NPD in action: Fruit and vegetable launches

Aug 2020

Consumers who seek to eat more fruit and vegetables are looking for innovative products to incorporate into their diets. Food and beverage manufacturers have responded by offering NPD with fruit and vegetables as a product base, or by applying fruit and vegetable pieces, juices and purees to indulgence products.


Buah Dried Banana, Aronia Berry, and Apple (Germany). Dried banana, Aronia berry and apple in a 20 g plastic resealable pouch. 100 percent pure fruit. Freeze-dried and naturally dried fruits. No added sugar. No additives. Crispy. Certified organic. Vegan. Gluten-free. For snacking, baking or smoothies. Freeze drying ripe fruits all year round. 20 g of bag content is made from up to 200 g fresh fruit. Drying process that conserves nutrients.