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    Emerging technologies for food and beverage innovation

    18 September 2017
    Marco Schmidt, CTO at Döhler notes the company’s moves into emerging technologies for food and beverage innovation at drinktec. “We are really focus on technology improvement around pasteurization. Here we are talking about gentle pasteurization for different ingredients and gentle processes. So everything where we can avoid too much stress for the product, especially at a B2B level.” He notes an overall shift at the company in recent years, to offering a greater dried portfolio. “We are shifting our portfolio from the liquid area into the dry area too. Especially here we are busy with defining drying technologies and also those after drying, in order to achieve better products for the different industries that we are serving. We are able to try new things and develop new products such as dry smoothies, without any carriers or premium qualities. Now our challenge is to explain to the consumer how a powder can be diluted back with water and have an excellent product that is pure nature.”