NPD in Action: Alternative Proteins

Sep 2020

The growing world population and consumer demands are fueling research and innovation in alternative protein sources. Among the alternative protein sources are plant proteins; F&B launches with a "plant protein" claim are witnessing an average annual growth of 48% (Global, CAGR 2015-2019). Besides plant proteins, products with insect and marine proteins, from sources like algae, sea cucumber and mollusks, are also emerging.


Pulsin Protein Plant Based Energy Shake: Cacao and Maca (UK). Plant protein drink with cocoa, maca, Vitamin B complex, natural flavoring, and sweetener. An on- the-go protein shake which is high in plant-based protein, enriched with vitamin B complex and tastes delicious. Comes in a Tetra Prisma Aseptic. Balanced nutrition. Contains 15g protein and only 2g sugars. High in fiber. UHT treated. Dairy free. Low sugar. Suitable for vegans. Gluten free. B vitamins support energy metabolism and can reduce fatigue and tiredness. FSC certified. 

Alternative proteins: faba bean protein, pea protein.