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    Third Generation of Fermented Whole Grain Flours Address Demand For Healthier Product

    22 February 2017
    GoodMills Innovation combines consumer convenience and innovative marketing strategies to support a wholesome and tasty diet. The company introduces a new “whole grain index” seal that reveals the whole grain content of baked products at first sight. To promote the novel seal, the company will highlight grain-based nutritional products  at HiE 2016: GoodMills Innovation showcase a whole wheat concentrate as well as microgranules derived from whole ancient spelt. Both products help manufacturers to produce baked goods that are both light-colored and wholesome. Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation, says: “We intend to make the market more transparent and simplify consumer choice when it comes to wholesome products. In particular, we want to support the sale of whole grain products that seem not to be healthful at first sight, including baked goods made with light-coloured flours that provide the same nutritional value as whole grain products.”