Food Ingredients News

Valensa To Commercialize Algal Scientific Algae-Based Health Ingredients

18 Jan 2017 --- Valensa International (Eustis, FL USA) have announced that it has reached an agreement with Algal Scientific Corporation (Plymouth, MI USA) to commercialize Algal’s PureAlgal branded ingredients - whole dried microalgae (Euglena gracilis) and purified beta-1,3-glucan – in the human health and nutrition markets.

Kröner-Stärke Promotes Chemical-Free Specialist Starches

18 Jan 2017 --- In 2017, leading German wheat starch producer for the food, non-food and animal feed sectors, KRÖNER-STÄRKE, is aiming to meet industry demand for chemical-free production with its extensive, totally natural, pre-gelatinised starches range. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Popularity of Ethnic Cuisine and Health Benefits Mean Stellar Year for Spices

17 Jan 2017 --- Consumer demand for different tastes and ethnic cuisine is fuelling the popularity of spices and 2017 is expected to be a stellar year, with both established and newer spices set to drive consumer demand. Meanwhile, experts are predicting further consolidation in the industry, following spice giant McCormick’s recent flurry of activity in the market.

CJ CheilJedang Launches Fermented L-Cysteine Through Sustainable Technology

17 Jan 2017 --- CJ CheilJedang has announced the launch of l-cysteine and its derivatives produced through the use of an environmentally-friendly fermentation technology. According to the company, the technology uses raw sugar and glucose as a raw material, while the majority of manufacturers in the market are using a hydrolysis process that starts with duck feather as a raw material.

DeutscheBack Launches Innovative Solution to Keep Baked Goods Fresher for Longer

17 Jan 2017 --- DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG presents TopSweet Fresh Cake Plus V for rich cake and short crust pastry batters. This innovative enzyme system improves freshness preservation of the crumb and keeps packaged cakes and baked goods soft and moist longer. The longer-lasting crumb softness boosts the profitability of baked goods. During the development DeutscheBack benefited from the synergies and experience of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. 

Bühler and Protix Boost Industrial Scale Insect Production

16 Jan 2017 --- As the global population grows, so does the necessity for alternative, sustainably-generated protein sources. Insects provide a natural and sustainable protein source that will contribute to closing the future protein gap. In order to address this potential, Bühler – the leading solution provider for the food and feed industry – and Protix – the leading insect production company – have founded Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. 

KEY INTERVIEW: Umami “On-Trend” Solution for Sodium Reduction

16 Jan 2017 --- Salt of the Earth, Ltd., has appointed David Hart as new Business Unit Director. He will report to the CEO and be responsible for global business of Mediterranean Umami, an all-natural sodium reduction solution. “We are excited to have David join our team,” said Dovik Tal, CEO for Salt of the Earth. “His extensive experience, especially at the nexus of food and health, is a significant addition of capabilities that will drive the growth of our Mediterranean Umami business around the world.”

Bayn Opens for New Business Model with Barentz to Replace Stevia Distribution Contract

16 Jan 2017 --- Bayn Europe and Barentz have mutually agreed upon the termination of their exclusive stevia distribution contract in Europe effective from Sep 2016, a new cooperation model is under discussion. The decision comes after mutual evaluation of market potential and business strategies, and it opens up for Bayn Europe to work also with other solution driven partners to reach more food and beverage companies for healthy sugar reduction in Europe.

Panera Bread Achieves “100% Clean” Portfolio

16 Jan 2017 --- US chain of bakery cafe-style restaurants Panera has risen to the challenge and taken clean label to the next level by replacing 122 different ingredients from its menu with cleaner alternatives.

Cargill Makes Progress on Building Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

16 Jan 2017 --- In a report recently issued, Cargill presented progress on its efforts to meet its commitment to eliminate deforestation from its supply chains. The first Cargill Report on Forests covers on-the-ground actions within six priority supply chains and global collaborations to advance sustainable agriculture. Cargill worked with numerous global partners to engage more than 148,000 farmers and established a baseline for measuring tree cover loss by mapping the sourcing areas of nearly 2,000 locations across 14 countries.

Arla’s New Cutting-Edge Facility Consolidates Cheese Maturation

13 Jan 2017 --- Britain’s largest cheese manufacturer Arla is celebrating the official opening of a new state-of-the art facility for cheese storage and maturation as part of its long-term strategy to champion British dairy. 

US Dairy Sector Accuses Canada of Flouting Trade Obligations in Letter to Trump

12 Jan 2017 --- Dairy organizations in the US have written to president-elect Donald Trump to spell out how Canada’s trade actions are hurting the dairy industry and driving down prices.

‘Gene-Silencing’ Technique is Game-Changer for Crop Protection

12 Jan 2017 --- Researchers at the University of Surrey and University of Queensland have developed a revolutionary new crop protection technique which offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to genetically-modified crops and chemical pesticides.

INTERVIEW: Jungbunzlauer Marks 150 Year Anniversary, Buoyed by Both Commodity and Specialty Growth

11 Jan 2017 --- Industrial-scale biotech, jobs and investments in Europe and North America, coupled with growing global sales of biodegradable ingredients using renewable raw materials – this is the story of Jungbunzlauer. Vibrant and sustainable – those two words characterize the company that celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017 and can look back on its successful development under the ownership of the Kahane Family during the last 50 years. The company had completely evolved from being an alcohol fermentation distillery into a fermented ingredient supplier in 1962. 

Courtauld Commitment Shows Milestones and Failures in Food Waste Fight

11 Jan 2017 --- There’s renewed vigor in the fight against food waste after new figures from campaigners WRAP, which developed and managed the Courtauld Commitment (CC3) agreement on behalf of UK governments, show that £13 billion (US$ billion) of edible food was needlessly thrown away from homes in 2015, the equivalent of 7.3 million tons. Meanwhile new findings from the (CC3) show some important milestones have been achieved in addressing food waste in the UK. 

DuPont Nutrition & Health to Increase Cultures Manufacturing Capacity in Europe

11 Jan 2017 --- DuPont Nutrition & Health has announced a further increase in its manufacturing capacity – this time in Europe. The company will invest $60 million expanding three cultures production sites in the region as a response to increasing demand for frozen and freeze-dried starter cultures from the global yogurt, fresh fermented and cheese markets. 

DuPont Expands Cheese Facility Capabilities

11 Jan 2017 --- DuPont Nutrition & Health have announced a substantial investment in a laboratory that serves the North American cheese industry. In addition to expanded physical space at the Kansas City metro area lab, new equipment has been installed, including three bio fermenters to simulate external pH control starter production, an incubator for growing cultures, a cheese vat for making cheese, and two environmental cabinets for aging cheese. 

ADM Invests in Expansion of Pet Food Business with Purchase of Crosswind Industries

11 Jan 2017 --- Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) have announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Crosswind Industries, Inc., a Kansas-based producer of dry-expanded, dual-texture, semi-dry and semi-moist treat products for pets.

SPECIAL REPORT: Dieting Trends for 2017: What’s Hot?

10 Jan 2017 --- Following a festive season of indulgence, January marks the dawn of the new diet for many consumers looking to tap into healthier eating habits and improve their well-being through personalized nutrition. And more than ever before, the underlying factors affecting diet trends are centered around healthier, more-thoughtful food and drink choices. 

RSPO: Cause of Deforestation or Conservation?

10 Jan 2017 --- The RSPO has published its 2016 RSPO Impact Report, providing a detailed look at RSPO’s sustainability efforts and outcomes from past year.