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EDLONG | Everything Dairy Can Be

 05 Oct 2020

For 100+ years, Edlong’s focus on the flavor of dairy and non-dairy ingredients has provided the solution to our customers’ challenges. With Edlong, you’re tapping into the expertise of the largest independently-owned, certified women-owned flavor house in the world. 

We are Edlong. And we believe in Everything Dairy Can Be.

05 Jul 2022 | ICL

ICL has developed an extensive portfolio covering the most relevant meat alternatives solutions. The Rovitaris line of versatile proteins allows manufacturers to apply this technology in various applications: the natural color and fibrous meat-like texture of their wet fibers perfectly suit white meat or... Read More

27 Jun 2022 | Silesia

Silesia product managers discuss the technicalities of utilizing a wide range of bases used in the alternative dairy sector, which requires not only tasty flavoring but also solutions to mask off-notes of various base ingredients. They also address specific challenges within the confectionery sector, such as... Read More

13 Jun 2022 | Glanbia Ireland Ingredients

Solmiko is a range of Nutritional Milk Proteins providing all the nutritional properties you are looking for in better-for-you food and beverage applications. It is a one stop protein source which contains high levels of calcium and essential amino acids. Solmiko milk proteins demonstrate excellent flavour,... Read More

23 May 2022 | Kalsec

Kalsec has undertaken new research which demonstrates how natural antioxidants can match the performance of synthetic ingredients while containing lower sodium levels, for clean label meat products. Kalsec’s Durashield is a product line that harnesses the enhanced synergies of natural antioxidants combined... Read More

20 May 2022 | Angel Yeast

Demand for yeast ingredients is growing steadily, with new applications such as plant-based meat alternatives gaining popularity. Yeast extract is a clean label flavor enhancer with functionalities across various savory applications. Angel Yeast operates a diverse portfolio of yeast extracts, which include... Read More

20 May 2022 | Solina

While traditionally an animal-based protein specialist, Solina is now expanding with plant-based protein blends. At IFFA 2022, we speak to Wiebe Saerens, the company’s product application and development technologist, about the challenges and solutions of creating meat-like tastes and textures for the... Read More

16 May 2022 | Capol

When it comes to food coloring, manufacturers are always looking for natural solutions that provide bright and stable results. With its VIVAPIGMENTS® line of products, CAPOL introduced natural color pigments based on a patented manufacturing technology. The secret is in a combination of natural color... Read More

06 May 2022 | Treffler

Milling technology specialist Treffler processes dried herbs, press cake, grains and cereals. The Millomat 100 was showcased at Anuga FoodTec this year. Raphael Heereman, head of sustainability, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about the company’s 100% yield capacities and the cost effectiveness of its... Read More

04 May 2022 | Groba

Cheese processor Groba showcased its cheese shredding line at Anuga FoodTec 2022 featuring a compact unit for detecting foreign bodies. Robin de Groot, managing director, Groba, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about industry trends and expectations in the cheese processing field.

02 May 2022 | Pentair

Pentair is a specialist in water filtration and water treatment systems for the foodservice industry and agricultural sector, among others. The EverPure filtration and water treatment systems ensure optimal taste of water for tea or coffee, while the Shurflo range of beverage pumps provide reliable dispense... Read More

04 Apr 2022 | Essentia

Meat manufacturers are always looking for innovative meat replacement solutions that benefit them by providing better cost-in-use, while satisfying consumer standards. Meat applications specialist Carsten Doktor offers insights on Essentia Protein Solutions functional ingredients that enhance marketability,... Read More

21 Mar 2022 | Puratos

The Puratos Group, global specialist in bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients unveils a new brand identity, featuring a new logo, house colors and tagline, “Food Innovation for Good”. The branding represents the company’s goal to create food solutions for the health and well-being of people and the... Read More

14 Mar 2022 | DDW

Veriphyl™ Green comes from a credible source and provides incredible color for food and beverage applications. Learn more about veriphyl's journey from farm to fork, and how DDW's expertise creates a truly unique product.

07 Mar 2022 | DSM Food Specialties

At DSM in Food & Beverage, we strive for a world where you don’t have to choose between Taste, Texture and Health. All while reducing demands on the planet’s resources. With our science-based ingredients, expertise and solutions, we work with you to deliver delicious, nutritious, sustainable products that... Read More

08 Feb 2022 | Peeroton

Austria-based sports nutrition company Peeroton has transformed its vitamin-rich sports gels into a familiar format for the mainstream consumer. The soft Sports Drops contain vitamin B, D and magnesium, and are designed to give a quick energy boost within two minutes. Thomas Uitz, commercial director for the... Read More

02 Feb 2022 | Gruppo Milo

Gruppo Milo, a purveyor of premium pasta and bakery products from the Puglia region of Italy since 1870, unveils its new ‘Skinny Thins’ crackers range, made with extra virgin olive oil – beetroot and onion, kale and seeds, traditional and rosemary. Giuseppe Milo, managing director of Gruppo Milo, speaks to... Read More

02 Feb 2022 | Norevo

Manufacturers using the whitening agent titanium dioxide have a 6-month period before having to switch out the potentially harmful additive. Norevo's Quick White is presented as a clean label replacement. Notably, the solution is not a pigment, but rather an ingredient that manipulates the crystal structure... Read More