Gulfood 2024

Duration:19 Feb 2024 - 23 Feb 2024
Event:Gulfood 2024
Location:Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Organizer:Dubai World Trade Center
Event Details:

The biggest edition in Gulfood’s history brought together over 5,000 leading food and beverage companies, showcasing 100,000 new products from more than 125 countries. Filled with countless networking opportunities to develop new business relationships and strengthen existing ones, this year’s show offered a bigger platform to make new partnerships, deals, collaborations, signings and announcements.

Join us at the biggest food trade show that continues to resonate within the F&B community from 19 - 23 February 2024

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Articles On Food Ingredients First
Plant based patty on a salad


France revokes “meaty” terminology from plant-based labeling

29 Feb 2024 --- Culinary capital France has issued a decree concerning the labeling of food products containing plant-based proteins. Under the new law, meat-like words including... Read More

A cow on a farm


EU scientists find lowering antibiotics in food-producing livestock leads to resistance reductions in humans

29 Feb 2024 --- 28 Feb 2024 --- Between the years 2014 and 2021, antibiotic consumption in food-producing livestock animals has decreased by 44%. This trend was revealed in a recent multi-agency report led by the... Read More

A spoon with instant coffee, sugar in a white ceramic bowl and water in a glass kept on a wooden table.


Kerry’s c-LEcta unveils acrylamide-cutting enzyme for instant and ready-to-drink coffee

28 Feb 2024 --- Kerry Group’s subsidiary c-LEcta and German coffee tech firm Anka have formulated a new food enzyme to reduce acrylamide in instant coffee and ready to drink coffee beverages.... Read More

A road is built in a green forest.


Somater and Eranova partner on algae-based French biopolymer production

28 Feb 2024 --- Somater, a French manufacturer of bio-polymer packaging, has joined forces with French biotech firm Eranova to create a line of bio-based solutions utilizing green algae as a... Read More

Two glasses of golden colored energy drinks with ice.


Colors from nature: GNT leverages fruit and vegetables to formulate caramel color substitute for drinks

28 Feb 2024 --- GNT has unveiled a range of concentrates made from caramelized sugar syrup as natural substitutes to caramel (E150) color used in beverages. The colors — Exberry Shade Autumn... Read More


Cargill: Innovations shaping the future of food and agriculture

27 Feb 2024 --- Florian Schattenmann, head of R&D and innovation at Cargill, explains why innovation is crucial to overcoming some of the world’s biggest problems, including climate change and food security. In this wide-ranging interview, Schattenmann provides insights on alternative proteins, sustainable animal agriculture, AI systems and pet nutrition.


Biofach: Canadian organic farmers seek local business opportunities amid EU economic pressures

26 Feb 2024 --- Jeff Cooper, vice president of trade development at Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership comments on the rise in cost of living impacting global demand for organic food and the strain placed on organic farmers. New regulations are making it difficult to do business in Europe, prompting Canadian growers to seek more business opportunities locally.


ProSweets 2024: Esarom demos the intrigue of “mystery flavors”

20 Feb 2024 --- Following success in the beverage category, confectionery brands are jumping onto the mystery flavor trend, launching products with black or white colors that keep consumers guessing. Mystery flavors allow brands to engage with consumers and give them a sensory experience they’ve never had before, highlights Daniela Zöllner, marketing manager at the Austrian flavor house Esarom.


Biofach: Austria Juice exhibits range of fruit beverage innovation targeting cost efficiencies

19 Feb 2024 --- At Biofach, Austria Juice is showcasing four types of product categories, including fruit juice concentrates, beverage compounds, flavorings and fruit wine. Tobias Roell, sales manager, speaks to us about how the portfolio addresses cost efficiencies in response to ongoing economic pressures on organic fruit beverage market.


Galactic: Harnessing naturality, antimicrobial properties and food safety

19 Feb 2024 --- Galactic has been one of the world’s key producers of lactic acid and its derivatives for 30 years. Katrien Lambeens, chief commercial officer, delves into how Galactic is developing a range of natural antimicrobials and ingredients. The company is also tapping into food waste and food safety while also working on removing the negative stigma that E-numbers have previously had.