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New protein bar NPD routes

06 Jul 2018

Arla - Boundaries are blurring as sports nutrition continues to move mainstream, pushing a growing interest in proteins and convenient formats. In this space, protein bars are seeing impressive NPD.

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17 Apr 2019 | Beneo

As consumers become more aware of the connection between nutrition, physical health and mental wellbeing, there is a strong demand for digestive health boosting food and beverages. As a result, fiber, pre and probiotics are seeing growing interest and increased NPD.

11 Mar 2019 | Almond Board of California

Globalization is sparking the consumer’s curiosity to discover new food and drinks, and that includes a curiosity for novel snacks. Since eating plant-based is becoming mainstream, industry thrives on plants. Meanwhile an increasing number of consumers is seeking out alternative proteins.

18 Feb 2019 | Almond Board of California

Globalization has sparked in consumers a curiosity to discover new flavors, food and drinks. At the same time, growing awareness about the role of nutrition in overall health is prompting consumers to prioritize healthy options. Nuts, seeds and fruit hold great appeal, especially in the growing snacking... Read More

28 Jan 2019 | Innova Market Insights

The use of natural food colors is on the rise, with Innova Market Insights data showing a CAGR of 5 percent (Global, 2014-2018). Bakery leads as the top market category in terms of products featuring natural food colors. Spirulina extract is the fastest growing natural food color.

20 Dec 2018 | Innova Market Insights

New product development with fiber is showing continuous growth across the globe, as the health benefits of the ingredient continue to gain attention. Sports nutrition is the fastest growing category for fiber inclusion, while rice fiber is the fastest growing fiber ingredient among the new product launches... Read More

19 Nov 2018 | Uelzena eG

Uelzena - Chocolate new product development continues to grow. In terms of formats, chocolate blocks lead, while wrapped chocolate shows strong growth. Healthier products that still deliver on indulgence are key for future innovation. In this thriving category, there is space for both traditional flavors and... Read More

09 Nov 2018 | Sweet Green Fields

Stevia's application continues to grow in food and beverages, appealing especially to consumers looking for products with natural credentials. In North and Latin America, Soft Drinks leads as a category in terms of the inclusion of stevia.

05 Nov 2018 | Carbery Group

Carbery - Sports nutrition products with dairy proteins are experiencing continued growth. Moreover, growing consumer awareness around digestive health means that fermented foods are seeing growing interest. In this space, kefir and other fermented dairy products are finding increasing space on the retail... Read More

08 Oct 2018 | Beneo GmbH

The global clean label trend shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers are increasingly looking for healthy products that still deliver on indulgence. In this space, rice starch is proving itself an emerging ingredient across different clean label applications. Innova Market Insights data has shown a 10... Read More

05 Sep 2018 | CNS Media

The application of edible oils is showing steady growth, with bakery prevailing as the top category. Although sunflower oil is currently the most frequently used edible oil ingredient, avocado oil is the fastest growing edible oil in food & beverage launches. Innova Market Insights has noted an average... Read More

06 Aug 2018 | Sunar Misir

Sugar remains top of mind in terms of health for consumers and a key priority for the industry in terms of finding effective formulation solutions. In this space, sweeteners can help give products a health halo, with sorbitol and maltitol seeing big brand adoption.

18 Jun 2018 | CNS

New food and beverage launches with pulse ingredients are on the rise. The growth has been steady, with a CAGR of ten percent. Chickpea continues to lead for pulse ingredients with 46 percent of new meat substitute launches tracked with a chickpea ingredient.

01 May 2018 | Innova Market Insights

Food & beverage product launches tracked with starch are still on the rise. Due to its versatility, the opportunities to apply starch are endless and even further NPD featuring it is expected. Globally in 2017, 27% of food & beverage launches tracked featuring starch were in the bakery category. This is... Read More

01 Apr 2018 | Uelzena eG

Nearly one in seven products with a halal or kosher claim is a bakery product. Sauces & seasonings and snacks with these claims are also becoming more prevalent. New launch activity with a kosher claim is more prevalent in the UK than in other European locations, however, other countries such as France and... Read More

01 Mar 2018 | Innova Market Insights

The biggest market category for enzymes application globally is Bakery followed by Dairy and Ready Meals.

01 Feb 2018 | CNS Media

1 in 3 food & beverage launches with non-nutritive sweeteners is a Soft Drink. Sports Nutrition and Confectionery occupy second and third place in relevance for such ingredients, respectively. From 2013 to 2017, natural sweeteners such as monk fruit and stevia gained importance while traditional artificial... Read More

02 Jan 2018 | CNS Media

Food colors application has grown steadily over the past years, with a CAGR (2012-2016) of +14%. Globally, the biggest market category for food colors application is Bakery, followed by Confectionery and Soft drinks.