On Trend Ingredients for the Meat Industry

 12 Jul 2016

In an interview with FoodIngredientsFirst, at IFFA Frankfurt, Joris Hermans from Intertaste, explains their newest innovations targeting the needs for differentiation in the meat industry.
Intertaste launched superfoods coatings and breadings at IFFA featuring quinoa. Their newest concepts are the Dry Glaze Coating and Superfood Breadings.
“Super food trends are prominent in the industry,” says Hermans, “Retailers are looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors by serving them high end products.”
The company also highlighted on trend marinade concepts. A look at some of the company's latest developments to address the key trends in the meat industry.
17 Nov 2021 | Pfanner

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09 Nov 2021 | Al’Alard Palestinian Agri Products

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03 Nov 2021 | Atlantic Natural Foods

Atlantic Natural Foods specializes in a line of vegan tuna, branded Tuno, under the Loma Linda brand. The products come in three flavors of sriracha, lemon pepper and original. Mike Easterbrook, the company's European agent, shares his belief that plant-based fish will not to completely take business away... Read More

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18 Oct 2021 | SVZ

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, fruit and vegetable supplier SVZ observed record-high price increases – particularly on the red fruits category – in light of crop shortages. Demand has notably picked up on produce high in antioxidants, which are often marketed with an immunity positioning, particularly in Asian... Read More

13 Oct 2021 | DT Foods

Anuga’s Halal market is showcasing the wide range of products in the global halal market, attempting to bridge buyers with producers who are often difficult to find, Özel Aydin of the market tells FoodIngredientsFirst. He discusses how companies are displaying original product types as the show’s halal stand... Read More

12 Oct 2021 | Meeat

At Anuga 2021, Mikko Karell CEO of Meeat, a Finland-based meat alternative company, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about the diversification of plant-based concepts into new cuisines. He outlines how taste and structure are crucial to the success of meat alternatives, as well as the company’s move into... Read More

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20 Sep 2021 | Biospringer

Yeast extract is a vegan natural flavor ingredient and offers a great variety of flavors, from meaty to vegetable, or cheesy notes, allowing to diversify and improve vegan food products. Biospringer Culinary Center’s expertise and experience in building taste support customers in developing delicious vegan... Read More

15 Sep 2021 | Sweegen

Luca Giannone, senior vice president sales at Sweegen, shares insights on the company’s expanding footprint in Europe following the EU Commission’s approval of Sweegen’s non-GMO Signature Bestevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) for use in food and beverages. In light of the European soft drinks industry’s pledge to... Read More

07 Sep 2021 | Mane

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01 Sep 2021 | Comax Flavors

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16 Aug 2021 | Laïta Nutrition

Following Laïta Nutrition’s shift toward plant-based offerings, marketing manager Mathieu Lucot sheds light on the company’s clinical nutrition offerings. He also explains how dairy formulation experience can be applied for new markets, arguing there is room for both plant-based and dairy options to co-exist.

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