Fiber Innovations Targeting Intestinal and Brain Health

 18 Jan 2017

Taiyo has changed dramatically this year, with a whole new team. At HiE 2016, Taiyo were presenting ten new innovations, giving life back to its range of products for human health, specifically intestinal health. 
Taiyo are targeting trends in fiber and the connections with brain and intestinal health. 
“Sunfiber is tasteless, soluble, and is one of the five exempted true fibers in America by the FDA,” says Siebrecht. “This gives us a new way to sell fiber; we are looking to target the beverages industry next year, satiety benefits, or intestinal beverages.”

20 Nov 2019 | Valrhona

An R&D focus on natural ingredients is crucial at a time when consumers are increasingly seeking clean label and vegan products. This is according to Gaelle Chabaud, who was presenting Valhrona’s line of fruit and nut couverture, dubbed “Inspiration.” The most recent flavor is yuzu, which has become a... Read More

05 Nov 2019 | Eat Grub

A key challenge for insect companies is convincing manufacturers to work with bugs due to concerns around hygiene and other challenges related to creating an entirely new production line. This is according to Neil Whippey, who was presenting Eat Grub’s new line of whole crickets at Anuga 2019. He explained... Read More

31 Oct 2019 | Argenti Lemon

Argentinian lemon grower and processor Argenti Lemon cultivates 4,000 hectares of lemons, 300 hectares of which are organic. As the market for organic produce in South America is relatively small in comparison to other markets, regional organic producers look to Europe and the US for export opportunities,... Read More

28 Oct 2019 | Givaudan

Plant-based meat alternatives represent one of the most potent dietary shifts today and flavor giant Givaudan is underscoring the potential of plant-based proteins as it seeks to “redefine the meat category.” Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Flavio Garofalo, Global Category Director for Savoury Flavours at... Read More

24 Oct 2019 | Smart With Food

As one of the key speakers at the NewtritionX conference, held during the Anuga show in Cologne, Germany, Ignace De Nollin of Smart With Food was highlighting the impact that personalized nutrition has had on the retail trade. How can retailers offer a service to consumers? Convenience, transparency and... Read More

23 Oct 2019 | Ardo

Ardo’s buzzing stand at Anuga 2019 showcased its various vegetable offerings, including new tricolore vegetable fries. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Heidi Goovaerts explained how the company was tapping into trends for mindfulness, healthy and adventurous eating and organic. However, sustainability is... Read More

14 Oct 2019 | GNT

Artificial food colorings remain under heavy scrutiny by label-conscious consumers, which propels brands such as GNT’s Exberry range of natural “Coloring Foods” into the spotlight. Comprising minimally processed food grade pigments sourced from freshly harvested crops, Exberry responds to the coloring needs... Read More

10 Oct 2019 | Döhler

Nadine Salhani of Doehler highlights at Anuga 2019 some of the key sub-trends within the wider plant-based movement, such as naturalness, clean-label, plus-minus claims and functionality. Regarding customer demand, the volume is low compared to dairy, but the CAGR is growing in double-digits. In some... Read More

09 Oct 2019 | ADM Wild

ADM Wild’s heaving booth was exhibiting solutions for a range of market categories, ranging from the meat-free trend to sugar-reduction in beverages. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Jochen Heininger spotlighted the growth of the plant-based market, and how customer requests in this domain have seen... Read More

23 Sep 2019 | ADM WIld

ADM is your problem-solving partner and can support you all the way from plant to plate. As an industry leader, we offer the most extensive, innovative and on-trend ingredient solutions and systems to help you provide consumer-preferred experiences. We have the technology and the know-how to be your trusted... Read More

19 Aug 2019 | TIC Gums

Whether you need to reduce astringency, enhance mouthfeel or minimize the awareness of particulates, TIC Gums has the solution for you to address your unique beverage formulating challenges and ensure successful instant beverage development.

15 Aug 2019 | Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience, a newly formed entity that was based on the agricultural division of DowDupont that has now been spun out on June 1, 2019. The company used IFT 2019 to show how food and agriculture all connects. Trevor Jones at the company notes that it has a strongly developed oils portfolio, including... Read More

15 Aug 2019 | Cargill

Cargill has expanded its SimPure line with the introduction of a new waxy corn-based starch. “The SimPure line is being launched to replace modified starches in the clean label space, while still offering a richer thicker texture that native starches cannot. Last year, we launched a potato-based line for... Read More

07 Aug 2019 | Layn USA

A new line of cannabidiol (CBD) ingredients by Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp. (“Layn”), a global producer best known for its plant-based sweeteners, debuted at the IFT19 Food Expo in New Orleans. The company has invested an estimated US$60 million in a new US-based CBD manufacturing facility, expected... Read More

02 Aug 2019 | Cosucra

Cosucra continues to strengthen its position in the North American market through their pea protein expansion. At IFT 2019, the company presented a vegetarian plant-based muffuletta slider [a New Orleans classic] containing their Swelite, Pisane M9 and Swelite ingredients as a system. A dairy alternative... Read More

30 Jul 2019 | Agrana

Agrana presented several concepts featuring oat milk, including a cold brew with an oat milk base, a cinnamon toast cereal and a protein enriched plant-based dairy alternatives, with pea-based, hemp-based solutions. “We are really seeing a lot of movement into oat because of how close it is to milk. If you... Read More

29 Jul 2019 | Prova

Prova has expanded its flavor masking platform to mask offnotes in hemp-based proteins. The move follow initial work in the pea protein arena, which is now being taken to market. Powder form and organic compliant options are now available for pea protein masking options. “We did an extensive work on pea... Read More