Symrise to present sustainability and naturalness innovations at FiE 2017


21 Nov 2017 --- Fruits, roots, seeds, bark, herbs, flowers and nuts are all natural flavors and sustainable foods are growing in popularity around the world. Symrise specialists are set to present their range in terms of sustainability and naturalness at Food Ingredients Europe (FiE), the world’s leading trade fair for food ingredients, next week, held in Frankfurt from November 28-30, 2017. The company demonstrates how well-positioned it is to meet the needs of customers today and tomorrow. 

Consumers love natural tastes. This trend began in individual markets and with individual product categories. The situation has now changed completely. More than ever, consumers want environmentally friendly and ethical food for conscious nutrition. Symrise recognized these trends early on and has conducted numerous studies to analyze them. Visitors can see the results and solutions from this at FIE 2017 during four exciting presentations. 

Hamish Taylor, Project Manager for Sustainability at Symrise, will present a project for sustainable cultivation of citrus fruit in Calabria. The project is working toward building a local network of farmers, cooperatives and universities. It aims to foster biodiversity in the region and support the farmers in achieving a reliable livelihood. “The local farmers only feel motivated to invest more in the cultivation of citrus fruit if it will allow them to earn an appropriate income for themselves and future generations,” Taylor explains. 

Rob Evans, head of the research & development department of the Diana Food division, will present how sustainability can be implemented across the entire value chain using a study on beetroot. In his presentation, he will show how type selection, sourcing and processing of raw materials, from the producer to the consumer, can ensure a sustainable range of products. 

Successful concepts for the future 
The growing demand for “real food” made from the best natural ingredients, responsibly produced by carefully selected growers, has led to the fact that transparency and “clean labels” with a short list of ingredients significant influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Frank Hoeving, Vice President of Category Culinary EAME at Symrise, provides an overview of how the consumers’ desires regarding food labeling can be met. He will speak about the backward integration of raw materials and the expertise of Symrise in specific production processes as well as support for proper labeling. 

The global boom in demand for natural-tasting food has now also extended to the emerging markets. The governments in these countries are increasingly reviewing and planning to pass their own laws regarding flavoring substances and food safety. The legal and technical production challenges that can result from these developments and how these challenges can be successfully met will be addressed by Ute Woelke, Vice President for Strategic Regulatory Affairs at Symrise, in the third presentation. 

Given the global trend toward naturalness and sustainability, Symrise is continually expanding its competence in naturalness. The company is working on a strategic platform based on both – decades of experience and profound corporate knowledge in the processing of botanical raw materials, and it also draws on the results of a cross-national study in which Symrise analyzed the matter from the view of the consumers and experts with an eye on technological requirements. 

“We can say with precision how a certain beverage should taste and which additional characteristics will boost the impression of naturalness. This allows us to understand consumer wishes more closely and we can implement them in successful beverage concepts,” says Dr. Alexander Lichter, Sales Director Flavor EAME at Symrise. 

Symrise AG


Symrise develops, produces and sells fragrances and flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients and solutions that enhance the sensory properties and nutrition of various products. The company’s nearly 30,000 products are mainly produced on the basis of natural raw materials like vanilla, citrus fruits, onions, fish, meat, blossoms and plant materials. The flavors, substances, perfume oils and sensory solutions are often central functional components for its customers’ end products. These customers include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and foods, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements, pet food and baby food.

With sales of more than € 2.9 billion in 2016, Symrise is among the global leaders in the market for flavors and fragrances. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, the Group is represented in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Latin America.

Symrise works with its clients to develop new ideas and market-ready concepts for products that form an indispensable part of everyday life. Economic success and corporate responsibility are inextricably linked as part of this process.

The company’s origins go back to the year 1874. Symrise has since grown to achieve a market share of currently 11 % – making it one of the leading suppliers of flavors and fragrances on the global market. A high level of innovation and creativity, an exact knowledge of customer needs and various regional consumer preferences as well as targeted expansion into new and promising market segments contribute to our company’s above-average growth rate. Today, Symrise has about 9,000 employees working at sites in more than 40 countries, serving over 6,000 customers in roughly 160 countries.

Since October 2016, the operating activities of the Symrise Group have been broken down into three segments: Flavor, Nutrition and Scent & Care. The divisions within these segments are organized according to business units and regions.

Each segment has its own research and development, purchasing, production, quality control, marketing and sales departments. This system allows internal processes to be accelerated. Symrise aims to simplify procedures while making them customer-oriented and pragmatic. It places great value on fast and flexible decision-making.

The Flavor segment contains the Beverages, Savory and Sweet business units. Flavor’s range of products consists of approximately 13,000 items, which are sold in 145 countries. The flavorings Symrise produces are used by customers to make foods and beverages and give the various products their individual tastes. Symrise supplies individual flavorings used in end products as well as complete solutions, which, apart from the actual flavor, can contain additional functional ingredients, food coloring or microencapsulated components. The segment has sites in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa.

The Nutrition segment markets its nearly 2,000 products in 89 countries via four business units: Food, Pet Food Aqua and Probi. They deliver natural sensory product solutions for taste, texture, color and functionality in foods, beverages, and baby food based on backward integration processes for vegetables, fruit, meat and seafood. It also supplies natural-taste and acceptance- enhancing products for pet foods and sustainable marine ingredients for aquacultures. And there are also probiotics for foods, beverages and nutritional supplements with health-promoting benefits.

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