBI portfolio offers a variety of yeast products from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Torula, which can contribute flavour and texture to create delicious plant-based meals. Furthermore, vitamin and mineral yeasts and specific yeast fractions can be used to support daily recommended micronutrient requirements with food fortification.

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The LBI business now includes three application areas:

Savory: Lallemand Lyfe® yeast extracts range contains peptides, free amino acids, nucleic acid and other compounds naturally present in yeast, which, just like seasonings, help to improve taste, bring out and balance flavors in food products or support the downmodulation of undesirable off-notes. Among inactive yeasts, Lake States® Torula is a specially grown Torula yeast with a unique flavor profile and water-binding, emulsifying capacity. Our ingredients are suitable for plant-based foods.

Health: M-Gard® yeast beta-glucan has been proven to support the immune system. Lalmin® vitamin and mineral yeasts are inactivated whole cell yeast products containing elevated levels of specific micronutrients. Engevita® is a premium nutritional yeast which can contribute to your recipe or application in many ways for taste, texture and nutritional value. Yesto-Seal® are brewer’s yeast products which are specifically designed for tableting. All are suitable for plant-based applications

Industrial fermentation: Fermentation Nutrients Ingredients (FNI range) have been developed to boost the growth and yield in industrial fermentation. FNI products are mainly primary yeast peptone and autolysates which contain a high level of protein in the form of readily and easily assimilated amino acids and peptides.

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23 Jan 2024 --- Lallemand Bio-Ingredients president and general manager Lars Asferg unravels the potential in the company’s recent acquisition of Swiss biotechnology firm Evolva. Asferg discusses how Evolva’s precision fermentation tech could boost Lallemand’s health and flavor and fragrance businesses. He also outlines the business unit’s key focuses for 2024.


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13 Dec 2021 --- Lallemand Bio-Ingredients is continuing to expand its line of vegan and halal yeast-based flavors, most recently with pork-inspired offerings. Sales manager Christian Heiss elaborates on how this taps into the growing clean label trend, as well as teasing upcoming cheesy launches.


Innovation in organic yeast extracts

20 Feb 2019 --- Lallemand Bio Ingredients offers Bio-Lyfe and Bio-Engevita yeasts, which can be used to complement one another to help you create savory and health food products. These ingredients can help bring out savory notes in soups, sauces & snacks. They allow for longer lasting flavors in seasonings and snacks applications. They can also help with sodium reduction and bring out meaty notes in vegetarian or vegan meat analogs. Silvia Soragni speaks about the  rising demand for organic yeast extracts and the sourcing challenges involved.

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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients: Your partner for alternative dairy innovation

03 Oct 2022 --- Lallemand Bio-Ingredients offers an elaborate portfolio of specialty ingredients to help address the many challenges surrounding alternative dairy products. If you are looking for a better nutritional profile, or to improve flavor and texture, take advantage of our natural yeast products and expertise.This Technical Paper is from Lallemand Bio-Ingredients.


Yeast You Can! Lallemand’s Well-Suited Solutions for the Plant-Based Market

04 Nov 2019 --- Need help to bridge the gap between plant-based products and animal-based ones? Learn more about Lallemand Bio-Ingredients offer! We can support you in reproducing the sensory properties of meat and dairy products. As consumers are seeking juiciness, texture, great taste and a balanced nutritional profile, yeast is the natural solution


Organically Complexed and Bioavailable Selenium-Enriched Yeast

30 Sep 2019 --- Selenium is a trace element required for normal functioning of all organisms. Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast can convert more than 99% of inorganic selenium into its safest, bioavailable organically complexed food forms.  Supplementation with selenium yeast may prevent some forms of cancer, and support immunity, thyroid, brain health and fertility.


Lallemand Bio-Ingredients introduces Engevita® Proteina

19 Jun 2018 --- Are you looking for a natural, allergen-free, vegan-friendly functional ingredient? Lallemand Bio-Ingredients introduces Engevita® Proteina, a savory tasting, high protein inactive yeast. Engevita® Proteina is produced from primary grown yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and dried to a fine homogeneous light beige powder. Learn how to use it in savory applications!