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bakery mixes and other bakery products; flavor enhancers; minerals and food supplements; preservatives


Corbion helps sustainably preserve food, food production, health, and our planet. Our Sustainable Food Solutions team works side-by-side with customers, using our cutting-edge technologies in food preservation, functional systems and single ingredients to meet today's needs with tomorrow in mind.

Leading expertise

Our expertise in food is based on our knowledge of microbiology, fermentation, and application of lactic acid and lactates. Throughout our history, we have grown with our customers to become a mature, reliable partner in technology and product development. Our knowledge of microbiology is currently also being applied to extend the shelf life and safety of your food products through innovative preservation solutions

Superior quality

Through an extensive portfolio of high quality products, Corbion provides exciting, naturally-derived options in preservation, shelf life extension, flavoring, acidification and fortification. Using nature’s best ingredients, we formulate unique propositions that can perfect your food products and help save on your own R&D.

Global presence

Our global presence, puts us right by your side, wherever you are in the world. With established R&D and production facilities in every continent, our technical expertise, advice and products are available worldwide. Together with Corbion's large, global R&D team, our clients drive our innovation and play an integral role in the development of new solutions.

Products / Markets


• Natural preservation solutions
• Shelf life extension
• Clean label solutions
• Food safety solutions
• Sodium reduction solutions
• Mineral Fortification

Articles On Food Ingredients First
Woman eats tortilla.


Corbion’s folic acid-fortified tortillas: A potential solution for neural tube defects among infants

12 Apr 2024 --- Netherlands-based food ingredient expert Corbion is working with manufacturers to expand enriched grains selection to include folic acid-fortified corn tortillas. Folic acid has... Read More

A bowl of salt is placed next to tomatoes.


Spotlight on sodium: Food innovators embrace the challenge of balancing taste and health

13 Mar 2024 --- In a time marked by heightened consumer consciousness surrounding health and wellness, the food manufacturing industry grapples with a pressing dilemma: meeting the demand for... Read More

Silhouette of a man and woman shaking hands after a business deal.


Corbion to divest emulsifiers business to Kingswood Capital Management

26 Jan 2024 --- Corbion and Kingswood Capital Management, a middle-market private equity firm with significant experience in corporate carve-outs and investments related to food and beverage, have... Read More

Innovation award winners.


FiE Innovation Awards: Panel pinpoints leading solutions for human and planetary health

29 Nov 2023 --- Reporting from the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) Innovation Awards in Frankfurt, Germany, Food Ingredients First speaks with the winners from each category. Among the winners,... Read More

Dr. Anna-Katharina Stumpf.


Building a German bioeconomy for plastics: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft researcher proposes an industry roadmap

16 Nov 2023 --- Research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has released a roadmap for building a leading bioplastics market in Germany. The institute’s research finds that critically... Read More


Corbion: Striking a balance between ingredient innovation & technological advancements

24 Jan 2024 --- Corbion is making strides in food safety and shelf life extension, as well as innovating in the confectionery space with ingredients such as its Purac Powder MAX. We speak with Lonneke van Dijk, global senior director for food preservation and Willy van Arkel, senior manager of business development and product management, who discuss the topics in detail and the company’s growing ingredient portfolios.


Natural solutions to preventing listeria growth

20 Jan 2020 --- Corbion launches a range of new natural solutions to keep chilled food safer for longer. The Verdad portfolio uses natural processing like fermentation to protect food from food safety hazards such as listeria growth. The six new ingredients within its Verdad and PuraQ Arome portfolios, launched at Fi Europe 2019 in Paris, France, are all marketed as natural alternatives to ingredients like sorbates and benzoates. Simone Bouman, Senior Industry Director, Sweet & Savory Food at Corbion explains how the new ingredients can help manufacturers to create stable, safe and flavorful products.


Clean label solution for chilled applications

26 Jan 2018 --- Corbion highlighted a new clean label natural preservation solution that eliminates the need for artificial preservatives such as sorbates and benzoates. At FiE 2017, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Willy van Arkel about the Verdad range, a tried, tested and trusted antimicrobial that keeps foods, such as salads, at their best for longer while also naturally enhancing the product’s flavor profile.


PHO-free solution for sweet bakery

17 Aug 2017 --- SweetPro is Corbion’s newly launched emulsifier portfolio, which delivers outstanding aeration, emulsion stability and moisture retention in sweet baked goods for greater product consistency while helping bakers eliminate PHOs and reduce saturated fat. Jim Robertson of Corbion says: “SweetPro is targeted at the sweet goods market segment and it’s all about bringing the PGME [propylene glycol monoesters] building block to our portfolio. From that we are able to create a portfolio of downstream products that enhances the quality of the sweet goods, from production to consumption.” 


