FDA Approves Danisco Natural Antimicrobial in Cottage Cheese

10 Jun 2011 --- FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), reviewed scientific evidence on the efficacy of MicroGARD 430 and has accepted it for use as a microbial inhibitor for use in cottage cheese filled at temperatures up to 55° F.

6/10/2011 --- Effective June 15, 2011, MicroGARD 430, a natural antimicrobial from Danisco, can be used in the processing of cottage cheese filled above 45° F and up to 55° F. The higher filling temperatures (above 45° F and up to 55° F) improves the texture and mouthfeel of traditional cottage cheese and saves cottage cheese manufacturers both time and energy. FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), reviewed scientific evidence on the efficacy of MicroGARD 430 and has accepted it for use as a microbial inhibitor for use in cottage cheese filled at temperatures up to 55° F. Until now, manufacturers could only use potassium sorbate, a chemical preservative, in cottage cheese operations filled above 45° F. This decision opens the door for manufacturers to use MicroGARD 430 as a natural alternative and addresses both consumers’ and dairy processors’ demands for improved cottage cheese flavor and processing flexibility.

With the MicroGARD range, cottage cheese processors have the ability to ensure quality and safety, effectively.  MicroGARD 430 was designed to reduce the growth of a wide array of harmful and spoilage bacteria, as well as various yeasts and molds. It is an effective and natural alternative for potassium sorbate in cottage cheese processing. MicroGARD 430 consists of cultured, non –rBST, Grade A Non-fat Dry Milk Powder, which allows for a clean and simple product label. MicroGARD 430 comes from Danisco’s Care4U family of natural food protection solutions i.e., solutions that provide sustainable bioprotection for the food industry.

“Danisco recognized the market need for a natural alternative to potassium sorbate when filling above 45° F,” explains Matt Hundt, Global Product Manager MicroGARD, Danisco. “In response, we worked to gain FDA acceptance for MicroGARD 430 use in the manufacture of traditional cottage cheese filled between 45° F and 55° F. Being able to provide a simple product label with natural ingredients is very important in today’s market.”

As a trusted industry partner, Danisco continues to provide a broad range of solutions for cultured dairy products such as cottage cheese that optimizes the use of natural ingredients, processing efficiency, product quality and shelf life. From cultures, antimicrobials, coagulants and probiotics to textural ingredients and functional systems for the benefit of dairy processors, their customers and consumers, Danisco products work together to create high-quality traditional cottage cheese.

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