ProSweets Cologne 2024

Duration:28 Jan 2024 - 31 Jan 2024
Event:ProSweets Cologne 2024
Location:Cologne, Germany
Event Details:

ProSweets Cologne brings together the entire industry know-how of the international supplier industry for the confectionery and snack industry.

It shows solutions for all process steps, materials and issues - on one trade fair platform, at one time. ProSweets Cologne is the leading international trade fair by experts for experts. With its globally unique range and clear structure, it offers an overview and perspectives for the successful business of the future.

ProSweets Cologne focuses on innovative solutions and current trends. From sustainable supply chains and food safety to flavorings and sugar substitutes - get to know our offer segments.

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Cookies and fruit.


Cargill webinar preview: Decoding consumer decisions for next-generation bakery

15 Apr 2024 --- 15 April 2024 --- Indulgence remains one of the essential reasons for purchasing bakery products. However, new research from Cargill reveals that consumers want the best of both worlds and expect... Read More

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The Food Foundation and SHEFS release new salt and sugar tax impact report

15 Apr 2024 --- The UK charity The Food Foundation and the Sustainable & Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS) global research program are part of the Recipe for Change campaign calling on the UK... Read More

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Future of sodium reduction: Kerry eyes increased “saltiness” in snacks with Tastesense Salt

11 Apr 2024 --- Kerry Group has revealed a new development in its vision to create a world of sustainable nutrition – Tastesense Salt, which is designed to deliver on taste, without adding... Read More

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Webinar preview: Boosting tastier and healthier nutrition with Syensqo’s natural vanillin

11 Apr 2024 --- Syensqo highlights that natural vanillin can help F&B and nutrition manufacturers improve their product’s overall taste while meeting growing consumer demand for more... Read More

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EU extends trade support for Ukraine as farmers fear economic fallout

10 Apr 2024 --- European MEPs and the Council presidency have unveiled a provisional agreement to extend temporary trade measures for Ukraine as farmers continue to denounce the current provision... Read More


Symrise proclaims World Vanilla Day, expanding modern flavor offerings

15 Apr 2024 --- Symrise marks the 150th anniversary of the patent grant for vanillin and talks to us about celebrating vanilla as a well-established traditional flavor and using it in modern food formulations. Known as the “queen of flavors,” vanilla remains a mainstay. Dominik Rzepka, global communications and Laurent Deniau, global director for natural vanilla and botanicals, detail how Symrise supports vanilla supply chains and innovation.


IFE 2024: Froot Pops target healthy indulgence

11 Apr 2024 --- Froot Pops is a UK-based start-up that is tapping into the healthy indulgence market. The company has two SKU’s which are currently available in 20 retailers in London. Ana Martins, founder and CEO of the brand, says they only uses British-grown raspberries and Fairtrade Belgian chocolate.


NPEW 2024 live: Cargill details latest research on stevia safety and health benefits 

28 Mar 2024 --- At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) we talked to Alyssa Leyva, Cargill’s product line manager for high-intensity sweeteners, about the company’s latest research on its stevia sweetener, finding no significant impact on gut microflora. She also highlighted how another study showed that consuming stevia-sweetened beverages pre-meal reduced feelings of hunger and calorie intake. 


IFE Manufacturing live: Healy Group tackles cleaning up labels and making food products more “consumer-friendly”

27 Mar 2024 --- Healy Group is showcasing its ingredient solutions for various applications, including reductions for salt, fat and sugar. Paul Sheldrake, group application & technical director, tells us how key market trends are driven by legislation across the F&B industry, such as HFSS rules. The company presented bakery and snack concepts with reduced salt but enhanced flavor.


NPEW 2024 live: Rivalz presents nutrient-dense healthy snacks developed with AI tech

27 Mar 2024 --- At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), we met up with Rivalz Snacks CEO Peter Barrick, who explained how the company used AI to tackle the problems of creating healthy and tasty, better-for-you snacks. The company aims to counter malnutrition by making snacks that taste, feel and do better than currently available.