The Use of Vinegar as a Natural Preservative

12 May 2016 --- Corbion Purac introduced its new Verdad Avanta solutions at IFFA 2016. Verdad Avanta Y100 is a patent-pending formula, labeled as vinegar and citrus fiber. Stephan Dobbelstein, Sales Development Manager, says it effectively delivers cook yield increase from 3-9% and improved texture and slice ability, while also extending shelf life and controlling Listeria in ready-to-eat meats. Verdad Avanta F100 is labeled as vinegar and jasmine tea extract (or natural flavor), and provides prolonged freshness in raw and processed meats like sausages. 

Technical Papers

Fresh thinking: shelf life extension solutions for meat and poultry processors

27 Oct 2015 --- The demand for processed meat is steadily increasing across the world. Driven primarily by the ever growing global population, higher disposable incomes and the trend towards high-protein diets, the processed meat market is expected to be valued at nearly $800bn by 2018.1 While there might be regional market differences when it comes to the type of meat consumed, shelf life is high on the agenda of every industrial meat processor. However, meat preservation is not an issue purely for the modern consumer and current food industry. People have been facing the problem of preserving meat for centuries to overcome periods of meat shortages. All that time, finding a solution that could preserve meat over longer periods of time, without negatively affecting its sensory attributes, has been a priority.


Verdad® - Nature's choice for today's challenges in refrigerated food products

11 Jun 2014 --- Consumers demand for meat products to have labels with ingredients they recognize and understand. Verdad® is our range of label-friendly ingredients that are produced from nature's best raw materials and straightforward production methods. The Verdad portfolio has been specifically developed to help meeting the increasing demand for more simple and understandable labels (so called 'cupboard ingredients') and still enable food processors to produce high quality, safe and tasty food products.

Ingredient Focus
01 Sep 2023 | Corbion

Tech can drive purchasing decisions in plant-based protein

Online tools can help consumers get inspired about food & beverage products, with social media playing a big part when it comes to plant-based innovation. There is a rise in food... Read More


Newsbite Podcast (Aug 15 - 19): Snacking suppliers weigh in on “healthy reasons to indulge,” Fazer develops cell-based cocoa

19 Aug 2022 --- Finnish food industry giant Fazer began researching cell-based chocolate, which will cultivate confectionery ingredients without the need for traditional farming inputs. ADM and New Culture, an alternative dairy company, partnered to develop cow-free casein. Meanwhile, Corbion received a patent for a method for increasing the efficacy of vinegar-based preservation solutions.


NewsBite Podcast (April 13-17): Cargill, Agrocorp, Rabobank collaborate for faster commodity trading, demand for milk drops significantly

17 Apr 2020 --- While the ongoing pandemic spurs a cataclysm of supply chain challenges, the global crisis is also pushing businesses toward previously unexplored digital solutions. Key agri-food suppliers Cargill and Agrocorp have teamed up with Rabobank to pilot blockchain for faster cross-continental commodity trading in five days, initially focusing on wheat. Other COVID-19 updates include how the EU dairy sector is slipping into a deepening crisis. As the demand for milk and milk ingredients has significantly dropped, produced milk volumes can no longer be absorbed, warn the European Milk Board.You can also follow our exclusive interviews with Corbion and Prova on how they are weathering the coronavirus storm, plus other industry news. 


Corbion targets clean label amid diversification push

09 Jan 2018 --- In November 2017, the management of ingredient supplier Corbion named “Creating Sustainable Growth” as its aim in its strategy update for the period 2018 to 2021. The new strategy aims to deliver higher organic sales growth of between 3 and 6 percent annually, as the company looks to evolve ever further beyond its traditional base of lactic acid and lactates. Illustrative of the company’s diversifying ingredient portfolio, last year Corbion acquired TerraVia for US$20 million, to acquire a broad and diverse platform centered on innovative food and specialty ingredients derived from microalgae. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Ruud Peerbooms, Senior Vice President for Food at Corbion about the current market environment and growth platforms for the company.


WEEKLY PODCAST: Advertisements for Food and Drinks High in Fat, Salt or Sugar Aimed at Children are to be Banned in the UK, Under New Rules

15 Dec 2016 --- Advertisements for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar aimed at children which run online, in print, on billboards and in cinemas are to be banned in the UK, under new rules. The rules are an effort to help combat rising childhood obesity, particularly in light of children spending more time online, but campaigners have criticized the measures of falling short and complain that the “power” rests in the “hands of manufacturers and advertisers, not parents.” Other companies mentioned are Olam, Coca-Cola, General Mills and Capsugel. 


WEEKLY PODCAST: Brexit Needs to Take “Shape” and “Form”, Says Nestlé Boss

23 Oct 2016 --- Nestlé chief executive Paul Bulcke stated that Brexit needed to take “shape” and “form” before the food giant would make any decision on its investment in the UK while saying the likelihood of a pricing spat would be down to individual markets. Nestlé cut its forecast for the year, saying that its full-year rise in sales would now be 3.5 percent, down from its previous forecast of 4.2 percent, amid price deflation in Europe and the US and a slowdown in growth in emerging markets. Other companies mentioned are Corbion, Chaucer, ADM and Danone.