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EDLONG | Everything Dairy Can Be

 05 Oct 2020

For 100+ years, Edlong’s focus on the flavor of dairy and non-dairy ingredients has provided the solution to our customers’ challenges. With Edlong, you’re tapping into the expertise of the largest independently-owned, certified women-owned flavor house in the world. 

We are Edlong. And we believe in Everything Dairy Can Be.

20 Sep 2023 | Roquette

Addressing the plant-forward protein megatrend, Roquette has developed several alt-dairy concepts leveraging its pea protein. At IFT FIRST, the company presented a London fog protein beverage containing 10 g of pea protein and a plant-based “yogurt” using pea and rice protein. Anke Golde, head of customer... Read More

18 Sep 2023 | Sesegen

At IFT FIRST, Sensegen showcased its collection around exotic flavors and bio-based molecules. Natasha D’Souza, VP of flavors and consumer experience, explains how the company’s ingredients can develop natural products that appeal to today’s adventurous consumers. The exotic range includes guava, papaya,... Read More

15 Sep 2023 | Bioenergy Life Science

Bioenergy Life Science presents ribose, a 5-carbon sugar that stimulates natural energy production in the body. At IFT FIRST, the company featured the ingredient in a plant-based nacho scoop, where it helped with the product’s taste, browning and caramelization. Marianne McDonagh, vice president of sales,... Read More

13 Sep 2023 | Avebe

Netherlands-based texturizing specialist Avebe presents a range of cheese alternatives using potato ingredients. The company also recently introduced a plant-based ice cream at IFT FIRST using potato protein. Meleknur Tüzün, global segment manager of (plant-based) dairy and cheese, explains how potato... Read More

12 Sep 2023 | Agrana

Agrana presents fruit-forward ice cream concepts inspired by desserts like Southern peach cobbler and spiced banana bread. The company shows how inclusions like the cherry halves in its black cherry bourbon can bring a “fruit identity” to the product. Rachel Grant shares how brands can create unique textural... Read More

11 Sep 2023 | Bell Flavors and Fragrances

Familiar products with a twist are captivating consumers in the grocery store aisle. Bell Flavors and Fragrances demonstrates how brands can appeal to consumers’ cravings for a simpler time, before COVID-19 and the inflation crisis that followed. Layne Hillesland, marketing specialist at the company,... Read More

08 Sep 2023 | GNT

Virtual worlds are generating spooky Halloween NPD this year, appealing to digital natives with colors beyond the traditional orange and black. Natural colors supplier GNT unveils how plant-based colors are gaining traction with today’s social media-driven youth, including tech-savvy consumers in India and... Read More

05 Sep 2023 | Alvinesa

Spain-based Alvinesa is a 75-year-old company that recently found new ways to process biomass left over from the wine and olive oil industry. Working off 97% renewable energy, the company markets its products as natural and sustainable. Pelayo de las Cuevas Atienza, head of sales EMEA-LATAM, health and... Read More

01 Sep 2023 | Biorigin

Brazil-based Biorigin demonstrates enhanced nutrition and fusion flavors with yeast extracts at IFT FIRST 2023. The company shows how classic sauces and vegan innovations like mayo and chili can help reach a wider consumer base. On the company’s 20-year anniversary, global product line manager Fabiana... Read More

30 Aug 2023 | Agropur

Whey permeate or deproteinized whey is a natural source of electrolytes and sweetness that can replace more expensive dairy solids in beverages. The highly soluble ingredient boasts good clarity, making it suitable for RTD and RTM formulations. Amy O’Keefe, applications scientist for US operations at... Read More

22 Aug 2023 | Prosur

Prosur has developed a solution to remove, rather than replace, nitrites in processed meat applications. The company is tapping into the use of natural antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, that can remove unwanted nitrites in meats, such as bacon. According to Brian Metzger, VP of sales and... Read More

21 Aug 2023 | Cosucra Inc.

At IFT FIRST, Cosucra Inc. presented a creamy oat and almond beverage and a biscuit cookie. The prototypes address key consumer needs, such as increasing the protein content of plant-based dairy alternatives and the desire for “permissible indulgence.” Frank Truong, general manager, explains how the company... Read More

14 Aug 2023 | Almond Board of California

Nostalgic foods with a twist are trending as consumers seek comfort in familiarity. Removing dairy is one way to bring something new to a consumer classic like ice cream. Chef Henry Hill, who developed concepts for the Almond Board of California at IFT FIRST, presents an all-almond choco taco concept,... Read More

14 Aug 2023 | Essentia Protein Solutions

Consumer trends are still showing the preference for snacking over a sit-down meal at different times throughout the day. Take a closer look at why meat snack varieties carrying several benefits and claims for health and well-being are still the popular option.

11 Aug 2023 | ASR Group

The world’s largest sugar refiner ASR Group has brought the once-cost-prohibitive rare sugar tagatose to market through a collaboration with Bonumose. The new technology uses starch and enzymes to yield the ingredient, which is 90% as sweet as sugar. Darshan Purohit, technical services manager at the... Read More

09 Aug 2023 | Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle presented several prototypes for IFT FIRST, including a soft serve that united an alt-dairy coconut ice cream with a purple ube-flavored dairy-based product. Christine Kerekes, a research chef for the company, discusses the importance of connecting with dairy and non-dairy consumers, as well as... Read More

07 Aug 2023 | Foodology by Univar Solutions

Foodology by Univar Solutions presented a range of prototypes at this year’s IFT FIRST, including a protein water and a vegan bratwurst, appealing to consumer appetites for protein-enriched and plant-based foods. Lavanya Venkateswar, head of marketing and technical sales, North America, discusses how brands... Read More