Food Ingredients News

Kellogg's Special K Expands Line of On-the-Go Protein Snacks

24 Feb 2017 --- Kelloggs is expanding its line of portable snack options with its new Special K Nourish and Protein Snack Bites. The Special K Snack Bites are a poppable new take on the bars, that make it easy to eat on-the-go, with wholesome ingredients.

Sugar Tax Success for Mexico

23 Feb 2017 --- More than three years after Mexico enforced a one peso tax on sugary sweetened drinks, there is evidence that fewer people are buying sodas with an overall decline of 7.6%. The latest data shows purchases of taxed beverages decreased 5.5% in 2014 and 9.7% in 2015, yielding an average reduction of 7.6% over the study period. 

Kashi Expands Portfolio to Support Organic Farmland

23 Feb 2017 --- Kashi introduced Chewy Nut Butter Bars – the second line of products in its growing Certified Transitional portfolio – which joins Dark Cocoa Karma Shredded Wheat Biscuits, the company's best-performing cereal innovation in over five years. These deliciously chewy bars are made with real nut butters, whole grains and coconut oil, offering flavor packed, gluten-free nourishment in four tasty flavors: Almond Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Trail Mix, Salted Chocolate Chunk and Coconut Cashew Macaroon. 

Cleaner Labels for PepsiCo's Naked Juice Brand

23 Feb 2017 --- PepsiCo juice brand Naked are set to make several modifications during the next eight months to the labeling and marketing of its current line-up of pure fruit, veggie, protein and boosted juices. According to an agreement announced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), it is set to give consumers a clearer understanding of the ingredients. 

HSBC Strengthens “No Deforestation” Palm Oil Pledge After Greenpeace Expose

22 Feb 2017 --- HSBC has strengthened its “no deforestation, no peat, no exploitation” policy promising not to fund palm oil companies involved in rainforest destruction following a Greenpeace investigation earlier this year which linked the bank to companies destroying large areas of land. 

Barry Callebaut Study Reveals Farmers in Ivory Coast Still Live in Poverty

22 Feb 2017 --- Even with the support of an increasing amount of sustainability projects, most cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire still live far below the poverty line. A new study executed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and Barry-Callebaut estimates that cocoa farmers earn a roughly estimated 568 West African Franc (CFA) per day, approximately €0.86. This is the direct result of low cocoa yields, on average 435 kg/ha, on already relatively small cocoa farms. 

SweeGen Commercializes New Reb-M Stevia Product

22 Feb 2017 --- SweeGen, Inc. have announced the successful commercialization of its Bestevia Reb-M, the company’s non-caloric and high purity stevia sweetener with an unparalleled, clean, sweet taste, which is comparable to regular table sugar. 

Essentia Expand Protein Offerings with Organic Beef Products

22 Feb 2017 --- Essentia Protein Solutions, North America have announced the expansion of its ingredient portfolio to include grass-fed, USDA-certified organic beef broth products. 

INTERVIEW: New Naturex VP Highlights Quality, Authentication and Traceability

21 Feb 2017 --- Naturex recently announced the appointment of Reza Kamarei PhD, to the role of global Nutrition & Health R&D Vice President for Naturex. Kamarei holds four academic degrees in the field of nutrition and food science including a PhD in food science & technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has extensive R&D and management experience in the areas of functional ingredients, nutraceuticals, food and beverages and dietary supplements. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Alternative Proteins Trending – Plant, Insects and Marine Sources

21 Feb 2017 --- Demand for plant-based ingredients like algae, spirulina, seaweed, duckweed, pea proteins is climbing, as the appetite for pulses, non dairy or meat-free alternatives increases - even insects are getting in on the alternative protein scene. Interestingly the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is in a ten year decline with no real progress made in Europe, the US or elsewhere despite massive health campaigns pushing for everyone, kids especially, to eat more of the good stuff. 

KEY INTERVIEW: Andean Grain Address Demand for South American Super Grains

20 Feb 2017 --- The use of ancient grains has sky rocketed over the last few years, and the trend looks set to continue well into 2017. Increasing consumer interest in previously exotic seeds like chia and quinoa has fueled the application of seeds and grains in general.

Bolasco Launch Reduced-Sugar Dried Cranberries for “Indulgence Without the Guilt”

20 Feb 2017 --- Consumers are increasingly embracing a healthy diet that is low in sugar. Many food manufacturers are therefore looking for ways to reduce the sugar content of their products. In line with this trend, the Hamburg-based ingredients specialist bolasco has now teamed up with its brand partner Ocean Spray to introduce reduced-sugar dried cranberries to the market.

German Fruit Juice Producer Uses Stevia as a Natural Sweetener

17 Feb 2017 --- Part of the job at Glockengold Fruchtsaft AG is to taste fruit juice, ice teas, soft drinks and mineral water with around 30 million liters a year leaving the German company after being poured into beverage cartons labeled with a bell logo to signify the old belfry town of Laucha.

Cornelius Urges Food Manufacturers to Seek Egg Alternatives, Amid Price Hike

16 Feb 2017 --- Cornelius Group is urging food manufacturers not to panic and seek alternatives over the continuing increase in egg prices and fall in supplies.

Demand for Protein is on the Rise in South-East Asia, Creating Opportunities for NZMP

15 Feb 2017 --- NZMP, Fonterra’s dairy ingredients business, believes South-East Asians’ growing appetite for protein offers exciting growth prospects for its protein ingredients brand and is teaming up with companies in the region to develop new protein-related products.

Sugar Reduction is Top Health Priority in Growth Markets, Finds DuPont Bakery Consumer Survey

14 Feb 2017 --- DuPont Nutrition & Health has pinpointed sugar reduction as the top health priority in a survey of consumer attitudes towards sweet baked goods in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The survey further revealed that biscuits, cookies, cakes and croissants are popular snacks in the three countries. As such, they are widely consumed at all times of day.

Tradin Organic and Sanle Sechange to Expand Dried Mango Production

14 Feb 2017 --- Sanle Sechange is set to open a new factory in March 2017 to produce high quality, organically certified dried fruit products, mainly mango. It follows the company’s move to build a new factory with higher capacity, with the help of Tradin Organic.

SPECIAL REPORT: Asian Flavor Invasion

13 Feb 2017 --- The world is more connected than ever and people have easy access to information about food in other places in the world. Ethnic, and particularly Asian foods and flavors are increasingly authentic and traditional. Rather than fusion cooking, flavors and recipes are becoming more specific and often carry a local/regional name. This is not just a Western world trend, you see it now globally: many consumers eat from multiple non-regional cuisines on a regular basis.

Prolactal Introduces PRORGANIC Ingredient for Protein Enrichment

13 Feb 2017 --- Prolactal is pushing “the power of proteins” with an array of versatile solutions for organic yogurts, drinks and infant formulas that keep pace with demand for quality taste, texture and stability. Prolactal, a member of ICL Food Specialties, has expanded its range of high-quality dairy ingredients which are processed in-house along the complete supply chain from local milk to ready ingredient solutions.

RiceBran Technologies Announces $8M Private Placement of Debt and Equity

13 Feb 2017 --- RiceBran Technologies, a global leader in the production and marketing of value-added products derived from rice bran, has entered into definitive agreements with a group of accredited investors for the purchase of $6 million of non-convertible original issue discount debentures and $2 million of convertible preferred stock.