Taken at the IFT 2015.

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Challenges and Opportunities on the Vanilla Market

 21 Jul 2015

Bill Graham of Prova discusses challenges and opportunities on the ever turbulent vanilla market, inlcuding strategies around sustainability.
24 Jun 2024 | Hydrosome Labs

Bob Jacobs, president of Hydrosome Labs talks us through the science of “ultrafine bubbles” and its potential in meeting the rising demand for precision fermentation processes in F&B. He sheds light on the technology, Hydrosome H2O’s ability to deliver active ingredients to cells more efficiently in... Read More

24 Jun 2024 | Treatt

Global provider of extracts and ingredients to the flavors and fragrances industries, Treatt, speaks to us about the recent launch of a range of TreattZest Citrus Extracts — solutions based on cold-pressed orange oil, distilled lime oil and express lime oil. The company considers them to have a rounded,... Read More

20 Jun 2024 | Prova

French flavor solutions provider Prova recently expanded its production capacity by opening two new factories in Thailand and France. Prova’s CEO Muriel Acat talks about Prova’s ambitions for growth in France and internationally and its plans to become a key player in the extraction of vanilla, cocoa and... Read More

14 Jun 2024 | Ingredion

Louisa Parrillo, strategic marketing lead - dairy & alternatives and emerging markets and Thomas Grataloup, technical service manager for dairy at Ingredion, discuss the advancements and manufacturing challenges in formulating vegan cheese and the gap in “melting” that such alternatives deal with. They also... Read More

11 Jun 2024 | Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Bioworks, a Canada-based food tech company, is helping to reduce food waste with its Chiber ingredient, a natural preservative derived from upcycled white button mushroom stems. Audrey Carpenter, sales account manager, discusses the demand for clean and natural preservation methods across the F&B... Read More

10 Jun 2024 | Biospringer by Lesaffre

Yeast is naturally rich in proteins and contains all the essential amino acids: discover Springer® Proteissimo™ 102, an animal-free protein with a high digestibility score (PDCAAS 1; BCAA  (21%) and EAA (52%)), and can be easily formulated into food products without undesirable off-notes and limited color... Read More

10 Jun 2024 | ETH Zurich

Kim Mishra, lead author of the study and former postdoc at the Food Process Engineering group at ETH Zurich, talks to us about their cocoa-fruit chocolate that uses cocoa fruit jelly as a powdered sugar substitute and the challenges the team faced in achieving the desired “glossy feel.” He also highlights... Read More

07 Jun 2024 | Wanda Fish

Yaron Sfadyah, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Wanda Fish, spotlights the latest trends and innovations in cultivated seafood amid global overfishing concerns. He tells us about the company’s challenges in achieving the “buttery” texture of traditional bluefin tuna and the technology used to... Read More

06 Jun 2024 | Carbery

We spoke with Fiona Rawlinson, the strategic marketing manager at Carbery, and Eimear Blackwell, the company’s business development and technical specialist, about its latest hydrolyzed whey protein innovation, OptiPep RTD (ready-to-drink). Rawlinson and Blackwell explained the offering’s main health... Read More

05 Jun 2024 | BettaF!sh

Miriam Gößmann, food technologist at BettaF!sh, talks us through the potential of seaweed as a sustainable food source to fulfill the world’s rising food demands. She spotlights the start-up’s efforts at formulating alt-seafood while balancing the flavors and colors of seaweed to widen consumer appeal. 

03 Jun 2024 | Arla Foods Ingredients

Claus Andersen, senior category manager at Arla Foods Ingredients discusses the dairy industry’s long-standing waste management hurdles. He shines light on dairy waste or by-streams’ potential in formulating upcycled dairy products. Claus also touches on the in-demand “high-protein concept” and the company’s... Read More

31 May 2024 | Givaudan

Mieke Acda, product manager at Givaudan, underscores how the company combines science, taste and sustainability in nutraceutical products to develop consumer-centric products and experiences. At the recent Vitafoods expo, Givaudan showcased concepts where consumers can smell, taste and feel a product’s... Read More

30 May 2024 | Gnosis by Lesaffre

Research, development and innovation within the biotics industry are thriving, according to Giuseppe Autieri, the CEO of  Gnosis by Lesaffre, which provides solutions for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and functional F&B brands. Speaking to us at Vitafoods Europe 2024, Autieri highlighted the scientific... Read More

29 May 2024 | DolCas Biotech

Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, DolCas Biotech’s medical and scientific affairs director, discusses the innovations the ingredient firm featured at Vitafoods Europe this year. These include its Curcugen branded turmeric extract that can be used in chocolates, gummies and beverages, as well as Morikol peptide fish... Read More

24 May 2024 | Arla Foods Ingredients

At Vitafoods Europe 2024, Troels Nørgaard Laursen, director of Health & Performance at Arla Foods Ingredients, highlighted the growing importance of taste and innovative, convenient formats for successful active and lifestyle nutrition products. The company highlighted examples of “holistic hydration,” such... Read More

22 May 2024 | Symrise

As agricultural production faces challenges, and the risk of supply shortages increases, Symrise is looking to future-proof supply chains. Barbara Malmezat, global purchasing and risk director at Symrise Food & Beverage, Naturals, talks us through the Secure Sourcing Campaign, a project that aims to ensure... Read More

21 May 2024 | Food Matters Live

With a focus on climate change, the rising cost of living and positive nutrition, Food Matters Live aims to bring the F&B industry together at events across the UK. This week, the organization has added an event in Manchester that will spotlight discussions around emerging consumer trends, growth categories,... Read More