10th Dairy Innovation Strategies 2024

Duration:24 Apr 2024 - 25 Apr 2024
Event:10th Dairy Innovation Strategies 2024
Location:AC Hotel Bella Sky, Copenhagen
Organizer:Arena International
Website: https://www.arena-international.com/
Event Details:

The 10th edition of the Dairy Innovation Strategies Conference returns to Copenhagen with fresh new topics and three streams covering a wide range of topics including health, ingredients, consumer trends, sustainability, plant-based, technology and AI. 

Join 150+ attendees, 25+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors over two days of high-level discussions and networking. Programme highlights include keynotes from Arla Foods and Oatly. Industry leaders speaking include: Yakult, FrieslandCampina, Danone, Naturli’, ING Bank, Fonterra, TINE, Dutch Dairy Association + many more.

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Articles On Food Ingredients First
EU flags flying in front of the HQ.


Kemin’s algae-derived beta-glucan ingredient secures European Novel Food status

19 Apr 2024 --- Kemin Industries reveals it received a Novel Food authorization from the European Commission for BetaVia Pure. According to the company, the authorization marks a milestone for... Read More

Two men walking in a corn field.


Beyond The Headlines: Cargill and Nestlé Purina’s regenerative agriculture partnership, IFF opens co-creation center

19 Apr 2024 --- This week in industry news, Cargill and Nestlé Purina began a new partnership to support the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices across more than 200,000 acres of... Read More

A chicory root being pulled out of the ground.


Prebiotic power: Beneo showcases versatile chicory root fiber ingredients

18 Apr 2024 --- Research and suppliers continue to spotlight the efficacy of prebiotic chicory root fiber, its ability to boost digestive health and to modulate the gut-axes. Emerging research... Read More

A cell-cultured sausage on a bun with some toppings (Image Credit: Meatable).


Meatable leads cultivated meat charge with first legally approved EU tasting

18 Apr 2024 --- Dutch food-tech and cultivated meat pioneer Meatable achieved an industry milestone by hosting the first-ever legally approved cultivated meat tasting in the EU. According to the... Read More

Two cans of Progamer


Arla Foods Ingredients unveils nutritious beverage for health-conscious gamers

17 Apr 2024 --- Danish-Swedish dairy multinational Arla Foods Ingredients debuts a high-protein beverage called Progamer. The functional drink is geared toward nutrition-conscious gamers and... Read More


IPIFF: Insect protein body lays out industry’s ethics and sustainability credentials

19 Apr 2024 --- The International Platform of Insects for Food & Feed (IPIFF) responds to a recent interview with Eurogroup for Animals, in which the NGO’s insects political adviser suggested the insect protein industry perpetuates issues related to animal farming and extends animal suffering. Here, Christophe Derrien, IPIFF’s secretary general, makes the case that insects can be farmed ethically and support sustainable food systems.


Symrise proclaims World Vanilla Day, expanding modern flavor offerings

15 Apr 2024 --- Symrise marks the 150th anniversary of the patent grant for vanillin and talks to us about celebrating vanilla as a well-established traditional flavor and using it in modern food formulations. Known as the “queen of flavors,” vanilla remains a mainstay. Dominik Rzepka, global communications and Laurent Deniau, global director for natural vanilla and botanicals, detail how Symrise supports vanilla supply chains and innovation.


IFE 2024: Elevating taste with raw spices, blends and heritage Indian ingredients for sweet and savory applications

10 Apr 2024 --- The Food Supply company presented a range of cookies, spice blends and ingredients from India. Showcasing the country’s legacy ingredients, Soranjeet Ahudja, company director, explains the importance of bringing these ingredients to life in unusual concepts, such as cumin and carom cookies.


IFE 2024: Jefferson’s Ice Cream to launch American-style “Sammies”

09 Apr 2024 --- Premium artisan UK ice cream brand Jefferson’s is launching its ice cream Sammies, made with homemade cookies, organic milk and other natural ingredients to bring a contemporary twist to old-fashioned American-style ice cream. It is extremely creamy, bursting with flavor and novel inclusions. We caught up with co-founder Celine Thompson to find out more. 


IFE Manufacturing 2024: Lallemand Bio-Ingredients elevates savory snacking with yeast-based ingredients

02 Apr 2024 --- Lallemand Bio-Ingredients exhibited its range of yeast ingredients designed for the savory snacking and meat spaces. According to Xavier Puyol, global accounts manager, yeasts are “smart” ingredients that are allergen-free, of non-animal origins, are friendly with religions and are easy to formulate with. The company also presented its nitrite-free salami which showcases how it is possible to have an all-natural salami product in the market.