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EDLONG | Everything Dairy Can Be

 05 Oct 2020

For 100+ years, Edlong’s focus on the flavor of dairy and non-dairy ingredients has provided the solution to our customers’ challenges. With Edlong, you’re tapping into the expertise of the largest independently-owned, certified women-owned flavor house in the world. 

We are Edlong. And we believe in Everything Dairy Can Be.

15 Sep 2021 | Sweegen

Luca Giannone, senior vice president sales at Sweegen, shares insights on the company’s expanding footprint in Europe following the EU Commission’s approval of Sweegen’s non-GMO Signature Bestevia Rebaudioside M (Reb M) for use in food and beverages. In light of the European soft drinks industry’s pledge to... Read More

07 Sep 2021 | Mane

Mane recently unveiled a consolidated portfolio of natural aromatic ingredients delivering taste coming 100 percent from the source, under the Mane Source banner. Sharing their knowledge on the clean and natural trends, Margaux Cavailles and Dominique Delfaud speak to FoodIngredientsFirst about how these... Read More

01 Sep 2021 | Comax Flavors

Comax Flavors recently released primary research on consumers’ behavior, usage, and attitudes toward sweet baked goods. Among the findings, Comax found that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the desire for sweet baked goods. Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications, discusses the... Read More

16 Aug 2021 | Laïta Nutrition

Following Laïta Nutrition’s shift toward plant-based offerings, marketing manager Mathieu Lucot sheds light on the company’s clinical nutrition offerings. He also explains how dairy formulation experience can be applied for new markets, arguing there is room for both plant-based and dairy options to co-exist.

21 Jul 2021 | Love Cocoa

James Cadbury, a descendant of the Cadbury family, speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about the launch of Love Cocoa’s limited edition summer bars. The brand has added Mint Chocolate Chip, Sour Cherry & Strawberry and Rose Pistachio to its portfolio. Cadbury also discusses the company’s latest developments and... Read More

16 Jul 2021 | The University of Guelph

New research reveals challenges to sustainable eating at the household level and concrete strategies families can take for individual and planetary health. Dr. Jess Haines, associate professor of applied nutrition from the University of Guelph, Canada, explains the work, which earned her first place in this... Read More

07 Jul 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights’ latest survey of 10,000 consumers across ten countries evidences the mainstay demand for F&B products with immunity claims. Lu Ann Williams, global insights director, details the regional variances of the trend while highlighting popular formats for wellness-promoting ingredients.

28 Jun 2021 | Lesaffre

Following Lesaffre’s recent microbiota online seminar, Sophie Legrain-Raspaud, research and application director for Gnosis by Lesaffre, shares how the microbiota field reaches beyond human health research to animal, plant and fermentation studies. Her colleague Hassina Ait-Abderrahim, director of in vitro... Read More

21 Jun 2021 | Global Shea Alliance

The Global Shea Alliance recently hosted its annual conference, which delved into sustainability, quality practices and standards, and the demand for shea ingredients in food and beverage applications. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with a Global Shea Alliance leadership member, who flags the growing demand for... Read More

10 Jun 2021 | DSM Food Specialties

Many seafood flavors currently on the market are derived from fish and are neither vegan, halal nor kosher. In response, DSM Food Specialties has created a new flavor portfolio catering specifically to seafood alternatives in the dynamic plant-based sector. Using its proprietary process, the supplier... Read More

01 Jun 2021 | IFF Nourish

With the plant-based sectors reaching new heights, new protein sources are moving further into the spotlight. IFF Nourish supports these evolving market demands. Sonia Huppert, global marketing leader for plant-based foods, shares her insights on selecting new protein sources for designing plant-based... Read More

20 May 2021 | Benexia

Following Benexia’s distribution deal with Lehvoss Nutrition, CEO Sandra Gillot sheds light on how cold-pressed chia oil can offer a source for vegan omega 3 ALA. Notably, ALA is the only essential fatty acid that the body does not produce, yet it is critical for anti-inflammation.

17 May 2021 | ICL Food Specialties

ROVITARIS® Alternative Protein Solutions are innovative technologies that provide meat-like texture from plant protein, such as pea and faba bean. The system delivers exceptional product quality and taste, allowing manufacturers to bring plant-based meat replacers to the market that are virtually... Read More

11 May 2021 | Fedima

Fedima is the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionary and Patisserie Industries, and is a representative body of the industry. Johan Sanders, President of Fedima, offers in-depth insight into how the pandemic has impacted the bakery industry value chain,... Read More

04 May 2021 | Lycored

Lycored, a global specialist lycopene-based ingredients for food and beverages, has appointed Tammi Higgins as senior vice president of its Food Division. She speaks to FoodIngredientsFirst about the company’s application-based, go-to-market strategy centered on coloring solutions and taste ingredients... Read More

26 Apr 2021 | Diana Food

The upward trend in ethical food sourcing has prompted Diana Food to launch a range of Organic and Animal Welfare Poultry solutions, comprising broths, meat powder and chicken fat. The range offers performance benefits in terms of solubility, turbidity and mouthfeel. The new offerings convey a wide sensory... Read More

15 Apr 2021 | Arla Foods Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients is exploring new solutions that help guide protein enrichment when branching out into functional beverages. The company has launched Lacprodan ISO. Clear, which is a tasteless solution for clear juices. The ingredient can be incorporated easily into juice-producing processes for an... Read More