Verdad® - Nature's choice for today's challenges in refrigerated food products


Consumers demand for meat products to have labels with ingredients they recognize and understand. Verdad® is our range of label-friendly ingredients that are produced from nature's best raw materials and straightforward production methods. The Verdad portfolio has been specifically developed to help meeting the increasing demand for more simple and understandable labels (so called 'cupboard ingredients') and still enable food processors to produce high quality, safe and tasty food products.

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Food Ingredients News 04 November 2016

KEY INTERVIEW: Sweet and Sour Trends Driving Developments at Corbion

05 Nov 2016 --- After a successful launch in Europe, Canada and the US, Corbion’s PURAC Powder MA is still riding the waves to meet the growing demand for extreme sour taste profiles across sugar confectionery. Delivering an instant and long lasting sour taste in confectionery products, the non-fat coated malic acid powder remains stable in products even with an extended shelf life, and is suitable for acid sanded confectionery. 

Food Ingredients News 13 July 2016

Corbion’s PURAC Powder MA Approved For Use in Canada

13 Jul 2016 --- PURAC Powder MA, the new non-fat coated malic acid product from Corbion, has been granted approval for use in sugar confectionary products in Canada.

Food Research 07 July 2016

New Data Reveals That Opti.Form by Corbion Purac Controls More Than Just Listeria

07 Jul 2016 --- Results from 20 years of data suggest that Opti.Form does more than provide top shelf Listeria control, but also delivers extended shelf life, improved cook yield, purge control and texture enhancement of finished meat and poultry products.

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12 May 2016

The Use of Vinegar as a Natural Preservative

Corbion Purac introduced its new Verdad Avanta solutions at IFFA 2016. Verdad Avanta Y100 is a patent-pending formula, labeled as vinegar and citrus fiber. Stephan Dobbelstein, Sales Development Manager, says it effectively delivers cook yield increase from 3-9% and improved texture and slice ability, while also extending shelf life and controlling Listeria in ready-to-eat meats. Verdad Avanta F100 is labeled as vinegar and jasmine tea extract (or natural flavor), and provides prolonged freshness in raw and processed meats like sausages. 

29 July 2014

New Solutions to Address the Clean Label Trend

Corbion Purac launched two new vinegar solutions to inhibit Listeria growth and extend shelf life naturally at this year’s IFT in New Orleans. Broadening the company’s existing Verdad label-friendly portfolio, Verdad N8 and Verdad N9 have been specifically developed to satisfy consumer demand for simpler ingredient statements while maintaining quality and safety in fresh and ready-to-eat meat and poultry products.

16 December 2013

Developing Clean Label Ferment Solutions

The newly formed Corbion’s switch to becoming a specialized ingredient supplier that operates in Bakery, Meat & Culinary and Food units is well on track, with growth of 5-6% per year until 2017-18 predicted for the food side [80%], of what encompasses CSM’s old Caravan Ingredients [part of Bakery Supplies North America] and Purac businesses. At Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt, Corbion will launch a fermented sugar in a convenient powder form [VerdadF80] that both adds a savory note, but can also help to clean up the label to bakery, meat and soups & sauces applications.