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The Editor Presents: Satisfying Soups & Sauces

 14 Jun 2024

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, in a 15-minute roundup of highlights from the soups and sauces edition.

Inspiration from global cuisines is becoming more nuanced with African flavors coming into the spotlight. Authentic spice blends true to regional tastes are elevating foods, while limited editions allow consumers to dip into novel experiences.

This edition also explores today’s bakery trends and Brazil’s booming ingredients sector. In health and wellness, we examine the latest biotic ingredients and healthy aging ingredients for active seniors.

20 Jun 2024 | Cargill

Today’s chocolate confectionery consumers are seeking out new sensory experiences that deliver texture as well as flavor. They want their chocolate bars to have that initial crack or snap, but also melt in the mouth directly afterwards. It means huge potential for brands that can successfully elevate their... Read More

05 Jun 2024 | Tirlan

This webinar delves into the exciting realm of oat ingredients, exploring their potential to elevate plant-based and hybrid beverages by meeting the demands of today’s consumers.  Oat milk is the top and fastest growing product base in dairy alternative drink launches. This is no surprise considering the... Read More

30 May 2024 | Cargill

There is a clear and growing trend towards plant-based and healthier sugar confectionery options. But today’s plant-based consumers won’t accept sweet treats that don’t deliver organoleptically. Sugar confectionery products are inherently indulgent, and must offer the right taste, sweetness, and importantly,... Read More

02 May 2024 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, in a 15-minute roundup of themes from the ready meal edition. Discover how small ingredients like yeast are making a big impact on savory flavor, as well as modern fermentation techniques to perfect the taste and nutrition of plant-based foods. Cooking... Read More

30 Apr 2024 | Cargill

Indulgence remains one of the essential reasons for purchasing bakery products. However, new research shows that consumers want the best of both worlds and expect tasty products with a healthier profile. Join our webinar to discover our proprietary insights and better understand today’s bakery consumer... Read More

23 Apr 2024 | Ingredion

Join industry thought leaders from UK retailer Sainsbury's and Ingredion, a global food solutions provider, in a conversation about the reasons for growth of retail brands, the current state of business and key priorities for the next 18 months.

10 Apr 2024 | Symrise AG

Many consumers are increasingly looking for healthier food and beverages offering nutritional support and other functionalities. The majority of these products incorporate special ingredients or formulas – coming with unpleasant off-notes impacting the overall flavor profile. Therefore, it is crucial to... Read More

21 Mar 2024 | Kemin Food Technologies

The rising consumer demand for healthier and natural food options has encouraged the exploration of innovative natural plant extracts as alternatives to synthetic ingredients. In the world of bakery products, the issue of oxidation and rancidity poses a significant challenge, impacting the shelf life and... Read More

07 Mar 2024 | Symrise

Today’s consumers expect a lot from the food and beverage products they choose. To successfully respond to changing consumer needs and wants, the industry needs to decode latest consumer trends. This applies especially in times of a global polycrisis that acts as an accelerator of change. Leif Jago, Global... Read More

07 Mar 2024 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, in a 15-minute roundup of themes from the beverage edition. Wellness tea, no- and low-alcohol beverages and health-enhancing drinks are growing, but so are premium, higher-in-alcohol offerings. We’ll explore opportunities in adult beverages across... Read More

08 Feb 2024 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, for a recap of the confectionery edition, which delves into chocolate design and sweet treat offerings. We take a look at how high sugar and cocoa prices are impacting the sector and how plant-based brands are stepping up their game. We will also... Read More

07 Dec 2023 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, for a rundown of the December 2023 edition, which reflects on NPD from the past year and delves into the Top Ten Trends for 2024. Suppliers share their insights on what’s to come for “ingredients taking the spotlight” and emerging themes in F&B... Read More

23 Nov 2023 | Ingredia

Texture plays a major role in the sensory experience of food. Consumers seek products with delicious taste but also with good feelings in their mouths.Thanks to its high-water binding and texturizing capacities, Promilk® B Max is an innovative milk protein that maximizes and boosts the texture of... Read More

09 Nov 2023 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, for a rundown of this flagship edition, focusing on dairy and alternatives innovation. She’ll flip through the key takeaways from articles covering AI in R&D, the proliferation of diverse “milk” NPD, food safety obstacles for plant-based proteins and... Read More

09 Nov 2023 | FoodChain ID

As part of this webinar, we will discuss how the evolution of agricultural practices from traditional to regenerative agriculture will influence environmental and economic outcomes for farmers. We will walk through how companies can work with their supply chain to build strategies to meet their 2050 carbon... Read More

31 Oct 2023 | Tirlán

During this webinar, we explore Tirlán’s grass-fed butter range and its credentials. We talk about the importance of butter in the bakery sector and highlight its key sensorial and functional attributes in baked goods.

11 Oct 2023 | Givaudan Sense Colour

Sauces, dressings and other condiments have long been a staple for restaurants and home cooks alike. Consumers are looking for new and innovative condiments with beautiful colors and diverse applications that inspire them. Adding natural colors to your sauces, seasonings, mayos and dressings can enhance... Read More