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08 November 2017

Improvement of the bread baking performance of low quality wheat flour with SANACEL® add 030

Based on the current news about quality difference in this harvesting season, CFF GmbH & Co. KG performed trials to evaluate how the use of fibres can improve the flour quality. The flour characterisation was performed by comparing three different types of flours: A reference flour with good baking properties, a low quality flour and a low quality flour enriched with SANACEL® add 030. The characterization clearly shows how fibres can help to improve water absorption and dough performance.

01 November 2017

Sugar reduction, a common responsibility

Public health authorities, health professionals, the food and drink industry, and many consumers are united in their concerns… the issue can’t be sugar-coated anymore… many aspects of our modern lifestyle, are leading to an epidemic of ill health across the world. One very important ingredient in this is sugar - adults and children in many countries simply consume too much. We need to reduce the amount of sugar that we eat drastically. This paper explores the factors behind these concerns and options for sugar reduction that can offer additional health benefits.

31 October 2017

Vitasterol® S-80 WDP: Functional ingredient to reduce cholesterol

Vitasterol® S-80 WDP is mixed phytosterols microencapsulated especially developed for dairy products. This functional ingredient helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and is approved as novel ingredient for dairy applications including milk, cheese and yoghurt based products and milk based beverages with fruits or cereals.

11 October 2017

Improve your performance with Overnight Recovery Protein

Numerous studies have investigated the importance of protein supplementation in supporting skeletal muscle growth in response to exercise and/or prevention of muscle mass loss during physical inactivity. However to improve the effectiveness of protein, the right protein source and timing of ingestion is important.

09 August 2017


In this paper the CFF GmbH & Co. KG is introducing their development of clean label vegan burger alternatives without additives, compared to products which are already on the market. In the burger healthy SANACEL® add fibre blends are used. SANACEL® add are natural ingredients with the same or similar functions like food additives, however without E number. The texture analysis as well as the analytical examination of vegetarian and vegan burger patties will show, that it is possible to produce meat-free alternatives without artificial ingredients.