Fiber Innovations Targeting Intestinal and Brain Health

 18 Jan 2017

Taiyo has changed dramatically this year, with a whole new team. At HiE 2016, Taiyo were presenting ten new innovations, giving life back to its range of products for human health, specifically intestinal health. 
Taiyo are targeting trends in fiber and the connections with brain and intestinal health. 
“Sunfiber is tasteless, soluble, and is one of the five exempted true fibers in America by the FDA,” says Siebrecht. “This gives us a new way to sell fiber; we are looking to target the beverages industry next year, satiety benefits, or intestinal beverages.”

29 Jan 2020 | Forum For the Future

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28 Jan 2020 | Herba Ingredients

The Ebro Ingredients Group is a consolidation of grain and pulse companies who exhibited together for the first time under the parent company name at Fi Europe 2019 in Paris. Arjan Geerlings, New Business Development Manager, notes that the company is based on the four pillars of rice, pulses ancient grains... Read More

27 Jan 2020 | Nigay

Clean label is not new for the France-based caramel supplier Nigay. It has been working for more than 20 years to meet clean label demands through its burnt sugar, says Yves Palmier, International Sales Executive at Nigay during Fi Europe 2019 in Paris. Demand for premium, clean label caramels continues to... Read More

27 Jan 2020 | Eurial I&N

As a newly formed branch of Agrial, Eurial I&N is bringing specialty ingredients and R&D into focus. Antoine Dauby, Sales & Marketing Director, says Eurial I&N is in a unique position thanks to its relationship with Agrial. He also shares some ingredients that tie into the conscious-consumer trend and... Read More

27 Jan 2020 | Dutch Spices

The age-old spices business is still thriving at 4-6 percent annual growth, says Tom Wiering, Commercial Manager at Dutch Spices. One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the market and keeping close contact with customers who have moved abroad. Wiering notes that the European spices market varies... Read More

27 Jan 2020 | Döhler

As a finalist for the plant-based innovation award at Fi Europe 2019, Döhler has experience in dairy and meat analogs. The company’s philosophy underscores the need for nutrition and sustainability in addition to taste and texture. René Krebs highlights star plant-based proteins for forumlation and speaks... Read More

27 Jan 2020 | MosaMeat

At Future Food-Tech London, Peter Verstrate, Co-Founder and COO of MosaMeat, explains how the company is planning to target devoted meat-eaters with its lab-grown meat. He also appreciates the marketing tactics of rival companies, such as Aleph Farms, saying that there is ample space in the market for dozens... Read More

24 Jan 2020 | Tereos

At Fi Europe 2019 in Paris, France, Tereos exhibited its certified organic beet sugar. Produced just two months ahead of the event, the beet sugar taps into the organic products trend.  Guillaume Planque, Head of Product Management at Tereos, elaborated on why certification is essential for this trend as... Read More

24 Jan 2020 | Bell Flavors and Fragrances

As consumer interest continues to drive the hemp “mega trend,” hemp-based products are increasingly arriving to the food and beverage industry. Agneta Hoffmann, Teamleader Marketing Flavors, speaks with FoodIngredientsFirst at Fi Europe 2019 in Paris, France, about Bell Flavors and Fragrances’ endeavor into... Read More

24 Jan 2020 | Niacet

Netherlands-based Niacet was exhibiting its range of preservation solutions with both artificial and natural solutions around organic acids at the Foodvalley section of Fi Europe 2019 in Paris. Vinegar is the basis of the natural solutions, meaning it can be placed on the label, which is appealing to clean... Read More

22 Jan 2020 | Diana Food

Food formulators face the challenge of maintaining freshness when using a fruit or vegetable powder. At Fi Europe 2019, Diana Food showcased its vegetable powders and liquids created with a new technology that allows the company to capture the volatile ingredients which naturally occur in the fruit or... Read More

22 Jan 2020 | Faravelli

The Italy-based food ingredients distributor Faravelli supplies the industry with an A-Z range of ingredients for texture, stabilization and finished formulations. Silvia di Tommaso, PR and Corporate Communication Manager, speaks about the company’s move to rebrand last year. The new campaign won the Best in... Read More

22 Jan 2020 | SnackFutures, Mondelez

In addition to participating in a panel discussing consumption habits, Gil Horsky of SnackFutures, Mondelez’s innovation hub, sat down with FoodIngredientsFirst at Future Food-Tech London. He explained how consumers are more engaged with food than ever before, meaning that the pace that consumer habits... Read More

21 Jan 2020 | DDW The Color House

The company that started over 150 years ago in caramel colors recently added two new bright, natural and fully traceable colors to its portfolio. Dr. Connie Sandusky, Global Marketing Director at DDW The Color House discusses a new anthocyanin red at Fi Europe 2019. The red comes from purple corn, which can... Read More

21 Jan 2020 | CP Kelco

Just two years in the making, CP Kelco’s Nutrava Citrus Fiber taps into the clean label trend as an orange peel-based ingredient. With consumer demand for natural, recognizable ingredients rising, Susanne Soergel, Senior Director-Platform Strategy Pectin & Carrageenan, explains more about Nutrava, the R&D... Read More

20 Jan 2020 | Corbion

Corbion launches a range of new natural solutions to keep chilled food safer for longer. The Verdad portfolio uses natural processing like fermentation to protect food from food safety hazards such as listeria growth. The six new ingredients within its Verdad and PuraQ Arome portfolios, launched at Fi Europe... Read More

20 Jan 2020 | Arla Foods Ingredients

Lacprodan ISO.Water is positioned as the first flavorless protein water, which has also been optimized for taste and mouthfeel. With the unique formulation, Joe Katterfield, Sales Development Manager for Sports Nutrition and Health Foods at Arla Foods Ingredients, says the mass market is ready to embrace... Read More