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EDLONG | Everything Dairy Can Be

 05 Oct 2020

For 100+ years, Edlong’s focus on the flavor of dairy and non-dairy ingredients has provided the solution to our customers’ challenges. With Edlong, you’re tapping into the expertise of the largest independently-owned, certified women-owned flavor house in the world. 

We are Edlong. And we believe in Everything Dairy Can Be.

23 May 2023 | Simply Keto

Simply Keto is an online provider of keto and low-carb diet products, aiming to provide everything customers need in this kind of nutrition, explains the company’s co-founder, Robert Zeck. He sees three primary customer groups for its keto products: people who want to lose weight, people with health concerns... Read More

12 May 2023 | Kerry Europe

Thomas Hahlin Ahlinder, president and CEO of Kerry Europe, tells us that the company’s focus on Vitafoods this year lay on the consumers seeking healthier options without compromising on taste. While showing its solutions and concepts for this targeted group, he emphasizes that “healthy needs to taste good.”... Read More

11 May 2023 | Sweet Victory Gum

Talking to us about Sweet Gum Victory’s functional gum, Gitit Lahav, co-founder and CEO, details that it tastes like regular gum, but its benefits drive the difference from the ordinary gum on the market. After three minutes, it blocks the sweet taste receptor in the tongue and immediately reduces sugar... Read More

08 May 2023 | Fuji Oil Europe

The EU’s upcoming ban on products linked to deforestation and forced labor is driving a new class of ingredients. We speak to Jon van den Bremen, managing director of Fuji Oil Europe, on Fuji Oil’s cocoa butter alternative, Palmy Trace. The ingredient’s palm fractions have the “best traceability to origin” –... Read More

02 May 2023 | Capol

Addressing the need for natural color solutions in confectionery, Capol’s Vivapigments line uses microencapsulation to bring water-soluble extracts to fat-based and dry applications. The patented technology is also being used as an alternative to titanium dioxide, which preserves calcium carbonate by... Read More

02 May 2023 | DouxMatok

Shiri Ranot, DouxMatok’s global marketing director, presented Incredo Sugar, the company’s sugar-based sweetening solution. She sees that companies are under increasing pressure to reduce the sugar content in their products due to an increasing overconsumption of the ingredient. The solution helps brands to... Read More

01 May 2023 | Essentia Protein Solutions

Health claims are influencing product development and consumer behavior across all food categories. Consumers are increasingly seeking out natural, organic, and minimally processed foods that are healthier and more sustainable for the environment. Watch as Nutrition Expert and Regional Director Tom Cooke... Read More

28 Apr 2023 | U.S. Dairy Export Council

U.S. Dairy Export Council is eying key growth opportunities for dairy products in the Middle East and North Africa. Nina Halal, director of these regions, shares insights on which products are poised for growth, specifically US-sourced cheeses, whey ingredients, milk powders, butter and other dairy... Read More

26 Apr 2023 | EXBERRY by GNT

Departing from its annual “color of the year” tradition, Exberry by GNT showcased three color palettes tapping into Gen Z consumers, who live and breathe everything digital. The company interviewed online influencers and worked with a UK research agency to develop the color concepts. Maartje Hendrickx,... Read More

24 Apr 2023 | Almond Board of California

Harbinder Maan, associate director of Trade Marketing and Stewardship, says "Almonds are the number one inclusion in consumers' ideal chocolate bar," according to the organization's latest consumer survey. The respondents' explained the nuts are natural and allow for "permissible indulgence" to the chocolate... Read More

20 Apr 2023 | Auralink

Alistair Pernigo, chairman and CTO at Auralink, is building the “Metaverse of Senses” which may one day allow consumers to smell coffee in the metaverse. “Auralink specializes in building advanced technologies to catch, analyze and reproduce any smell in the world,” he highlights.

14 Apr 2023 | Kern Tec

Kern Tec showcased a product range developed from upcycling apricot kernels. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Michael Beitl, co-founder of Kern Tec, about its new sustainable products.

13 Apr 2023 | Food Export-Midwest & Food Export-Northeast

Representing 23 US states, the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA (Food Export-Midwest) and Food Export USA-Northeast (Food Export-Northeast) are non-profit organizations that assist US companies looking to start or expand export sales. Greg Cohen, communications director, goes into detail about... Read More

04 Apr 2023 | Fruit d'Or

FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Anne Létourneau and Gregory Ford of Fruit d’Or and Berrico Food Company, respectively, about snacking, market trends and clean label demands. Fruit d’Or notes that it is tapping into products with less sugar but are as close as possible to the real fruit. 

03 Apr 2023 | Bord Bia

A delegation of over 13 leading suppliers of food and drink from Ireland exhibited at Ireland’s national pavilion at the Gulfood event in Dubai, UAE recently. The UAE and the wider Middle East region is a key priority market for Ireland’s food producers, who export 90% of the food they produce to over 187... Read More

31 Mar 2023 | Biospringer by Lesaffre

Biospringer by Lesaffre exhibited its yeast protein Springer Proteissimo 101, a complete protein, and a smoked yeast ingredient at this year’s IFE Manufacturing event in London. Daryl Smith, business manager, says the prevalence of natural and clean label ingredients is significant, and high protein claims... Read More

31 Mar 2023 | PLNT

Operating out of the Netherlands, PLNT uses soy in its products, which are grown in Austria, while incorporating peas and wheat. The company generates its own energy from sustainable resources and does not use any solvents to extract the protein. Matthias Nieuwkoop, product and development manager, shares... Read More