White Label World Expo 2024 edition

Duration:27 Feb 2024 - 28 Feb 2024
Event:White Label World Expo 2024 edition
Location:ExCeL London
Organizer:Fortem International
Website: https://www.whitelabelexpo.co.uk/tracker.asp?code= ..
Event Details:

White Label World Expo is the world’s leading event for white & private label products with 300 innovative exhibitors showcasing the latest products, technologies and innovations. The event is an unmissable opportunity for any forward-thinking online seller or entrepreneur to take their business to the next level! Taking place on the 27th & 28th February, the ExCeL London, will be transformed into the ultimate business networking event in Europe!

Bringing you the latest ecommerce industry trends and strategies in an exciting hub for retail, to help you see exponential growth and success for your business. Thousands of visitors will be looking to source private label and white label products. Build relationships with new connections and join thousands of professionals looking to grow their business and increase their profits.

At the White Label World Expo 2024 edition, listen and learn from over 150 of our key industry experts, who will equip you with the profound knowledge required for you to embark on your business endeavour! Gain tips on offers to stand out from the competition and boost your revenue. Not to mention, we have collated together all the sectors taking a lead through online sales to ensure all sellers and buyers have products to source!

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06 Oct 2023 --- Chloé Rutzerveld, a “food futurist” and designer exhibiting at Spacefarming exhibition in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has created an installation called Culinaire Cellulair that engages with the next generation of cellular food consumers, promoting early adoption once the products are commercialized.


Ingredion culinologist recreates treats in healthier formats

22 Sep 2023 --- Taking a cue from vibrant, big cities like New York, Ingredion has developed lower sugar and gluten-free fusion food concepts. Global culinologist Maru Harris bridges authentic Korean flavors with a “Waffle House experience” with a snow cheese-fried chicken on a biscuit prototype drizzled with barley tea syrup. Crisp and creamy hummus fries were also on display with a 50% fat-reduced white garlic sauce.